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  1. Metal_Slayer

    Brutal Doom Platinum recommendations

    My recomendation is don't.
  2. Metal_Slayer

    Would you?

    Why does Romero think he's some kind of celebrity? He hasn't made a successful game for more than 20 years, his new studio hasn't released anything other than merch and he hasn't moved on from the thing that made him popular in the first place. He's a talented level designer, but so are the best WAD mappers in this community, and they wouldn't ask a hundred for a 15 minute call.
  3. Metal_Slayer

    I don't get SnapHak

    There are no features built into the game, you need to have the second window open to use it, which then you can use to change the properties of objects and write scripts, knowing some programming helps, but you really don't need that knowledge to use it. Also, you need to use borderless mode and alt+tab to the second page. And if you want some examples of maps using it here are a few IDs: AA9AHT3W , 3SA66AM2 , RF8RW3KJ .
  4. Metal_Slayer

    Looking for a gore-free/SFW vanilla/chocolate DOOM mod

    Play Chex Quest then.
  5. Metal_Slayer


    I know you are designing this for BD but if you want to make this look better you should look into the features of the Doomsday Engine.
  6. Metal_Slayer

    What does bfg stand for?

    According to Sandy Petersen it was always Big Fun Gun, the other names were invented later.
  7. Metal_Slayer

    I have an issue with an aspect of gameplay in my map I am making

    I think that for the type of map you are making you can't let the player kill the Arachnotrons before the right time, so you can never let the player be on the height as them. If you can use Dehacked you could make the Arachnotron shoot smaller projectiles, which would make it clip through the cover sometimes.
  8. There is no good creepypasta.
  9. Metal_Slayer

    Voxel rendering for S/W ports

    Ok, so I was converting some voxels into 3D models for the Doomsday Engine in order to add shadows and light effects into them, but now that someone is working into a software renderer solution, I don't feel like finishing it because this looks way better and DE hasn't been updated in years. I talked with Cheello and suggested mirroring the red cross on the medikits and the inscriptions on the ammo packs in a way that would make it easier to recognize the items facing the other way, he said he would implement it, but he never did, I was going to add that to my version, but forget about that.
  10. Metal_Slayer

    what is your favorite doom track

    Daring today, aren't we?
  11. Metal_Slayer

    SnapFlash mapping contest 5

    Yes, all of the maps already released on Halloween. It seems like they didn't post the links on Youtube.
  12. Metal_Slayer

    retro death face

    It's a very well known easter egg.
  13. Metal_Slayer

    bobby prince return for new doom game?

    Unless there's a major change in the game's mood I don't see how that could work, the type of music Mick Gordon and Andrew Hullshult make is the only kind that modern Doom fans would accept. The last game he worked on was Wrack, and the style is completely different from the usual metal.
  14. Metal_Slayer

    Next doom game won't have mick. Is doom, doomed!?

    The next game won't have a level editor, it's already doomed.