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  2. I personally would replace E1M1, but keep the hangar aesthetic going. Like, it should have a back area where you can walk to, aka, the outdoor entrance to the base. There should also be a runaway, landing pad, and a couple of crates in the hangars bay area. There should be a flight room as well, and a nukage dump outside.
  3. So, umm... after 8 months of inactivity...do we have any updates whatsoever?
  4. Hey man! Been a while since this was updated. I'm going to say you probably didn't get it fixed yet... but that's fine! (TAKE AS LONG AS YA NEED! KEEP SPEAKING KING, LET YA NUTS HANG!) I hope you're doing alright man!
  5. Cipherz Gaming YT

    the doom community is not the same anymore.

    Hey, the first one, do you mean barrel.wad?
  6. Why don't we have a DOOM 3 sequel already??? It's was pretty decent tbh
  7. Cipherz Gaming YT

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I loved Call of Duty ®: Black Ops, BOII, BOIII, and BOIIII, and obviously the zombies mode, which I still love, but I got really burnt out with COD after Tag Der Toten, and didn't end up buying MW: 2019 until around the end of August 2020. Then... I recently picked up Call of Duty®: Black Ops: Cold War, and absolutely loved it. i'm currently playing zombies and MP, and already finished campaign on hardened. The game is REALLY good, and I'm happy that it's fun again. Die Maschine is also fun, and doing challenges is a grind though.
  8. There's actually a little bit more footage you can find on Reddit and YouTube. A lot of it includes gameplay, some animations, and obviously, some "multiplayer" gameplay. I am happy that we got DOOM (2016) but I think being able to play a cancelled, or "lost" project, like Mission in Snowdriftland, would be absolutely awesome. But... I do fear that we may never be able to, considering probable copyright issues, and other things. Here's the links: Reddit: Youtube:
  9. Cipherz Gaming YT

    Doom levels that you used to hate and learned to love

    Definitely a LOT of Doom 1 and II. But I love all of Doom 1 now, but I really HATED Map 13: Downtown. But after learning to beat and speedrun it, it's now one of my favorite maps.
  10. Cipherz Gaming YT

    What does everyone listen to while making wads/playing doom?

    I don't really listen to anything, if anything at all, usually "First Person Shooter" from DOOM (2005).
  11. Also, would you want really good covers? Or just standard old midis?
  12. Hey man! I've been around n' about the ZDOOM community, as well as modding community. I can certainly try my best with this, and this seems sort of similar to the now "defunct" DOOM:ONE project that I always liked. I'll try my best, and keep you updated on the situation with this. See ya then! OH! ALSO! I know how to modify this already, do you want me to use UDMF (Which is pretty much scripting goodness) or some other format for this? I need to know. Thanks!
  13. Hi! I'm looking to change the background of the victory screen in Doom, and I don't mean the one in Doom II, I mean the Hexagon plate pattern at like, the end of episode 1, how would I change that?
  14. Cipherz Gaming YT

    I need help

    OK, so I was wondering... How do I put a light or something on a wall? Like in HontE's remasters of doom ii's maps. Thanks again.
  15. Literally can't wait for this. I hope this turns out to be good!