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  1. Hmm maybe it has something to do with the linedef facing the sector with the sky flat? Try flipping it over if possible.
  2. Yeah i'm gonna have to leave too, I'm severely burnt out from mapping currently, sorry :(
  3. Don't think I can whip out anything at this point Very excited to play the released version!
  4. Well my map won't be in the wad too, sorry Astro :(
  5. oh man, i got distracted by other stuff and i might not be able to submit on time :( however here are some screenies of the map so far:
  6. Why isn't my map included in the OP? Did I forget to do something? Because that's very possible with my shit memory lol
  7. Sorry man, looks like I will have to drop out. I wish y'all good luck and all the best in this project though :D
  8. Norb

    Bastion Escape

    Good map man! Definitely can be improved, but it's still good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Rryf8wzks
  9. Sign me up baby, map slot 20 please.
  10. Norb

    First published WAD

    Hey, nice map :) Gameplay and level design is great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJpz4viqfXs
  11. OK! Map Slot: 14 Map Name: Nothing Special Mapper Name: Norb > > > DOWNLOAD < < <
  12. Oh ok, I would like to use "Easel" by Jimmy Paddock then.