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  1. Hey everyone! I apologize for once again being very late but unfortunately I didn't get to play/finish everything this month. A few days ago I managed to finish the entire Overboard wad and it will be the one I will talk about today. PrBoom+ 2.6.2 - UV 100% everything, continuous with saves. Blind playthrough. I used Doomwiki.org as my guide for finding secrets. I also played Going Down a bit in advance (on PrBoom+ to get familiarized with mouldy's style of traps, though only finished its first half (reached MAP31 the last time I played), which is quite fitting. I will not repeat what others said and I will only talk a bit about each level. My deaths (quite a high number I must say) came ONLY from the New Game + versions of the existing maps, most of them actually (I think only the second NG+ map I did without dying, as it was the only one that didn't feel much different from the original map). Oh yeah and I also did the bonus MAP31 which was a little harder than I expected. The maps in general are very nicely designed, offer a very good challenge, except for some difficulty spikes in most NG+ versions of existing maps where it becomes quite chaotic at times but at least you have some prior knowledge from your first time playing the maps. The design of maps reminds me of Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach! Anyway here is a short review of Overboard (and hope to get to playing/reviewing Running Late 2 before it's too late). MAP01: Cruisn'n UAC / MAP08: Cruisn'n UAC + A nice intro map. The beginning can be a bit tricky with the ammo because you may run out of it but eventually you will pick up more stuff to kill the enemies. The invisibility secret is very helpful against the zombies at beginning. After clearing the rooms, you must eventually get inside the boat. The red key trap isn't too bad, I recommend quickly pressing that switch because there is a surprise cyber, who will get squished upon pressing the switch. You wait for a while while fighting some imps and hell knights, then once the cybie is squished, grab the red key. After that, grab the SSG as well as the blue armor secret, go back up, kill the remaining enemies and that's it. Easy map. However, on the NG+, you get the Cyber roaming at the beginning, who actually managed to surprise kill me once. Then later I had a hard time with the red key trap which was much harder because my other 4 deaths all came from the ArchViles here and only after I had to do the fight the hard way, I realized pressing that switch summons the INVULNERABILITY! It's not too bad because my lucky 5th attempt cleared this room without taking damage (maybe the RNG decided to allow me to easily win this time) while still having 100% health and 50% armor left and then I got the invul which was useful for taking some leftover monsters and most of Cyber's health with the plasma. Then backtracked for supplies (including the secret) to have a full blue armor for the next map. Great map overall! Though the NG+ was a bit insane at times. :P MAP02: Skeleton Coast / MAP09: Skeleton Coast + Another nice map and continuing directly from the previous one (I like the continuity between the maps, which was also present in Mouldy's previous work, Going Down). This one seems to take place on an island and there are some interesting fights right there. I remember doing the mistake (in both versions of the map) of grabbing the Fuel Can when already fighting monsters and this unleashed even more monsters but somehow I was able to do it just fine. It was quite interesting and I even ended up with two blue armors I didn't need at the end of the level (at least in the NG+ version). What felt a bit of a slap in the face is that there was an invulnerability secret in the NG+ version of the map (in the place of the Plasma Gun in the original map) which I got after I killed all monsters but since I handled this map just fine without invulnerability, I guess I could say I didn't need it. Obviously still grabbed it at the end (and other goodies) for 100% completion. :P BTW a nice detail I liked is the fuel can apparently replaces the red skull key, if I'm not mistaken. Oh wait, looking at Doomwiki, it actually replaces the blue key. Excellent map. Looking forward to the next one! MAP03: Depth Charge / MAP10: Depth Charge + Another interesting map, this one taking place inside the submarine. The invisibility was very helpful early on in the original version, though it was absent in NG+. The original version of the map is relatively tame (there are still some tricks included in the map that you have to be careful, like barrels exploding at one point) but the NG+ is quite a lot harder. I nearly did the NG+ version without dying but first time got killed by a Baron fireball right when trying to run to that invulnerability and second time killed by a Cyber. But overall, I don't think there was such a difficulty spike as other maps, I think I found the NG+ version of this map easier than the NG+ version of the first map. Another great map overall! MAP04: Cacotoa / MAP11: Cacotoa + Wow! That was quite a bit of a difficulty spike. The