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  1. Zilch

    I feel like s***

    My car's wheel hubs just got stolen... for the second time!!! Okay, sure it's my dad's 2005 Corolla, but I last drove it. I just dropped my brother off at his work, drove back home, left the car on the driveway and came back 30-40 minutes later only to find the caps GONE! The car already doesn't look good. Even by 2005's standards it was pretty 'meh', but now it looks even worse😂 It's not like we even live in a dangerous area. This just bugs the living hell out of me! I feel like s***.
  2. Zilch

    Best DOOM Soundfont(s)?

    Thanks for the suggestion.... will try it out.
  3. Zilch

    I ban you because...

    I hereby ban the below person for using Doomsday
  4. Last night I finally picked up the last piece of my multiplayer setup puzzle thingy, an old 21" Philips CRT TV. In USD it would be about $11. Thank goodness the TV supports PAL-60, as Halo 3 requires an output display be 60Hz and doesn't work with 50Hz. Besides that, 50Hz is also much more strain on the eyes. In any case, system link works incredibly well. All you need is to connect one Xbox to the other using an ethernet cable! For the other Xbox I'm using a Dell P2421D with Logitech Z120 speakers. The only problem that remains... who will get to use the better setup?
  5. Thanks, Arno! You are completely correct with that bug, not sure how that flew by me. Must've been the late hour. I'll keep in mind the variable naming scheme you suggest. It's a fair bit better than my solution. @Doominator2 I am currently going through The C Programming Language (2nd Edition), and have not yet finished. I also agree, it is somewhat difficult to read, and the lack of comments certainly does not help. The main strategy is to just get something done, rather than focus on the small stuff. I really would like to improve my skills, but I have always found myself stuck on tiny things.
  6. A little something I quickly made. I just got curious and wondered what different approach you might take when implementing this very simple program? It counts the number of words by taking an input stream of characters and separating them into groups by a space, tab or newline/enter. #include <stdio.h> void main() { int c, state, final; final = 0; state = false; while ((c = getchar()) != EOF) { if (state == true && (c == ' ' || c == '\t' || c == '\n')) { final = final + 1; } else { if (c == ' ' || c == '\t') { state = false; } else { state = true; } } if (c == '\n') break; } printf("You have entered %d word(s)\n", final); }
  7. Zilch

    I made a thing!

    There may be some typos in the readme. Will fix those tomorrow.
  8. Zilch

    I made a thing!

  9. Zilch

    I made a thing!

    https://github.com/michaelmouton/right_click_awesomenes A little something I half made. Let me know what you think.
  10. Is that really necessary in a Doom source port? Why not do the obvious and get a real CRT?
  11. Funny you should say that. After looking for a bit I settled on the Asus BR1100F. Cheap, has all the ports I need (much more than the Dell, in fact). And just seems pretty decent overall. With loadshedding here in South Africa I really did need to get a laptop to get basic stuff done. Don't feel like buying a UPS for my PC, so this'll have to do. But hey, at least it runs Doom¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. This is such a simple configuration. 8 gigs of ram, 256gb 2230 nvme ssd, one year warranty. At $730, this laptop is at least $200 more expensive than it should be. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/latitude-3120-laptop/spd/latitude-11-3120-2-in-1-laptop/bto08l312011us I'm actually really keen on this model. I like the screen size, low power consumption (for what I do it doesn't matter too much). Even if it were $530 - which is still expensive for its specs - I would absolutely buy it. Any ideas as to why this may be?
  13. I mean, sure, movie studios make money. I guess that's a good enough reason. But it's weird... Comcast owns Dreamworks, At&T owns WarnerMedia. Again, a strange pattern. Dunno, maybe it's just me. Any thoughts on the matter?
  14. Not sure why, but I'm not getting any sound whatsoever from the Selaco Demo on Steam. Any ideas as to what could possibly cause this? I am using an external DAC, and disabled the onboard Realtek one through the BIOS, but that shouldn't cause any problems... ?
  15. Does anyone know if a Roland p-55 will sound similar enough to an SC-55? It seems to be marketed as a piano midi module, so I'm not too sure...