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  1. Just finished this masterpiece! I really liked the concept, theme and execution! What a ride!! It's hard to pick a favourite, they are all really good, but map04 really struck me visually (died countless times to the last fight, had to find the secret bfg). Last map is brutal, had to use idclip to learn the map and plan a route as time is really tight and the circular design combined with the fact that the texturing is so uniform had me lost most of the time. I ended up saving before the last fight, and after many tries when I finally thought "I got this" I discovered the HK tunnel (died to it haha). Managed to beat it with 96% kills and thats fine with me, I'm no completionist. Just an idea, it would be nice to have some more notations on the automap (as with the exit), maybe the yellow key placement (in the heat of the fight I didn't noticed it). Overall I liked the map, it's a great ending. map03 was really nice also, after beating it I replayed it for the secret. PD: nice CC reference ;)
  2. Esperpento

    Some good 32 map megawads you recommend?

    BTSX 1 & 2 are amazing and have 20+ levels, you should give them a try.
  3. Esperpento

    Gallery of Suicide

    Just finished playing it, nice map! I liked the fights, the little traps, the theme and music choice. The pair of archviles killed me more times than I would like to admit hehe. About the layout, I like how it loops around in some instances, but there are many boxy corridors without much going on (1 texture and no light variance). Texture usage and details are nice, feels cohesive. Some secrets were hard to find (plasma rifle, just like plums I spotted the shootable switch but not the other one, had to look it up in Slade). Overall it's a fun level with a nice Doom 2 vibe, keep it up! Minor detail:
  4. Esperpento

    Gallery of Suicide

    I also had the idea to do a level inspired by that album using the midi version of the homonym song. Screenshots look nice, the brown and red resembles the cover of the album. Currently at work, will check it later!!
  5. Esperpento

    What Is The Best Weapon In Doom In Your Opinion?

    I agree. IMO it's the most satisfying weapon to fire, in terms of sound, damage output, animation (I liked Doom 64 but the lack of reload animation on the ssg was painful to watch), stun chance per shot and the fact that it encourages close quarter combat. It was the perfect addition for Doom 2. I'm probably biased because I played Doom 2 first. The truth is that the weapons are very well balanced and fill different roles, so depending the map/fight/scenario they can be great or useless. PD: Killing pinkies with the SSG is such an eargasm.
  6. Shameless self plug and I dont't know if it qualifies but my wad Doom Beneath has no medikits on UV, only 9 health bonuses (also a secret supercharge on the first map and a berserk before the boss fight in the last map)
  7. Esperpento

    WADs you could describe as 'resource puzzles?'

    Yesterday just finished playing map24 (replacement of The Chasm) of Abscission and I think it may suit what you are seeking, I died a lot until I found how to progress and correctly spend the ammo. Map13 of the same megawad is also interesting in a similar sense and requires a lot of trial and error.
  8. Esperpento

    Ever play Doom on a PHONE!?

    This! I have the freedoom app on my phone (with the doom iwads for sprites, textures, midis, etc) and I like to play vanilla pwads (eg: fava beans, 10 sectors 1 & 2, Rebirth, Tetanus, Atonement) on HMP or HNTR to overcome the lack of keyboard and mouse. I suggest disabling freelook and allowing autoaim (just like the original!) to improve playability
  9. Esperpento

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    Doom II on my mom's Mac back in 1998. I was a kid and it scared me, so I played with cheats (iddqd) I remember we also had Wolfenstein, Lemmings, Hellcats and others but none could compete with Doom, I got hooked since then.
  10. Esperpento

    How do I apply ZokumBSP in Slade?

    There is no need to check any of those options, and it will be vainilla compatible as far as I know. I don't know what those options do :P
  11. Esperpento

    How do I apply ZokumBSP in Slade?

    Hi, to set ZokumBSP as the node builder in Slade you have to go to Edit>Preferences>Map Editor>Node builder, choose Zen Node as your Node Builder and click on browse to select zokumbsp.exe
  12. Esperpento

    Toxic Returns

    The screenshots look so great that they made me download gzdoom (formatted pc, prboom enthusiast). Just played the first 2 levels, really liked the architecture and texturing, great work! (nice sky btw). I liked how you rely mostly on low tier enemies with some mid tier monsters to spice the encounters, feels like the first levels of a megawad. The layout is good, very solid. Nice midi choice, very fitting. Played on UV, auto aim and no freelook (sorry, i'm kinda vanilla). Ammo is kinda tight for moments, I like that. Died on map02's bk ambush (fair fight, I was low on hp). I had trouble to progress after getting the red key, the bk switch in the RL room isn't so noticeable (without the automap I wouldn't had spotted it). Looking great so far, will finish the remaining 2 maps later!
  13. Esperpento

    Which self-imposed challenge do you most prefer?

    I like to play pistol start on UV and 100% kills.
  14. Downloaded and finisihed today. Amazing, I really liked it. Great flow, map layout and level progression. Love this techbase aesthetic. The music and sound replacement are nice.
  15. Nice level pal! Great texturing and detailing, lots of secrets, short and fun! Keep it up!