archviles are known to cause a LOT of trouble if not dispatched quickly but what's annoying is when they are "hidden" behind many powerful enemies, while they can blast you with impunity. The original version of the map had an invulnerability secret that was somewhat hidden (I only noticed it after I had to load an earlier save because I already exhausted the extra health/armor supplies and wanted to have some extra for the next map, the invul is located where an Arachnotron can be seen) but the NG+ has more enemies and the secrets are a bit changed. The invulnerability now replaces the blue armor secret at beginning (the invul secret later now replaced by the BFG). I did a terrible mistake in grabbing the invulnerability early on (in the NG+ version) because I should have saved it for the end when the archies show up. It led to me saving in a bad spot (not necessary with low health but was definitely struggling for survival with many enemies coming from many directions) and I briefly considered restarting the map and trying from beginning without wasting that invulnerability but then I pushed on after the 10th attempt/death and I was able to get out of that problematic spot and get my sweet revenge in taking out everyone after finding a "safe" spot (and those rocket/cell boxes I missed earlier)! I find weird how the RNG takes a turn like that (like in NG+ version of first map). Die several times and on last attempt, you somehow can get through without any trouble. A chaotic but fun map. The NG+ was a bit frustrating but that's because I should have saved the invul for later. I learned my lesson from now on, don't worry! ;) MAP05: Archi-Pelago / MAP12: Archi-Pelago + Another interesting map, it really shows how creative and fun the encounters can be. I nearly died at some times but got saved by grabbing the megasphere in the last second! Both times with the available megaspheres. I like that there aren't inescapable pits, you can fall down there but you can still walk just fine at the cost of 10 dmg per second. It's quite forgiving actually. Of course you shouldn't stay there too long but I appreciate that mouldy didn't resort to making inescapable pits to heavily punish you. I also liked that archvile at the end of the level trying to "run away" with the boat. It was funny. However, the NG+ is even more chaotic. Most of the map plays the same. But then after a while, you get fucked up by the horde of archviles that shows up at some point. I died a couple times here (I saved a few seconds before they showed up), which signifies the fact that you MUST rush to that invulnerability over there. Then just use the BFG against them and try killing as many as possible before your invul runs out. Easier said than done because even when invincible, you will get thrown further away but if you can get in time and kill them (at least most of them) before invulnerability expires, you should be fine. Then after a while the Cybers show up. Assuming there are still plenty of monsters alive, you can try getting infighting. You can also teleport away if you want, while monsters are infighting. You can watch how the kill count goes up and after a while, return to the arena and finish off the remaining survivors. The comic archie will still be there in the boat in NG+, which is once again, hilarious. Great map! MAP06: Seaside Siege / MAP13: Seaside Siege + Now time for the finale! There are quite a couple hundreds of monsters in the normal version, I forgot exactly, I think they were nearly 500. But in NG+, they are 666 in total! The normal version is challenging and fun. But the NG+ is quite crazy because you have all those damn imps at beginning that were difficult to get through them, EVEN with playing continuously and starting with everything maxed out. Maybe I missed some proper strategy but I got my ass kicked quite a bit by the imp horde at beginning in the NG+ version, as I tried running while shooting (Plasma/BFG and even SSG/Rockets sometimes) but sometimes I still got overwhelmed and killed. After the first bunch of attempts, I managed to get to a "safe" spot at the lighthouse and eventually things got better as enemies started to die eventually and then I could handle the remaining imp horde when there was some space to dodge. At this point, the rest of the map turned into a cakewalk. Not to mention you are given plenty of resources and most of the map plays the same as before, just the main difference being everything is thrown at you from the start. Of course I still had one moment of shock when I used the toilet, only to teleport directly in front of the three Cybers! Ouch! I found 2/4 secrets myself (BFG and Invulnerability) which helped a LOT later on, for example I used the invulnerability for the red key trap but maybe I should have used against the cybers, though things turned out fine in the end as I still had about 140% health and armor after clearing everyone! Of course Doomwiki helped to find the rest secrets later on. And then in NG+, knowing where secrets are (though still had to look up one secret as I didn't remember its exact location) helped a lot. Oh and nice to know that DoomGuy and his mom are still on