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  1. vdm1337

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    The button's available now but it just keeps opening the same webpage in a new tab for me. What the hell man?!
  2. vdm1337

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    Yep. At it right now, I keep refreshing hoping it'll become available soon.
  3. vdm1337

    Any Neocities users?

    Yes, I've had a site on there for about a year now. https://not-long-for-this-world.neocities.org/ I don't update it much anymore, as I have trouble thinking of what else I could add, but if you care to browse for a bit feel free.
  4. vdm1337

    Any Neocities users?

    It's essentially just a continuation of Geocities, but it's called Neo because it's NEW and HIP!
  5. vdm1337

    Levels you originally hated but grew to love?

    Ah, my bad. Haven't really been that active on here lately so I guess I just missed it before I made mine. My apologies.
  6. vdm1337

    What is doom guy's real name?

    Canonically his last name is either Blaze or Blazkowicz. B.J. is the grandfather of Commander Keen (Billy Blaze) who is Doomguy's father. So I don't know. B.J. Blazkowicz III would make the most sense, but that seems lame to me. Could always mix and match, call him "Flynn Blazkowicz" if you wanted. But I don't know. I'll just call him Doomguy.
  7. vdm1337

    Possibility of an awesome Doom movie?

    I think the best solution is they make a horror movie based on Hunted from The Plutonia Experiment. Nah but jokes aside, I think it would be neat if they could sort of stick with the bundle of marines idea - but do it like Evil Dead where it starts with all of them together, until slowly - be it a pinky chowing down on a corpse or a fireball melting a face off, it would be the one quiet guy - Doomguy, fighting off against the Barons at the end of Episode 1. And then if it does well, they could maybe try dealing with the regrets about having left his marines behind in Episode 2 and 3, could even give him flashbacks in quiet moments sort of like B.J. Blazkowicz has in Wolfenstein: The New Order/The New Colossus with Totenkopf/Deathshead, revealing the more gruesome bits behind every death so it doesn't feel like just a rehash. Or they could even have flashbacks to when he refused to fire on civilians! There's plenty of backstory that never gets shown and I think it would be neat. If they run out of shit, just adapt stuff from Doom RPG, I dunno. Then Episode 4 can be a shitty one season TV show, and the Doom II movie will take 10 years to come out with none of the crew from the original trilogy. Though, to a degree, I agree with @The Royal We in the sense that part of what made Doom so cool was the abstract nature of it. I don't think we're going to be seeing FIREBLU in cinemas any time soon. If we do, though, best believe I'm buying tickets.
  8. vdm1337

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    God damn, that looks nice. Did Christopher Lovell also do the art for the first SIGIL? Either way, looks great and I'm hoping to get this one on big box if I can.
  9. vdm1337

    Doom Mapping as a way of releasing stress

    I've been working on a WAD for Doom 1 for around the past year or so, and I found myself really enjoying creating it the most when I didn't take it too seriously and just tried making things fun. Every time I start viewing it as a chore, or telling myself "I have to get this level done, otherwise I can't publish it to /idgames!" I end up realizing that I don't enjoy level design at all. So, I think mapping for me is kind of a split because - I absolutely love it on some days, but other days I have ruts of no inspiration that can last for weeks and I end up hating it. But in small bursts, or on really inspired days, I think it's the most fun I've ever had. It even got me to try out other editors, too!
  10. Was thinking about this recently since I've replayed Inferno again, and, after looking up a walkthrough for E3M5, realizing how much better that level actually is than I remembered. Granted, good level design usually means you wouldn't have to look up a walkthrough to get through it enjoyably, but I found myself actually enjoying the level and moving it at least above E3M6 and E3M7 in my rankings. (speaking of which, E3M7 has to be my least favorite now.) But in general, before this, I found myself disliking a lot of The Shores of Hell and Inferno - hell, even Thy Flesh Consumed, but after replaying them recently (albeit, Thy Flesh Consumed was in co-op with my girlfriend) it was a lot more fun than I remembered and I realized "Huh, there really aren't any outwardly bad levels in this game." (Aside from Fortress of Mystery.) So, from IWADs and PWADs alike, what's a level you used to hate but now love?
  11. vdm1337

    The amazingness of Doom II's intermission theme.

    Always loved both but that drum fill at the beginning of Doom II's always makes me feel much more badass. And that riff crushes too. And yes, I agree, E2M3 probably shouldn't have used the intermission music - though it is really funny hearing it cut off only to go back into itself again.
  12. vdm1337

    Health "Megaarmor" for Doom?

    Redundancy, mostly. If you want one, you can probably use DeHackEd though.
  13. vdm1337

    Health "Megaarmor" for Doom?

    Isn't the green armor basically just an armor Soulsphere?
  14. vdm1337

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    This is a playlist, but they're all so short that I feel like you've gotta watch them all together. "Nightmare! but if I die, the video ends" series featuring my cousin. Except I suck at the game and all the videos are 30 seconds long.
  15. vdm1337

    What are you playing now?

    I've not been playing much Doom recently. Or any games, for that matter. But I'm playing my own .WAD that I hope I can finish and release relatively soon.