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  1. RED77

    30 años

    arranqué la semana jugando Eviternity II y Sigil II. Ya por el cuarto mapa de ambos sets.
  2. RED77

    Obrusk WAD

    this is a collection of very simple and symmetrical short maps. not much to it. note, there's unescapable pit on map 03
  3. RED77

    Flesh Halls

    simple but fun
  4. @aRottenKomquat, here's the file updated ALPHABET_DOOM_CWILVS.rar
  5. RED77

    [/idgames] YOUDOVOODOO

    MAN! I've spend 70 minutes and only find 1/3 of the secrets, 1 of the keys, 2 of the codes, and kill 1/3 of the monsters. This is amazingly crafted and I can only assume it was a pain in the ass to make. Right now i'm a little burned out and have not clue how to progress, but I'll come back to it later. Amazing work.
  6. Hey! Thank you so much for playing. this was a really fun project for sure.
  7. thanks for the feedback, I didn't know about the J for joining sectors, that will make this so much easier.
  8. MEAGRE MEAL BY RED77.zip Map Title Meagre Meal - V1 Map Slot MAP07 MIDI used - Asteroid Dance, Part 1 by Alexander Brandon Map Creator RED77 Favorite Screenshot
  9. Thanks for the notice. I'll be fixing those!
  10. Thank you so much for the report on the softblock. I'll make sure to make the correction. about the map07 puzzle, it is cryptic for sure. here's a hint and the solution if you want to check it: Hope that helps
  11. thank you so much for playing. hope you enjoy the rest of the wad.
  12. CONGRATS @Blacklight! You reached beyond the rabbit hole. And thank you so much for the review: https://doomguy.ru/community/topic/666crets-po-nastoyashhemu-podoomaem-kratko-pro-fluoride
  13. RED77


    Congrats on the 3000! really fun level, I think is the first time I've beat a map from you on my first try.