good terms, which is a nice reference to Going Down's intermission texts. Definitely a great finale to an excellent mapset! MAP07: The End (aka C U Later, Suckers) Funny short map! I like how it says YOU WINNED THE GAME! Also the surfing imp (the only enemy present in map) has apparently learned to talk in a meme language. I don't like memes in general but I still found this funny. Killing the imp causes the boat to explode, then you die and get sent to MAP08 with just the pistol. MAP14: The Actual End The actual ending map! I like the references to DOOM 2, Going Down and various other neat things, like the fact DoomGuy was playing DOOM 2. And Romero (speaking in meme language just like the imp from MAP07) showing up in the elevator. Got a laugh out of me, then promptly killed him with the Rocket Launcher. Too bad you don't advance to the bonus map, instead you get sent to DOOM2 MAP15 (as expected). MAP31: Demo Island Bonus map time! Because MAP14 sends you to original MAP15 from DOOM 2, this meant that you must warp to MAP31 yourself with cheats or command line parameters (I did the latter). The map is actually shown 3 times in the demo loop, with the player gradually understanding what to do to overcome the big horde of imps. That's right, you fight against a THOUSAND of imps! And it's actually a lot harder than you think. First, punch that box and then run to the left side to grab the BFG and the cell packs (remember that you have 300 cells maximum!). Then quickly grab the megasphere until the imps show up and then start shooting! You must make sure to not run of ammo and health at same time! This is what gives this map a greater challenge than it seems. You must keep an eye on the ammo and the cell packs while watching your health/armor and dodging the fireballs. It's a bit luck based to not take too many damaging fireballs before the second megasphere teleports into the level. I've had attempts ruined because the megasphere decided to teleport right in next second after I died or ran out of ammo and either didn't reach the box OR DoomGuy decided to switch to the fucking pistol when I tried to grab the cell packs right as soon as emptying my cells, which wasted precious time and getting overwhelmed by imps. Once finished, press that switch (which uses the switch texture from Duke3D) to finish the level and get sent to DOOM2 MAP16! It was a neat little map but turned a bit miserable due to my bad luck when playing it, as it took me like 10-15 attempts to do it, while I felt it was a map that shouldn't have taken more than 5 attempts. Would have probably liked more if it was also in MAP15 slot and there was a death exit at the end of MAP14 instead, though I understand this may have been done to keep it hidden or a bonus challenge or something like that. Definitely a short, interesting map and worth checking out! Overboard Total Deaths: 44 (MAP08, MAP10-13, MAP31) Overboard Overall: Fantastic wad! I really enjoyed my time with it, though I don't have a favorite map, I'd say ALL maps were fun and solid. Wasn't too fond on a few NG+ versions of some of the maps and MAP31 was a bit miserable to me because of plain bad luck with dying in many stupid ways but in the end, Overboard was a fantastic wad with every map being good! A very solid release! Cacoward very well deserved. Congratulations, Cyriak! :) Screenshots: Votes for the next month: +++ Community Chest 2 +++ Doom 2 in Spain Only +++ Number One Kill, Number One Extra and Number One Kill The Next Generation I was going to play Running Late 2 but unfortunately I got a bit burned-off/exhausted from playing custom Doom wads, so I'd rather spend some time playing Heretic wads instead, considering today is Heretic's 28th anniversary of the registered 3-episode version (I've already beat the original release, last time was back in April 2021 when Heretic was chosen for the Megawad club, which was also the first time I joined the DW megawad club) and felt a bit of taking a break from DOOM. I might play Running Late 2 in next few days and write something about it until the year ends. I don't think I have the time to try Fractured Worlds and I'm put off by the difficulty judging from the comments, I just don't feel dealing with slaughtermaps in this period of time. Have a nice week and a late Merry Christmas!
  2. Actually, it happens in Shareware 1.666, as you can see here on YouTube (it happens at around 1:57): Anyway, interesting video Doomkid. I don't remember the ouch face lasting a long time in vanilla Doom. I remember seeing the OUCH FACE as a kid a few times, mostly when watching shareware 1.666 demos. I also remember seeing it happening sometimes in Doom 2 as well but at that time I didn't know that grabbing health while getting hurt would make it show it up. I even remember freaking out one time (I don't remember if it was in shareware 1.2 or shareware 1.666) when in E1M1, the ouch face suddenly showed up after blowing up a barrel nearby and then grabbing a health bonus or a medkit during that time. I also noticed recently (in vanilla/chocolate doom and PrBoom+) that starting a level on top of a damaging floor will usually show the Ouch Face.
  3. FistMarine

