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High Flyin' Ryan

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  1. High Flyin' Ryan

    Black Ops 2

    Black Ops was my favorite Call of Duty for both gameplay in multiplayer and I think it had the best story out of any Call of Duty game. In fact, I felt like it wasn't even a Call of Duty game at all. When Black Ops 2 was first announced and I saw the screenshots I thought it looked horrible... however, I now love it just as much as I loved the first one. I hear a lot of mixed opinions, but I'm sure it will still be much better than the recently announced Modern Warfare 4.
  2. High Flyin' Ryan

    TNT 2: Devilution (Texture Pack in OP)

    I was excited when this project was announced. I was more excited when I saw the first screens. Now I just can't wait for this project to finish! Looking really great!
  3. High Flyin' Ryan

    TNT or Plutonia: What was better?

    I am thinking Plutonia had the greatest set of maps as far as design goes. However, I had just as much if not more fun playing TNT when I was younger. I always loved the theme that TNT was aimed for and I am looking forward to see thing TNT 2 being made by fan mappers.
  4. High Flyin' Ryan

    Plutonia and Evilution box art?

    This is the only box art I've ever known for these megawads:
  5. High Flyin' Ryan

    Early Internet experiences

    Back around '96 and '97 Kellogs had these two characters named Eet and Ern. I would go to that website every day to enter codes and try to get merchandise. I also remember a website called Expages where you could put your own website up (with some of the shittiest templates and features you could ever want). I built so many Expages and then found a site called Maxpages and built a lot of those too. When 1998 came around I discovered the MSN Gaming Zone and I spent most of my time there. I thought that was one of the greatest experiences for my childhood.
  6. The end of 2011 is coming up and I have not touched Doom much this year at all. I think I only created one Doom map for a project that has been in the making for a long time. I have 90% of the project completed I just haven't been mapping much this year due to starting a new job, moving twice, and the amount of good video games that came out this year.

    Maybe I'm just being lazy and making excuses. I haven't played anyone's releases either with the exception of Plutonia Revisited which is pretty awesome yet I find to be one of the most difficult releases I've played for a long time.

    I will go over some the games I picked up this year. I recommend all of them except Gears of War 3.

    Forza 4 -- I've never played any other Forza game and I have never liked racing games. I've never been a fan of racing. I did however pick this game up after playing with a buddy of mine and it turned out to be a blast. I recommend it for anyone who just enjoys playing around with cars. Fun game.

    Rage -- I loved Rage. And my thoughts on people today who are my age (I turn 25 in Feb) will probably like this game. People who are younger are probably not going to enjoy it for the simple fact that when I played Wolfenstein 3D I loved it. When I played Doom, I didn't sit there and say "This is like Wolfenstein, oh my God!".

    Rage is definitely like other Bethesda games, but I love it. The storyline, the minigames, the racing portion, and of course the First person shooter portion of the game and all of the Easter Eggs throughout the game.

    My only complaint is the ending.

    Gears of War 3 -- Not a fan. I never played the other two Gears of Wars. I played this for about a week straight and haven't touched it since. I know a lot of people who love the game, but I wouldn't recommend it if you've never touched the first two.

    Batman Arkham City -- This game has some of the best animations I have seen in a game. The game is fun. I'm not too big of a fan of the controls since I was hooked to playing Spider-man Shattered Dimensions (I know Marvel and DC are two different entities so I need to stop bitching). I go to use a utility as if I were to swing web in Spider-Man and end up jumping off a building and being ambushed... I'll have this sorted out sooner or later.

    Anyway, this is definitely and awesome game with great animation and amazing storylines. I haven't touched the DLC at all... I need to beat the first story before hand.

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim -- Definitely my favorite game of the year. Not touching any prior Elder Scrolls game I was in for a real treat when I popped this into my XBox. There a few things that I don't care for, but for most part I've been addicted to this game since I bought it.

    I've kind of taken a break from it for December and started playing Black Ops to fill my gaming urge just so I make sure I get all my work done before the end of 2011.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 -- I really enjoy the campaign of this Call of Duty. Probably my favorite Campaign in any Call of Duty game to date.

    The multiplayer I like. I like the new game types. I like the new killstreak system. I don't know that I have much more to say about it. I wasn't disappointed with it, I expected a little more to it, but I enjoy it. Black Ops is still my favorite multiplayer and maps.


    With that said, you can probably see why I haven't made much time for Doom this year. Early on the year I did complete a map like I said and I have played through Doom 2 on the XBox Live and the bonus Map set that came with it (which was a blast).

