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  1. GibFrag

    What can you get banned for?

    For calling Doom 2.5D, posting WADs without screenshots, and trying to cancel John Carmack. These are all sins of the Doom Bibble.
  2. GibFrag

    cacos are so strange

    I’ll try to give a real answer 1. Caco means bad or unpleasant, evil, and can even mean to defecate, maybe that’s the answer for question 2. 3. I don’t find them adorable at all, at least not how they were originally depicted. They are like rotten floating tomato’s. 4. They make great logos and icons, because they’re round and easy to recognize in any image size and art style. There’s official ico files with cacos, doombuilder, cacowards, and doomwiki to name a few. 5. what isn’t the doom community obsessed with? 6. They like to rock! 7. I always felt they come from a hotter area of hell and are sunburnt, that’s why part of their face is pink much like the hell baron or pink demon.
  3. Do you smell what the ahh is cookin? The Ahh says know your damn role and the 2005 movie is over-hated.
  4. People did this with doom 2016 when the first trailers and screenshots came out “too slow blah blah blah no color boo hoo” and then the game came out and they simped hard for the game when most of that turned out to be untrue. This will likely be the case here too.
  5. I always thought unless the artist just drew it to draw it, that maybe he was told the original plot line where there were multiple marines, and the image is depicting the death of John Dacote in an artistic interpretation. The marine seems to be waving his hand “wait!” But it’s too late.
  6. GibFrag

    AI Voiceovers for Mods Totally Viable Today

    Until you spoof the wrong voice and get a C&D that is.
  7. GibFrag

    Paying to create a mod

    I need about tree fiddy.
  8. GibFrag

    Megawad: The Project Killer

    Maybe this is why more projects should be episode focused initially, perhaps allowing room to bring in more maps later on if things pan out. If not episodic, Doom 2 didn’t have episodes to select through, there’s still clearly distinct chapters. Making the scope a bit smaller doesn’t mean the project can’t be picked up again to expand upon it later.
  9. Blood has some pretty cool DM maps, though there's a few from the alpha version that should've been put in somehwere too.
  10. I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. When I wrote that, the descriptions for both of those categories was near identical, hence my suggestion for merging them. That has since changed.
  11. GibFrag

    The Dead Internet Theory

    There’s definitely some truth to it but I don’t think it’s to the level some think it is. I feel this only affects people who are easily swayed and manipulated online, too. Plus, if you’re not on social media platforms, you’re less likely to be exposed to this sort of thing. YouTube comments are filled with bots too. I doubt there’s that many half naked women interested in some of the tech videos I watch for example, but if you look at the comments of some videos on YouTube you see clearly fake accounts making rather legit looking commentary.
  12. GibFrag

    I become adult next year

    You’ll be fine