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Down the Drain

    I haven't participated in a while, so I might as well post my impressions. I meant to join earlier but November was a very busy month, especially my birthday was a few days ago. Played in Chocolate Doom 3.0.1, keyboard only controls, continuous with saves, UV 100% everything in each map. Finished the wad nearly 2 weeks ago, as a result I don't remember all details and some levels don't have much written about them (example I stopped mentioning which levels had no items/secrets in them). I decided to leave it like that. I haven't played or heard of this megawad before, so it's pretty much a full blind playthrough. There were almost no walkthroughs/videos anywhere for this megawad (except a few YouTube videos of a couple maps), so I had to figure out everything (or almost everything) by myself. This is made harder with the vanilla limitations (such as no automap stats) that I've restricted myself, due to the fact this wad was tested in Chocolate Doom. So every map is played without any expectations and without a way to tell in advance how many monsters are encountered in each map and their types or the secrets (due to lack of a Doomwiki article for the megawad). I only noticed a few new graphics, like the main menu graphic (and the level names on the intermission screen) and a new soundtrack (and the new deh patch that alters the level names on automap and the text screens). Everything else is stock Doom 2. Oh and a general tip: if you have problems with health, armor or ammo, then pick them up carefully when you actually need them. Due to the ammo being especially tight in many levels, it should absolutely be grabbed when you are not near maximum, example don't grab a shell box when you have 48 shells, grab it when closer to 30. This applies early in the level, when you are at the end and play continuously, you want to grab everything anyway before exiting the level. :P Let's go! (maps added into spoiler) Total Deaths: Around 236-250 (MAP07-MAP08, MAP10, MAP13, MAP15, MAP31-MAP32, MAP16-MAP20, MAP22-MAP27, MAP30) Depending if we take into account trying to complete MAP30 100% without saving, as Chocolate causes the level to end upon loading the game, so this is the cause of additional 15 deaths. I have lost track on the amount of deaths on those four awful maps (MAP31, MAP32, MAP17, MAP23), so I rounded to the nearest number I thought of. In MAP23's case, I added 100 deaths. These 4 maps combined brought nearly 200 deaths. Screenshots (only from MAP21 to MAP30): Closing Thoughts: I didn't have any expectations playing this megawad. I wasn't familiar with the author's works beyond getting mentioned as the author of "Toilet of the Gods", which I never played before. And since I had no interest in checking wads that weren't finalized and uploaded to idgames that were chosen to the prior months of DW Megawad club, after seeing this vanilla wad getting chosen for the club, despite not being familiar with it and only briefly hearing of it before, I thought the wad would be just another typical vanilla Doom 2 megawad. Boy, I was wrong! There were some really fun maps in there but design wise, it wasn't anything special or spectacular. Some maps were awfully designed (deliberately or not) and others were frustrating to no end (most notably the secret levels, the last part of MAP17 and the entirety of MAP23). I understand it was made deliberately ugly or unbalanced but I feel like if the author stuck with DOOM2 and D2TWID-inspired maps (which a couple maps proved to be fun experiences), the megawad would have turned out a lot better overall. Part of my blame is also the source port chosen. Normally, I'd go with PrBoom+ or similar but in this case, after seeing the wad was tested in Chocolate Doom (and not expecting to contain infuriating maps), I decided to use Chocolate as well and go an extra mile with keyboard only. The result was fine for the most part and I appreciated the extra challenge in many levels (except those ridiculously hard ones). I will have to give the author some credit because chocolate doom never crashed to me and was able to save in every map just fine. I obviously disabled the awful vanilla save (and demo) limit long ago in the setup executable. That vanilla save game limit is one of the worst parts of vanilla Doom, so I never use the vanilla executable nowadays to play vanilla wads, only for original IWADS, 90s wads and a rare vanilla wad like DOOM ZERO. But to play vanilla tested wads released nowadays, I either use Chocolate, Crispy, Eternity, PrBoom+ or other similar ports. I just don't like the low res display of vanilla/chocolate because it looks like a mess of pixels, which also hurts my eyes sometimes. To not drag it further, I will say Down the Drain was a mixed bag overall. Some great maps, some forgettable maps and some truly awful maps that had no place in a wad like this. Votes for the next month: +++ H2H-Xmas +++ Number One Kill The Next Generation +++ Fragport I'm surprised that H2H-Xmas wasn't played before. I had it installed last year in DOSBox (it was a difficult process and don't actually remember the exact steps doing it) and haven't played yet. I wouldn't mind playing it properly this time around (I only played it exactly a decade ago with Aeons of Death mod in ZDoom) Have a nice day!
  4. I was thinking at the same thing and was going to suggest it but I am not sure if they are allowed to replace maps from missing authors with other maps from other wads (or in worst case, delete the maps from the missing authors), just to legalize the wad in question. It would have been nice to have DTWID series added as official addons but I doubt it will ever happen, for the same reason old classics like the Memento Mori series and Requiem won't be added. I imagine if the idea with adding community works as official content happened long time ago when classic Doom games kept getting re-released, we would have probably seen more classics added as official addons. But despite that, I am still grateful for all the official addons we have gotten so far and I am looking forward to whatever comes next. Also, did you mean Lunar Catastrophe? Lunar Apocalypse is the second episode in Duke Nukem 3D.
  5. Did the following tests using the original CD releases of the games: Duke Nukem 3D Minimum: 320x200 (default) Maximum: 800x600 Quake 1 Minimum: 320x200 (default) Maximum: 1280x1024 Hexen 2 Minimum: 320x240 (default) Maximum: 1280x1024 Quake 2 Minimum: 320x240 (default) Maximum: 1600x1200 Note that for Duke3D and Quake I briefly tested the original releases (Duke3D 1.3D and Quake 1.01) in DOSBox 0.74-3. I haven't tested the windows versions of Quake (WinQuake and GLQuake) just yet. In case of Hexen 2, I tested the initial 1.03 release. In case of Quake 2, I tested the 3.14 release, which is the earliest version I have (I don't have the very first 3.05/3.06 release). I don't think there is a difference between the other versions when comes to the resolutions. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hope you find this helpful!
  6. FistMarine

