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  1. ludicrous_peridot

    Prboom+ system requirements? (Dicking around on old pc)

    Then you could also try PRBOOM (GLBOOM) version 2.5.0 with a specific version of HXDos DOS extender (can be looked up with search engines). To my surprise this actually works, and saves you the hassle of installing Windows on the machine. Of course this may not run the wads you are after.
  2. ludicrous_peridot

    Vanilla DOOM.EXE vs DOOM2.EXE differences

    Correct. Not quite so, as per my post above. I wouldn't censor or self-censor things related to otherwise perfectly fine build coming from id, on the basis it was stolen from them 30 years ago, but each decides for themselves. EDIT: anyway, this thread was about September build differences from the official one and the comparison is here just to extrapolate a few days further into the past. I did not make a direct comparison of Doom 2 and Doom 1 1.666, but from the items in the comparison I have presented, Doom 1 1.666 has all the features of the "Specimen B" and none of "Specimen A", hence my summary. EDIT-EDIT: in fact I though why not also trace those traits in other versions available, so did a quick glance:
  3. Finally, played your map and I liked it. Gives you a bit of a puzzler at the start with attackers coming from all directions, and a nasty surprise towards the end. Loved the secrets, especially the one in the red UAC room with balcony. Wondering if using higher door frames (i.e. high enough for the bosses to walk through) for red, blue and yellow doors would have made the final battle more exiting. Also it may be just me, but with one of the lowering pillars, I could not position myself so that it would take me up into the niche, no matter how I tried, although it did not prevent me from grabbing the grand prize.
  4. ludicrous_peridot

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I wonder if this is where Archie was supposed to be before having been shelved until Doom II and exiled to guard the "Demonic switch"?
  5. ludicrous_peridot

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Gosh, and here I was procrastinating and not looking into why my house port always complains about STEP2 after I had the texture build up code reworked slightly and added warnings. This was spot on all the time :)
  6. ludicrous_peridot

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    Changes in the newly uploaded testing build: * Depending on whether Doom or Doom II IWAD is loaded different exit messages will be shown (this is to mimic 1.666 era Doom builds) * Messages shown at exit will now actually be random * "tape" to describe "compatibility" PWAD-s was way to vague, so I am renaming those to "shims" (well, "shim" is after all a word from IT vocabulary, even if from the MS one, and is also related to engineering). The idea is that a shim can be put between the engine and a PWAD to improve the way the game holds together as a whole and makes it operate smoother. Thus -shim command line argument was added to load a specific WAD as a shim and SHIMS directory will be checked for when autodetecting shims. -tape command line argument and TAPES directory are still supported, but I will be replacing all mentions of those and of "compatibility wads" with "shim" in the documentation. Finally, I've put together a map (talk about icebergs) of all the assets Tartar can/would load, as I was myself starting to get a bit lost in all the options: engine | TARTAR.EXE itself DeHackEd patch | with -deh or -bex shim (I) | with -shim or autodetected from SHIMS\ auto-loaded DeHackEd patch 1 | dehfile_1 in TARTAR.CFG auto-loaded DeHackEd patch 2 | dehfile_2 in TARTAR.CFG IWAD | with -iwad or autodetected from local dir or DOOMWADDIR env var fixes PWAD | from FIXES\ or dir specified with -fixes fixes PWAD | .. fixes DeHackEd patch | .. ... | fixes PWAD | from FIXES\<iwad name>\ or <iwad name>\ under dir specified with -fixes fixes DeHackEd patch | .. ... | ETERNITY.WAD | unless COD.WAD is to be loaded PWAD | with -file DeHackEd patch | .. lump | .. PWAD | .. Related PWAD (**) | autodetected in directory of the PWAD specified with -file Related PWAD (**) | .. Related DeHackEd patch (**) | .. ... | PWAD | with -file DeHackEd patch | .. lump | .. ... | auto-loaded PWAD 1 | wadfile_1 in TARTAR.CFG auto-loaded PWAD 2 | wadfile_2 in TARTAR.CFG skin PWAD | from SKINS\ if -skins is specified skin PWAD | .. ... | KEYS.CSC | auto-exec script 1 | cscript_1 in TARTAR.CFG unless -nocscload is specified auto-exec script 2 | cscript_2 in TARTAR.CFG unless -nocscload is specified filter PWAD (***) | from FILTERS\ filter PWAD | .. JUMPWAD.WAD (****) | SELFIE.WAD (****) | SELFIE.DEH (****) | ... | intermission PWAD (*****) | autodetected based on IWAD INTMAPNR.WAD | No Rest For The Living intermission backgrounds (*) - although shim is loaded earlier than any other WAD (even IWAD), it's lumps cannot be overridded by any other WAD loaded afterwards (**) - list of filenames fo PWAD-s that are checked for accompanying WAD and DEH files follows - BTSX_E?*.WAD - KDIKDI_*.WAD - 1ST_ENC.WAD - AFTERMTH.WAD - SOD.WAD - CONFRONT.WAD - TRAIL.WAD - SECRET.WAD - FUHRER.WAD - FAUST.WAD - ESCAPE.WAD - ARCTIC.WAD for Arctic Wolf ARCTGFX1.WAD, ARCTGFX2.WAD, GFX1.WAD or GFX2.WAD can also be given (***) - "extras" start here these are loaded only after all preceding assets have been loaded and processed extras are always optional and loading can be avoided altogether with -noload also extras do not reflect in the list of loaded WAD-s, e.g. with LISTWADS CCMD (****) - only some lumps are loaded from these PWAD-s and DEH patches are very specially handled (*****) - intermission PWAD-s are only loaded when no other PWAD-s are specified but with -wimaps loading of intermission PWAD-s can be forced PWAD-s' filenames are: - INTMAPD2.WAD for DOOM2.WAD - INTMAPEV.WAD for TNT.WAD - INTMAPPL.WAD for PLUTONIA.WAD
  7. ludicrous_peridot

