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  1. Esperpento

    Top 10 videos games of all time (your personal list)

    These are the ones I can think from the top of my head, in no particular order: Doom II Half Life Road Rash 3 Killing Floor Blood Ion Fury Project Warlock Counter Strike 1.6 GTA San Andreas Need For Speed Underground 2 I'm probably forgetting something...
  2. Doom 2 map30, as a kid I didn't understand that I needed to time my rockets while the lift is still moving, so I always used iddqd + idclip to kill the head. Not so long ago I finally beated it as intended :P
  3. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    Don't worry, thanks for the feedback and observations!
  4. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    Thanks for playing! Only the medikits are missing on UV, the rest of the items (berserk, supercharge, invul, etc) are the same as in HMP.
  5. Esperpento

    DOOM: DAM-N8 (A single level WAD) [Patch 1.1]

    I played your map on prboom+ complevel 2. I like the geometry and texturing, but I couldn't go past the teleport puzzle. Everything worked so far. I believe it has to do something with the torch colors but I couldn't figure it with the cybie guarding the initial teleporter and the spawning monsters. It's a little tiresome that you get teleported to the starting area if you fail the puzzle. Here is my demo: damdemo.zip (It's not my first attempt as the battery of my keyboard died when I reached the puzzle) Keep mapping! I liked what I've seen so far (except for the puzzle :P)
  6. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    Sorry for the late answer, I've been busy with life and work, and didn't want to answer before adressing the issues. I'm truly thankful for the time you spent testing and writing your insight! I hear what you say about the music on E4M7, the track is really short (the shortest on the wad) and the map is one of the longest. I plan to extend the duration of the track for the final release (I would like to upload to /idgames once the wad it's finished). It's true, blind playthrough on UV pistol start no saves it's really fatiguing. I understand it's needed for the demos, but for casual players (or people seeking a fair challenge) I recommend a continuous playthrough with saves on HMP, the monsters and traps are the same but now you get 4 medikits (a lot, i know :P). I've updated the link in the OP, and preserved the previous versions for demo compatibility. Fixes:
  7. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    Thank you! I didn't noticed that, seems I'm not fast enough to get softlocked. Already fixed and updated link for beta2 on OP
  8. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    Thanks! It's just the good ol' Doom logo, but red :P If anyone played E4M8 I would like to hear what you think about the boss battle.
  9. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    Wad updated, I fixed what was discussed in the posts, feel free to tell me if you find anything else.
  10. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    @Large Cat Thank you for the demos! It's really useful to see another person playing the maps for the first time, I've been playing this levels so much I lost objectivity. I tried to make continuous playthrough easier than pistol start (I see uv-pistol start as the ultimate challenge, I don't think nightmare is possible), but you need to get the soulsphere secret on E4M1 to survive E4M2. Maybe I can put the soulsphere on the exit room, or make the secret not so subtle, what do you think? I know it's not for everyone, but I had fun making it and playing it, maybe there is someone else who enjoys it aswell. I believe the slow and careful playstyle is inherent to the lack of health, but I feel like maybe you rely too much on infighting when there is ammo and that makes it a drag. While Hell Beneath is my source of inspiration on this wad, I tried to give it a twist, its own "visual style" (I think the green sky looks sick with the red brick walls :P). Regarding the music, I play a 7-string guitar and love metal, I guess it shows, hahaha. E1M1: I never considered that, thanks for the advice! It was a little "hidden" bonus, texturing E1M1 like the other levels and adding a fight or two. Maybe I can release it separately or remove it. E4M1: I thought about making the door blue keyed on the other side, locking the player with the cacos, but I didn't want to be too mean on the first level. I'll implement it in the next update and see how it goes. E4M2: The secret exit was to "encourage" speedrunning the level and to add replay value on a continuous playthrough, as you can get the bfg on E4M9 and it's a total game changer on the next levels. Maybe it's too ambitious, everyone mentioned it, so I'll go back to the original secret exit implementation on next update. Also will make the blue key door uncheesable. (If someone can wait 30 seconds without shooting anything maybe they deserve to cheese it) E4M3: It seems that everyone tries to punch the cyberdemon. The intended method is to lower the teleport and telefrag him, as you did the second time. I don't know if I should raise the throne to discourage punching him and convey the player that there is another solution, or leave it as it is. Don't know what would be less frustrating. E4M4: Punching the first 2 barons it's kinda needed on UV pistol start. You can use the cacos to distract one and go 1on1 with the other. Or you can shoot them down with the shotgun if you have the patience. Thanks again for the demos and your insight about each map!!!
  11. Esperpento

    Doom Beneath [E4][cl 3] updated! May 12

    @Shepardus The way to get the secret exit was a last minute change to make it more "unique", maybe I'll go back to a hidden switch, thanks for the feedback! @kalensar Thanks!! I've made the midis myself, so it means a lot to me. Did you feel it was an unfair/cheap trap? The intended way to kill the cyberdemon on E4M3 is to telefrag him, literally dethroning him :P I've never thought about punching him, haha. Thanks for playing!
  12. Hi fellow doomers, I've been working on a full episode 4 replacement inspired by Hell Beneath (E4M1). The gimmick is that there are only 9 health bonuses per map. The wad is meant to be hard and is designed to allow a continouos playthrough and to account for guns and ammo of previous maps. So pistol start at you own risk... Format: Doom Sourceports: limit-removing (damn visplanes!) I'm a reasonable entity man, difficulties are implemented as shown below: UV: Only 9 health bonuses. HMP: Exactly like UV +4 medikits (recommended difficulty for a blind playthrough as you have more error margin) HNTR & ITYTD: Some difficult encounters toned down, no ammo starvation, similar monster count as UV, only 4 medikits. Tested in: PrBoom+, Crispy, Android Freedoom Known Bugs: E4M6 can't be finished if cybie's corpse gets crushed by a door (happened to me a few times). Protect the corpse at all costs!!! Screenshots: Download: beneath_beta3.zip Updated May 12 2022 beneath_beta2.zip (updated Apr 10 2022) beneath_beta.zip (old) Have fun!
  13. Esperpento

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm working on an episode 4 replacement, almost finished, just adding a little detail here and there:
  14. Esperpento

    TC reccomendations?

    I really liked Ashes 2063 and it's expansion Ashes 2063: Dead Man Walking
  15. The first wad I played was Avactor I think, thanks to the cacowards. Up to that point I've had only played Doom 2 and Plutonia. Great wad, it has a lot of cohesion, the textures, sprites, level design, enemy replacement (although I wasn't a fan of the turret monsters) and monster encounters/ambushes are amazing!