    User Ghastly has passed away

    Damn! I am very sorry to hear that. I remember talking to Ghastly Dragon back around 2010-2011. I met him occasionally on some Skulltag servers and even talked with him a few times on IRC. And also on the Realm667 forums. He even taught me a couple things about DECORATE whenever I asked him with creating custom monsters and weapons in ZDoom. RIP Ghastly!
  7. Personally, I would like to see Chex Quest (3) becoming an official addon one day. I know that back in March 2020, there was a post over the ZDoom forums regarding Charles Jacobi trying to contact Graf Zahl and Enjay because they both helped with Chex Quest 3 and apparently, he was contacted by id software at that time, though nothing came out of the deal to this day. I remember this was discussed on this topic as well, on page 19 to be exact. I think Chex Quest 3 could really benefit to be re-released (possibly with the 20th anniversary episode Galactic Conflict bundled in as well?) and being available to consoles, rather than being a ZDoom exclusive wad (it also comes bundled with an outdated 2.3.1 version of ZDoom, though nothing stops you to copy chex3.wad into your ZDoom 2.8.1 folder). If Harmony (which also used to be a ZDoom exclusive wad) can get re-released, then so can Chex Quest. Anyway, if Chex Quest won't get added next, then I would like to see the following wads being added one day (I made sure these are all possible candidates): The Classic Episode (E1 and E2) The Darkening (E1 and E2) Dawn of the Dead Plutonia 2 (if all authors are reachable) Wonderful Doom Reverie Alpha Accident: Terra Nova Nihility: Infinite Teeth No Sleep for the Dead Lunar Catastrophe Bourgeois Deathmatch The DTWID series would have also been nice to be added but due to Megalyth passing away last summer (RIP), then these won't be added.
  8. FistMarine

    The DWMegawatt Club plays: dead.wire

    Might as well give my thoughts before the month ends. I played Dead Wire a couple weeks ago in GZDoom 2.4.0 and replayed it now in GZDoom 3.7.2. I played on UV with frequent saves, as well as mouselook, jumping and crouching enabled. I liked the mod overall, which felt like a fresh experience and a worthy GZDoom mod to check out, not to mention it was a cacoward winner back in 2015 (I think?). I won't talk get into further details, I feel like @LadyMistDragon gave an excellent review of the mod. I like the new weapons because they are all unique and useful, unlike Doom's pistol for instance which becomes useless after grabbing a new weapon, this mod's starting Rifle is an excellent sniping tool. Primary fire uses two bullets, while the altfire uses one shell. Both are 100% accurate and allow you to snipe monsters from far away like Mancubi and Arachnotrons. Ammo is scarce at first but you shouldn't have too much trouble after you get across shell boxes and eventually acquire the Plasma equivalent, as well as other weapons. I also recommend grabbing the green armor as soon as possible after killing the first few monsters. Most enemies are now invisible, which makes them harder to spot. You may get surprise attacked at times but thankfully health and armor are plentiful provided, if you manage to make it to the items in time before you die. Most ambushes can be handled with care and getting away with minimal damage but others will give you a hard time, like the part with FOUR archviles surrounded by demons, which proved to be a pain in the ass in the playthrough I just did last hour (maybe I should have gotten the blue armor instead of relying on green one, despite having 200 health). Which reminds me, I died two times in the initial playthrough (both during the final battle, the hell knight wave and the cyberdemon wave) and seven times in the last playthrough (one death early on by an invisible lost soul, FIVE deaths from the archviles room and one during final battle from the cyberdemon when I bumped into him and died). I blame the bad luck with the RNG and the fact I rushed, just to get this review in time (to refresh my memory with the mod and to show a few screenshots as well). I don't have the patience to replay the whole map without saving, though I might run through this map without saving next time, when I feel like replaying it and I can get a consistent strategy for the archvile room and final room. Might also record a demo while I'm at it and upload it somewhere. Oh yeah and speaking of which, the final battle is quite tough. I kinda wish the megasphere was placed inside the arena because if you choose to skip it, you can't come back to it, in case you managed to have 200 health and/or armor by the time you reached the last part. Sure, you are given medkits in the arena but once your armor runs out from the damage you will endure from the horde of invisible imps and knights, you will be killed quickly from getting surrounded if you are unlucky. And you can't use the BFG-like weapon at close range or you will hurt yourself. I found the best strategy to clear the imps and knights quickly is to use the flamethrower and the laser-like weapon due to their ripper projectiles, meaning you will kill multiple enemies all at once. Then once you get enough room, you can switch to the BFG-like weapon and make short work of the remaining enemies. So yeah, it's only a problem at first when things get too crowded and you will have to endure a couple projectiles or melee attacks until you clear half of the enemies. And the last two Cybers are invisible too, so be careful with them! Once done, press the switch and you win! There are no secrets to find and while you can collect all items, you can't get all the kills as there is one unkillable enemy: an invisible pain elemental in the room with the monitors. You can't hurt him at all, he is inactive, possibly meant to be activated by a script. Which means the maximum amount of kills you can get is 472/473. To not make it longer, I enjoyed the mod overall and I will probably also participate in future mini events like this one. Screenshots:
  9. FistMarine

