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  1. RED77

    Working on my first texture pack

    Wow! @DRON12261! This is gold. Thank you so much. REally great info
  2. RED77

    Working on my first texture pack

    Thank you so much!
  3. So, in between projects, I've decided to start compiling some custom textures. There's a lot of work ahead, but here's a first test screen. What do you think? Any tips? What kind of textures do you think need more variety in the community?
  4. Hey, @DFF those screenies look really cool. Cant wait to see more!
  5. Hey @Niloquì. I still have to playtest the UV, but HMP and EASY skills seem perfect, I only have 3 notes: Otherwise, everything is perfect. I'll try to give UV a shot ASAP
  6. maybe your map has something drawn that's crashing the builders? It happened to me once.
  7. That's super weird. If your PC runs win10 should totally run DBX.
  8. @JacaCaca Yeah, now everything falls into place. Great map. I'll keep this version as the last one. Let me know if you make any changes! Here's the credit texture:
  9. Hey @Rabbid. Hope you don't take this the wrong way. But you should consider beginning saving more often, It's like the 5th time the same thing happened to you. If it helps I usually save at least once every 15 minutes. plus I made backups on different points of the progress just in case.
  10. Hey @purple_ruberoid This is such a great map, It's true is a little long, but I think most of it is for the backtracking on the skull keys section. Plus, there's the optional fight for the BFG which I think doesn't count. About The slaughter aspect, that's true for hard skill, but that's ok. cause mid-skill is totally accessible (I even think you can drop some of the powerups on mid). So I would make only minor changes, here are some notes: Other than that, this is amazing. Great work. hope this helps.