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  1. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    Deathmatch Mapper needed for job

    > job > no pay
  2. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    Intel proposes transition to 64-bit only architecture

    Kind of sad, but at the same time 99,999999% of people will not be affected in the slightest. So whatever.
  3. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    Deadnail is dead.

    It's always sad to hear about the Doomworld old guard passing away. RIP
  4. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    RIP in peace Doomworld 1995-2022
  5. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    The 4.6 release is awesome, great job! Great choice of the secret sound too. :D Anyway I have a question: what's the motivation behind vanilla mode resetting the controls too? I find it a bit strange, given that even in vanilla doom you can set the controls up the way you want, you don't have to use the arrow keys and whatnot. This can be dealt with with a separate .cfg file that contains your bindings and that can be executed from the console, but I find it a strange decision nevertheless.
  6. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    Closing Wad Archive

    That sucks
  7. Press win+r, type "mmsys.cpl" and there it is. You can also right click your desktop, make a new shortcut and point it to the command I mentioned, so that you can easily access it. For the old volume mixer do the same but type "sndvol.exe". I missed you making threads like this OP. I thought they banned you. :D
  8. RIP man. Gone too soon. 

  9. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    Another bug lol 1. Get to the exit of a level 2. input the IDCHOPPERS cheat 3. exit the level 4. in the next level, change your weapon You'll see the flashing effect that happens when your invulnerability is running out, thus gaining invulnerability for a few seconds. This shouldn't be happening because invuln never lasts beyond the end of a level
  10. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    Are messages intentionally not aligned to the left edge of the screen in widescreen mode?? Seems like a strange oversight
  11. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    If vid_widescreen is on and you're in windowed mode, you can resize the window in such a way that the ammo counter bleeds over to the opposite side of the screen. Also the vid_fullscreen CVAR seems to just not work. If you try to change it, literally nothing happens. Also, if you change the vid_borderlesswindow CVAR while in fullscreen mode, the alt+enter shortcut stops working as well, until you restart Doom Retro.
  12. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    Found a bug 1. run DR 2. open console 3. type map x where x is literally any number if you're running with doom2.wad, DR will now crash However if you're running with doom.wad, more interesting stuff will happen 4. press enter (nothing will happen) 5. delete x from your input and type any level name instead (eXmY), press enter You'll end up in e1m8b, with the music from the level you specified. EDIT: also I see you fixed the "vid_windowpos centered" bug I reported earlier but there's another one: "vid_windowpos X" is getting treated like "vid_windowpos centered" no matter what X is, it can be any string like "fioejwiudewiudhe"
  13. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    DOOM Retro v4.9.2 (updated May 12, 2023)

    Bug: if you have DR running windowed, the "vid_windowpos centered" will move the window to 0,0. It will move to the center only after you press alt+enter twice. Another bug: the top line or two of the console is cut off. The attached screenshot was taken as far up as it'll go. Also changing vid_borderlesswindow can lead to a crash sometimes. I can't really reproduce it though.
  14. ZigfriedYoshimitsu

    Introducing RZDoom (Retro ZDoom) 3.0.1 - Updated April 17 2022

    Good stuff, software for life! :D I still use 2.8.1 regularly. Why wouldn't you focus on demo compatibility though? ZDoom 2.8.1 is a "final" version and a standard as such, not unlike boom 2.02, and there are zdoom 2.8.1 demos out there. It's essentially the only demo "standard" in existence that supports decorate/mouselook/etc, which could be capitalised on IMO. Do you think this is not worth focusing on? Ofc I don't know what does ZDoom look on the inside, maybe this is fundamentally impossible. Either way keep up the great work!