    ACE Engine - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    Looks pretty cool! I can imagine the possibilities that can be done with the ACE Engine. However, I noticed that the last video with the mouse aiming, has the weapon automatically centering when firing. I wonder if it will be possible to disable that option and revert to the vanilla behavior? I dislike that feature in ZDoom based source ports because there is no way to disable it, so I'm hoping it's an option instead of a forced feature. Just my two cents about this, it's fine if it stays that way. Also will it be possible to run ZDoom wads in next version, at least older ones from late 90s/early 2000s? Last night I dreamed I was playing Void wad in DOS version of Doom 2, so I would like to see that happening one day. If not, then maybe older ZDoom 1.22 wads (such as Assault on Tei Tenga, Hell Factory, Herian 2, etc). Another thing I'm wondering is if it will be possible to combine stuff between the Doom Engine games, like making DoomGuy playable in Heretic, Corvus playable in Hexen, Hexen characters playable into Strife, putting the Strife conversation system and their NPCs into Doom, etc. I know in ZDoom based source ports it is very possible to do all of this but I was wondering about the possibilities of this ACE engine, if it allows such crossovers to exist. Other than that, excellent work as usual!
  10. FistMarine

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Cydonia & Arrival

    Hello everyone! Due to my hard disk dying at the beginning of the month (and not managing to recover my data just yet, still trying to find someone who can recover my data! this applies to what I had on my PC, as what I had saved on USB stick and laptop, such as IWADS, are fine, no worries!), I didn't feel like participating for a while and I also missed the previous month's event, due to being busy with other wads. So, I eventually decided to give this month a go, finishing Cydonia a couple of days ago. I mostly heard of Arrival which was released last year and became an official addon a couple months ago, while I only heard of Cydonia during last year's Cacowards, so it seems like an interesting Plutonia-inspired mapset. I haven't played Plutonia in about a decade (funnily enough, I still have two PLUTONIA folders installed on my laptop since two years ago, one is the initial release from June 1996 and the other is the updated id anthology version from November 1996) but I should still be familiar with the style, traps, etc. Played with PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (UMAPINFO fork), UV skill, continuous, 100% everything with frequent saves. In case of Cydonia, I obviously used PLUTONIA.WAD as the IWAD and Complevel 4 (Final Doom). The only weird thing I noticed is that the first demo (from MAP17) desyncs halfway but the second and third work fine. I will not talk too much about the levels themselves, to not repeat what others said. I will say for now that I like the new green skin for the Chaingunners, giving them a Plutonia-like look (heh). I wouldn't have minded if the Revenants were also colored to green (as in wearing green pants instead of red). Oh and the new music is also very nice! Now for the maps (I copied their names directly from Doomwiki): Cydonia Total Deaths: 22 (MAP03, MAP11, MAP13, MAP31, MAP32, MAP19, MAP20) Screenshots: Overall Thoughts: Cydonia is definitely a great Plutonia inspired wad. I have read that people are considering it the real successor to Plutonia, though I would argue that Plutonia 2 and Plutonia Revisited (aka the real Plutonia 3, not the shitty joke wad Going to Surface) are also true successors to Plutonia, so I could say that Cydonia is Plutonia 4 (or maybe Plutonia 5, since Plutonia Revisited 2 got released a while ago). :P Since I haven't played the original Plutonia Experiment in a decade or so (and don't remember playing its sequels at all, maybe only the first 10 maps of Plutonia 2 in GZDoom many years ago? Or maybe a couple random Plutonia 2 maps on Skulltag servers back in 2009-2010?), I didn't have anything in mind to compare the maps (besides the infamous MAP11 with the Arch-Vile maze and the infamous MAP32: Go 2 It), I was expecting the wad to be much harder. But somehow it turned out much easier, partially due to playing continuous and that helped me even the odds. While I enjoyed most maps, the only map I really disliked was MAP31: Night Terrors. I know it was a puzzle inspired map and I really liked how ingenious were the puzzles but I didn't enjoy it at all in terms of gameplay. The inescapable pits and the effort required to 100% this map (I had to watch two UV-Max videos of this map on YouTube to understand it) were a bit too much for me and had to stop playing Cydonia for that day after having finished that map, leaving MAP32 (which I wanted to do immediately after MAP31) and the rest maps for the next day. I wonder if it's worth to suffer to reach MAP32: Get On It (one of the best maps in Cydonia) or choose the Give Up normal exit and go to MAP16 on a continuous playthrough? Either way, I'm happy to have played it and have properly finished the megawad 100% everything in a single playthrough, taking me around 8 hours and half in total game time (according to level 20 intermission). Additionally, I felt that the puzzles presented in Night Terrors would have worked much better as some sort of separate map release of AV Jump or Rocket Jump or Jumpmaze type of map for Skulltag/Zandronum, due to those wads requiring jumping and those source ports having different jumping/air control physics where it's much easier to control the player compared to vanilla Doom physics where it is often difficult to time the AV jump correctly without falling off. I know that this is a weird reason to criticize the map but I imagine it would have been a lot more fun if it was made for a different port/game mode and released separately. The map was otherwise too out of place from a Plutonia-inspired mapset and it really doesn't go well with the vanilla Doom physics. I will start playing Arrival soon (most likely next week), either in Eternity Engine 4.02.00 or still using PrBoom+ 2.6.2 UMAPINFO fork. I have never played Arrival before but I am still interested in checking it out and I am disappointed I don't actually have the Unity port since I only own the Doom games on physical media (id anthology CDs), so that means no unity port for me. Regardless of the port used, I hope to finish Arrival in time the next week, as judging by recent posts, the levels are pretty lengthy, so there is the possibility I may not finish Arrival in time, either posting for maps I will finish until next Friday or posting sometime in early October. Either way, I will look forward to what gets chosen for the next month! Have a nice weekend everyone!
  11. FistMarine