    Things about Doom you just found out

    True, but technically this strips you of godmode every few tics, so players who can type iddqd fast enough may be able to hold longer... probably :)
  8. ludicrous_peridot

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That in E1M8 you do not need to stand inside the "dark room" to be hurt down to 10% for level to exit. You can also idclip through the wall and go "North" far enough, and the effect will start occurring, while you are there in the nothingness.
  9. ludicrous_peridot

    Vanilla DOOM.EXE vs DOOM2.EXE differences

    I was trying to get a glimpse at the "convergence" by checking two Doom 2 versions (not even doing a 3-way comparison with any of Doom patches at this stage! :)) In short it appears id have been merging the two streams of development effort at the time, as per @Doomkid's statement above, but this was not done in time for Doom 2 release.
  10. ludicrous_peridot

    Vanilla DOOM.EXE vs DOOM2.EXE differences

    Curious if this has been explained anywhere, but looking at doomgate collection of engine versions, I could see that: * different DOOM2.EXE versions were same binaries at 1.666 * registered and shareware DOOM.EXE were same binaries at 1.666 * DOOM2.EXE and DOOM.EXE were different at 1.666 * DOOM.EXE (shareware and registered) and DOOM2.EXE were all same binaries at 1.8 What was the historical reason for that?
  11. I have updated the first post to reflect your maps name! And thank you for playing. I have made those edits and they'll be reflected when I upload an updated version with difficulty settings and so forth. Noticed the stuck specter as well. Sadly couldn't make very far into the map yet, as I only figured out the new flat was in the updated resource pack, I have just downloaded, and before that absence of the floor texture was crashing my house port. Also - is the single operation of the Soulsphere switch console intentional? Feels somewhat unfair :)
  12. If fact after having tried, I don't not immediately see any issues with sprite fixes being autoloaded, so I guess I was concerned too early. Sharing thoughts on the mod so far. Imps are cool, but neither the included nor default colormaps do not do them justice in a 8 bit renderer. I would suggest either tweaking the colormap, or tweaking the spite so that its colors transition between lighting levels look more natural. Don't think the "hearts" on the med pickups fit the theme well. Unity uses green crosses for a few years now, so would also work better here in my opinion. Plus I miss the animation of the health bonus. Also, is there a tan "tummy-plate" on the armor pickup sprites now? :) Not sure you've added sights to all SSG sprites. And... why are there red spots on the SMG pick ups, but when you fire SMG these are now green spots instead?
  13. That were my thoughts as well, so I have purchased the disks to see for myself. Sadly, though, these have the notorious 25.08.1994 version. Moreover looking at disk image in a hex editor, I can see @AZOR.NFO from 11.09.1994 in the disk root directory, that has since been overwritten. These appear to be "genuine" German bootleg disks for the game (as in formatted with a German version of MS-DOS). I have not seem much bootleg disks with color printed stickers, tbh, and it does have its charm :)
  14. Any ideas of where this beauty may have come from?
  15. Second @The Almighty Egg here - I am yet to try this mod in DOS with the Boom-progeny house port, but would very much welcome integration of compatibility with the sprite fixing project, which I normally set to autoload with all source ports. Otherwise it's right up my alley of "glove fixing" mods and seems to take care of visual nuisances in the original games, which I very much welcome, and the list of source material looks impressive. By the way, not sure if Delta still has this limitation, but couple of years ago the zombiemen sprites in Delta had mirrored rotations (unlike sprites from the sprite fixing project). There's however Beta Labs WAD series, that has helmeted zombies with proper rotations - mentioning this in case you are interested in further enhancing your set.