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  1. ludicrous_peridot

    [Released] ConsolUX - a console-themed UI add-on to GZDoom

    Small update - there's now a hastily produced version of the mod that can load with GZDoom 4.8+ (tested this with 4.9pre current as of writing this). Some things seem to be not right still (e.g. getting back to menu after credits have run seems not to work), plus it is unlikely this version will run with GZDoom versions prior 4.8 - but oh well at least it loads with current GZ. Get the modified files here and replace with them each and any of the ConsolUX pk3-s that you are using that have the same name. To add to this, I am publishing under extras/mini-CE a set of small shader mods I have been holding on to for a few months. These use @molecicco's shader code to emulate PSX-style diminishing light in vanilla Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic and Hexen. There's also a separate version for PSX TC. mini-CE.pk3 - for classic games, sprites are shown bright dark min-CE.pk3 - for classic games, sprites use sector light level mini-CE for Saturn.pk3 - for PSX TC (and thus for Saturn TC)
  2. ludicrous_peridot

    Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

    My guess would be they (Rage) didn't have much time (or even a "mandate" - who knows) for cleaning things up :)
  3. ludicrous_peridot

    Pickup messages like Doom 64 on GZDoom

    ConsolUX has a Doom 64 "skin" if you are interested. ConsolUX, however, is sadly unlikely compatible with the latest and greatest GZ, as at least Saturn TC that is based on it is no longer launching for me. :( EDIT: The screengrabs in release thread don't have that, so I made one quickly
  4. I have explored first level of the game so far and find it (the game) very enjoyable and evoking. Congratulations on your release. One question I have is if the automap that I found kind of "revealing" with regards to secrets and button placement has been intended to be like that, or if it is just the first "training" level impression? Also is it possible to leave custom markers on the map? EDIT: I am also curious if MIDI version of the sountrack could be made available as an addon to the game?
  5. ludicrous_peridot

    Intermission Map - Eviternity (COMPLETE, No HD yet) (GZDoom)

    Absolutely love your work (as ever)! As another person who has been haunted by Eviternity since earlier this year (to the extent of burning out a little) I am very happy to see you could actually get the stuff completed!
  6. No plans for that. However I am tempted to do a hires Hexen port, as this comes up all the time on various boards, and seems like I have everything I need in the toolbox. Now, this is not happening until 2023 and definitely not as part of Tartar. Maybe "Sir." @Gibbon can beat me to it though? :)
  7. Doom III without new monsters or weapons does not seem right though... because if in your alt reality Romero is still on board Final Doom must have been released by this time, which is roughly that - third tech 1 Doom game, no new monsters or weapons. Love the titlepic.
  8. ludicrous_peridot

    Should Doom 64 Have its own category?

    Personally I have a very revisionist view that Doom 64 is an actual second game in the series, starting where PSX Doom has left off, the latter being the first game, and 2016 reboot offering the third and the fourth installments in the series through retconning (I didn't know people had thought about 64 being a prequel to 2016 until the Nightdive port). I don't dismiss or put down any of the other games in the franchise, but I am personally treating them as yet to be perfected (rushed) versions, less successful takes on/reboots, or (ahem) DLCs. Again this is my personal view on the cannon, but what is this thread anyway, if not a battle of those expressing personal views and others presenting facts? I also have some reasoning behind this point of view, but would not want to bring it here yet, at the risk of further derailing AND that reasoning being devastated by facts wielders (@redneckers is already too close to this with the Legacy* remark!) If I could try to reconcile the two parties though: much criticized tone of the opening statement aside, the author does not even refer to Doom 3 there! He's saying Doom III, see? For the poll, I voted yes for the separate section, as browsing through both console Doom and other parts of the forum I was discovering something new about community working with Doom 64 material all the time. Moreover my impression has been this happened far more frequent for Doom 64 than, say, PSX Doom. This was also often in unlikely places like GZDoom mod discussion, hence I think that giving all the like-minded folks a home for their creative works would be a good idea for their work to be more clearly seen. After reading very reasonable posts from @Doomkid, something else springed to my mind: these works don't come from nowhere. People are obviously discussing their creative intent, sharing the news, and posting playtesting results somewhere already. I always suspected an underground Discord server network existed for that that @Immorpher has been running... but that being true or not that "home" may actually be there already, so not sure if the hypothetic new section will actually be getting much content.
  9. ludicrous_peridot

    Doomworld Community Console (Doom 64 / PSX / ...) WADs List

    Thanks for the great list @UnknDoomer. Anything from this post of mine could be scavenged: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2435394 ? That one's for GZ stuff. And for ports - any reason to not include PhoenixDoom and Calico? EDIT: In fact, is this in any way relevant to your cause?