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    I will report a few bugs that seem to still happen in the latest 2.6.2 version. Recently I finished the Cydonia megawad using it, which is where the screenshot below comes from. First, the SSG sometimes shows a line above the firing frame. If I'm not mistaken, it might have been reported before but it still wasn't fixed. It is mostly noticeable when fighting an enemy in front of you. I can't seem to always reproduce this one, so I hope I am being clear enough. I wasn't able to reproduce it by just firing blindly at a wall. It might also help if firing while walking/running instead of standing still. Second, when loading a saved game (usually after opening the game, not in the same game session, though it might work if loading different saves from different levels), during the melting animation, the weapon appears misaligned on the HUD. The Chaingun is the weapon I can most reliably reproduce the bug, seems to sometimes appear slightly to the left but in some rare cases, it appears in the far left side of the screen, as the screenshot I took recently, which is shown below. After the melting animation finishes, the weapon returns to the center of the screen normally. Third, when loading the game with a powerup active (such as the radiation suit and the berserk red tint), during the melting animation, only the status bar is seen with the tint but the main screen doesn't get the tint until the melting animation has fully finished. The screenshot below shows both this and the above glitch in effect. It's important to note that the first two glitches (SSG line, misaligned weapon) only happen in the UMAPINFO fork (even happened in the previous 2.6.1 release, possibly in 2.6.0 as well), while the last glitch with the tint on the screen not showing up immediately, it happened in PrBoom+ as well.
  12. While I don't have a favorite port, I would say the source ports I use the most (in alphabetical order) are: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, Eternity, GZDoom, PrBoom+, Skulltag, Zandronum and ZDoom. I generally use the latest version for each port, except in rare cases where a wad doesn't work correctly in current/latest version (this mostly applies to ZDoom and GZDoom). As for DOSBox (using it for the IWADs and old 90s wads), I use the latest 0.74-3, as well as DOSBox-X for certain games that didn't work fine in vanilla DOSBox.
  13. FistMarine

    Hexen 1.1 has two different versions?

    Ah ok, thanks for letting me know. :) You're right. It's only the executable that was changed between the common 1.1 version and the rare 1.1 one. I just got confused for a second because all files in directory had the date changed as well, although I had remembered that the IWAD hasn't been changed between the two 1.1 versions. I find it interesting that only the executable was changed in Hexen 1.1's case, while in Hexen Deathkings, only the IWAD was changed between 1.0 and 1.1. EDIT: Looking at the wiki page, it looks like the 1.0 versions are now called 1.0r1 and 1.0r2. I went ahead and changed the page to also mention 1.1r1 and 1.1r2, so there wouldn't be much confusion anymore between the two 1.1 versions available. Hope it's all fine now! EDIT 2: I wonder if I should go ahead and modify the HEXEN.WAD page as well? https://doomwiki.org/wiki/HEXEN.WAD EDIT 3: Done.
  14. FistMarine

