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  1. It seems that Dario Casali has left Valve sometime early December 2022. Wondering if he might've joined a new company or something? See sources below... https://github.com/SteamDatabase/SteamTracking/compare/e38c70238c9a...37590223b61e https://web.archive.org/web/20221203061915/https://www.valvesoftware.com/en/contact?contact-person=Dario Casali
  2. Doomworld runs on Invision Community, which is proprietary (closed source). I believe the Doomworld netadmins will have to wait for a fix from the Invision devs.
  3. Zilch

    Can't wait for Sigil 2!!

    Wow, had no idea. I swear in one of his videos he had explicitly stated that Buckethead was reurning. Source?
  4. Zilch

    Can't wait for Sigil 2!!

    I just hope he does proper beta testing and QC. Hopefully he will tweak the maps accordingly.
  5. Thanks, will have a look at that. Biggest problem is that I'm from South Africa, so some stuff like Amazon Music simply isn't available.
  6. I was wrong. It's 280kbps🙈
  7. Nevermind.... https://www.idropnews.com/news/sorry-itunes-fans-apple-wont-be-offering-purchased-tracks-in-lossless-formats/159594/
  8. This is probably not the right forum for this, but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone here know how to (if at all even possible?!) to download music from iTunes for Windows at a higher bitrate. By default it only downloads 320kbps MP3 files, but I'd like to get the lossless stuff! Supposedly it is possible, but as far as I can tell this is only an option on macOS. Perhaps I'm just missing something. I tried Googling, messing around in the settings but nothing happens. If anyone here can assist that's be awesome! I'm running iTunes (non Microsoft Store version; installer downloaded from apple.com) on Windows 10 Pro.
  9. Zilch

    Unconfirmed rumor about TNT's MAP15

    Hahaha... I somehow thought this was one of the few maps made by them. Haven't played TNT in a long time.
  10. Zilch

    Unconfirmed rumor about TNT's MAP15

    https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2302516 You can go through some of their previous work and see if it's true.
  11. Interesting point. Doom 3 was highly praised for its technical achievements, but seemingly its story is a bit more 50/50. Almost reminds me of 3DO Doom, which received universal hate but funnily enough the soundtrack got a 10/10 in just about every magazine review.
  12. https://medium.com/@mickgordon/my-full-statement-regarding-doom-eternal-5f98266b27ce
  13. Yeah, just ask Mick Gordon.
  14. Haha, this is just too funny! Seems that real slushy actually took this comment somewhat serious as well.
  15. Ohhh... well hfsexplorer is cross platform anyway.