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  1. Metal_Slayer

    Duke Nukem Evercade Release

    I've been considering getting an Evercade ever since it released, not only because I like the idea of a console not made by one of the three big companies, but also because it always has physical media available. Many times I tried getting the releases by Limited Run Games for the Nintendo Switch, but they are always out of stock, and them I discovered only around 200 fans actually get their games and the rest gets sold to scalpers. But for the Evercade they always have games for 20U$ dollars or less. It's also a very capable console, it could probably run most of the Nightdive remasters and a lot of indie games for example, what I find to be confusing is the different versions, there's the basic one, the home console version and the EXP, each with their own advantages, why not just make a portable that can be docked like the Switch? This depends on Gearbox since this collection is being made by Evercade, and the architechture of the console is different from that of a PC, but honestly, Gearbox not being involved is a good thing. All of the emulators are licensed and some of the best on PC, but I still would have preferred ports of the third person games. The cartridges have full games, this is an offline console, only the latest version has Wi-fi, the purpose is that all of the games are preserved in a physical media.
  2. Metal_Slayer

    Opinion on this monster?

    You can quote more than one post at a time, no need to make a new one for each quote.
  3. Metal_Slayer

    Opinion on this monster?

    It's supposed to look like the Guardian from Doom 3 but I can only see the boss from Duke Nukem 3D: Lunar Apocalypse.
  4. Metal_Slayer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    All of them only have angles of 90 degrees, adding more variety to the walls would be good.
  5. Metal_Slayer

    Where Can i get doom 64 that can run like gzdoom

    I think it's possible to open the game without Epic by creating a shortcut or extracting the files.
  6. Metal_Slayer

    Dario Butelli's Madness

    These maps really look like they were made by an independent Italian filmmaker, these structures look very gothic.
  7. I think the most well known mappers are the Cacoward winners from the last few years and DoomWorld is the most active community.
  8. Metal_Slayer

    very intresting doom 3 dlc campaign idea

    Thinking about it, there shouldn't be an evil UAC in Doom 3, the game explains Betruger was the only one behind it all, and after that he was turned into Maledict, they even say Hell can build their own things, they don't need scientists. I think Doom 3 works better when you don't try to make any connections to the other games, but if you have ideas you should use them.
  9. Very simple wad, doesn't use any Dehacked but I like the way it looks and the soundtrack, I'll play it but I don't know if the general public are going to like it as much, I think people look more into wads with a lot of custom content. If there was a way to aim using the IR sensor like a Wii game it would be awesome, as good as mouse and keyboard on my opinion.
  10. Metal_Slayer

    What custom monsters do you use? Do you modify?

    I think I like demons that are compatible with vanilla, usually replacing the Wolfenstein SS and Commander Keen, GZDoom custom demons move in patterns different from the standard AI and MBF can make some very cool bosses but for standard demons I don't think they are worth enough to map in MBF just for them. Something I wanted to do was a Hell Knight from Doom 3, I would take the sprite from D4V, make him taller and tougher, give him back the ranged attack and maybe call him "Terror Bruiser"
  11. Metal_Slayer

    what does the G in GZdoom stand for

    It's either that or a reference to the fact it supports OpenGl.
  12. I have never seen this before, I don't know if this is something that was added to this port or if it is vanilla.
  13. Probably after Brutal Doom released in 2012.
  14. Metal_Slayer

    Snapmap--Change tier of demon in Survival Event

    I'd start with AI proxy > when killed> signal> count and set it to three then you can get the output from that and make whatever you want to do with the AI. Someone from the Discord server helped me with that.
  15. Metal_Slayer

    What Happened To The Alpha/Beta Weapons?

    Well, the bayonet would require a secondary fire to be used, which was something they wouldn't have enough time to implement.