    Tips for Quake 2

    Quake 2 is really easy compared to most games released at that time. Even as a kid, I found the game easy on Medium skill at least (unlike other games where I mostly played on Easy back then). The original game can be beaten even without dying if you are lucky enough, as the actual enemies are rarely a threat, especially when you get the Power Shield (first time in a secret in Unit 3) and combine it with the existing armor. The only things you have to watch are the traps that can insta-kill you (some of them even hurt/kill you with invulnerability activated, strangely enough). On my older 2018 playthrough, I beat the whole game without dying (I played with mouse and WASD controls) but in my latest playthrough earlier this year, which I played keyboard only, I died only once at the beginning Unit 3 (which is quite tricky, as it has a few enforcers, gunners and those crushers, while all you have is 100+ health and 50 jacket armor). I played on Hard difficulty in both cases (I only beat the demo version on Nightmare skill) and from what I noticed, there's a few differences between the skill levels (more on that below), though Medium and Hard skills don't seem too different from another, based on my own experiences. Anyway, here are some tips (hope that I don't repeat what others have said): 1) The starting Blaster has infinite ammo. You can use it to kill the weaker enemies or fire at enemies that stand still and take damage, so you can save ammo, although ammo is in general plentiful. You can also use the Blaster to destroy windows, blow up barrels, destroy corpses, etc. 2) As mentioned, you can destroy corpses of enemies. It is very satisfying to gib every corpse in game, including the marines (both alive and dead) that you can find in the levels. Strangely, Makron's corpse can't be destroyed at all (in the original executable at least). 3) Save the powerups for later and use the existing ones when you come across another and you can't pick it up, so you get some usage out of it. Depending on the difficulty chosen, you can hold a certain amount of powerups in your inventory (see below for more information). 4) When you finally collect the Power Shield, USE IT and from now on, you will become almost invincible. If you have any armor combined with Power Shield, the damage will be mostly split between the armor and shield energy (cells), with health being barely affected. 5) Related to the above tip, conserve CELLS by avoiding using Hyperblaster and BFG10K, so you can save them for your Power Shield. You can use them less often if you want, as cells are usually plentiful (especially later on in the game). 6) Some enemies will try to attack while they are dying. You can destroy their corpses or hide while they try to shoot. Destroying corpses is also advised to prevent certain enemies (such as the Medic in original game, Repair Bot in The Reckoning, Medic Commander in Ground Zero) from resurrecting them. 7) Powerups can be activated with their hotkey (q for quad damage, i for invulnerability, etc) or by selecting them from inventory. You can actually use more powerups at same time (even more of same type to extend the duration) but the timer will only list the last powerup you activate. 8) Find secrets and collect as many Adrenaline packs as possible. They give full health and also max your health by 1 point. In total, in original Quake 2, you can find 42 adrenaline boosts, which means your maximum health will be 142 by the time you reach Makron final boss. In The Reckoning, there are about 15-17 (18? don't remember exactly) adrenalines to find (some are in non-secret areas) and I don't know how many are in Ground Zero, as it's been a long time since I played this expansion last time, I promise I will do a 100% playthrough of it in next two weeks (in anticipation to the upcoming QuakeCon 2022 event) and I will find out how many are. 9) Save game once in a while. While the game autosaves at beginning of each level, I recommend to have a save made once in a while in different slots. The game seems to have problems with saving/loading sometimes, other than a delay of two seconds when you reload (so you end up with an enemy shooting you upon reloading), the mission packs have a weird bug involving loading saved games. When you try to load a save, it gives you error "function pointers have moved". I am using the latest 3.20 version (original CD version 3.14, as well as Mission Packs CDs that were all fully patched) and I still encounter this weird glitch. Sometimes the saves load fine (the autosave at level start works most of the time), other times they don't and I must quit game and start it again to have another chance to load it. This made every death in The Reckoning a lot more painful. I don't want to imagine what will be for Ground Zero which has the turrets that everyone seems to complain about on the internet... 10) There is a trick that allows enabling infinite ammo in single player, which works for every weapon (except the ETF Rifle in Ground Zero, for some reason). I will let the people to figure this one out by themselves. :P Notes about difficulties. There are four difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, Hard and Nightmare (aka Hard+ as listed in the Objectives menu). Hard+ can only be accessed with console commands, listed below. Some source ports add Nightmare (Hard+) difficulty to be selected in main menu, so extra steps aren't necessary in those cases. Differences between difficulty settings: Easy - Half damage, fewer amount of enemies, you can store unlimited powerups in inventory Medium - Normal damage, normal amount of enemies, you can store 2 powerups of each type in inventory Hard - Normal damage, higher amount of enemies, you can store only one powerup of each type in inventory Nightmare (Hard+) - Same as Hard, except enemies are more aggressive/faster (they don't enter the pain states when hit or enter the pain state just once like in first Quake on Nightmare skill). Accessing Hard+ difficulty in the original executable: Start a new game (any difficulty), then type in console: skill 3 map base1 Or if playing Demo version, instead type map demo1 Anyway, I hope you find these tips useful!
  15. FistMarine

    Hexen 1.1 has two different versions?

    Yes, there are two variants of Hexen 1.1. I was very surprised about this too. I only discovered this two years ago when I was reading the topic that was posted earlier by Hitboi. In fact, I was the one who added the information of the second Hexen 1.1 variant on Doomwiki just two months ago. I am not sure if the CRC-32 is correct, as I recall getting different hashes from two different softwares I used and in the end I settled with what Checksum Calculator showed me. MD5 and SHA-1 hashes should be correct, at least. Anyway, here is a proof screenshot of my HEXEN folder that contains this rare version, after I used the infamous QCRACK (on an emulated Windows 98SE) to access this rare version, which was only available in locked form on the Quake 1.01 CDs. Notice how it is dated 22/03/1996, much like Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders (aka Heretic 1.3) and Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel (aka HexenDK 1.0, the original CD release). At least that's what you get when you install from the original CD. The installation also works out of the box on Windows 7 32-bit (yes I still use outdated OS on my PC), though I recommend using DOSBox X to install the DOS games because it appears to preserve the original install date of DOS games, unlike vanilla DOSBox. :) I'm curious, has anyone attempted to make a semi-official patch that updates either the original Hexen 1.0 (dated 15/10/1995) or the common 1.1 (14/03/1996) to the rare 1.1 version? I don't mean what chungy has posted above, I mean an actual patch like the old official ones that patched all the files in the entire directory. That way, it would make the rare variant accessible to many other people. It was the same situation with the updated id anthology versions of Final Doom until their existence was discovered back in 2010. Hope this is helpful!