    You can still find my latest map release and my best map to date: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=16244

    I hope everyone on Doomworld has a great Christmas and/or holiday!

    Oh one last thing, if you haven't heard about SOPA... you should probably look into it.

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    2. Whoo


      Deus Ex HR
      Battlefield 3
      Dead Space 2

      Those are the only four I liked this year. I'd probably add RAGE to the list if I could actually play the game.

      Mr. T said:

      Crysis 2 FTW

      Meh, didn't really like it. Gameplay was fun, but there was almost no connection to the first game.

    3. Khorus


      Serious Sam 3 and Terraria for me. I enjoyed Minecraft from Dec-April or so but Terraria uses the systems in a game more suited for me. I have more than enough creative outlets as it is.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Minecraft, Castlevania SotN, Castlevania AoS, Castlevania DoS, Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Shadowgrounds, maybe some others.

      I really should start keeping track of what year I finish things in the list of games i have finished.

  7. High Flyin' Ryan

    The first wad you ever played.

    I had a CD called Doomsday full of PWADs and I played a PWAD on that which was based in a Doom 2 city map. The first crafted Megawad I had played was one called World or WOW and it was fun -- I was then introduced to Hell Revealed as my second.
  8. High Flyin' Ryan

    Best Linux for old computer

    I am able to run Linux Ubuntu on all of my old machines. Anything Debian based seems to run well.
  9. High Flyin' Ryan

    GBA Doom 2 Industrial Zone

    I have both Doom and Doom 2 for the GameBoy Advanced. I always thought it was odd that they split the levels up. I will say that the GBA versions aren't very fun unless you are going on a road trip and I never liked the thought of the monsters having green blood because I was so use to it being red (with exception of Barrens).
  10. High Flyin' Ryan

    What was your first experience with Doom?

    I was 8 years old. I had the original Doom without the 4th episode. My stepbrother and I played through the game together on 'Hurt Me Plenty'. I remember seeing a preview for Doom 2 in a magazine before it's initial release and my stepbrother and I were extremely excited. We had bought Doom 2 and played through the game on Hurt Me Plenty. I then went back to Doom and played through on Ultra Violence with God Mode and did the same with Doom 2. I found out about Episode 4 and don't remember where I had got "The Ultimate Doom" from, but I ended up playing through Episode 4 on the easiest difficulty. In 1996 my stepfather had taken my stepbrother and I to EBGames which is now known as Gamestop and picked up a CD called Doomsday which contained a bunch of shitty-custom made Doom maps. I didn't play it as much as my stepbrother, but not long after we were at Best Buy and I found a game called 'Final Doom'. The artwork for the game blew me away and my stepfather ended up buying the game for me. I spent hours upon hours playing through Final Doom. Several years later after playing through Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage, and other games of similarity I would lose interest in Doom for a period of time until I came across Doom Connector in the early to mid 2000's. From that point on I've been playing Doom wads and maps ever since as an adult.
  11. High Flyin' Ryan

    Mappers, what's your mapping process?

    I determine what engine I want the map to run in. Then I grab any or all textures, custom monsters, effects, etc. that I plan to use and insert them into a wad via XWE. Start up Doom Builder 2. Create the map and add monsters as each room develops. I go back through each room upon completion and make changes/add details. I design every map as if I were to play on Ultra Violence and then if I choose to make the map have difficulty settings I go back through and modify the map for difficulty. I use XWE to setup the Mapinfo. Also use XWE to modify custom monster health settings depending on what I am using the monster for. Test the map in ZDoom and Skulltag, sometimes Doom Legacy and ZDaemon. Release map upon completion of map or series.
  12. High Flyin' Ryan

    Classic E1 Maps

    Send me a PM with the info to download and I'd be happy to test it for you.
  13. High Flyin' Ryan

    Classic E1 Maps

    No need to apologize for a little break. Life happens. I'm still interested in seeing the outcome. Glad to see you've started up progress again. -HFR
  14. High Flyin' Ryan

    What are you playing now?

    I've been playing Doom II on XBox 360. I've been occupied exploring the No Rest for the Living maps. I haven't made much time for Doom lately, but once I'm done exploring the XBox version, I'll be back on the PC playing some Plutonia and TNT for old time sake.
  15. This year I will turn twenty-four years old. I'm not really too excited about being twenty-four. In some sense I'm kind of having a young mid-life crisis.

    Perhaps mid-life crisis is stretching the reality of the situation a bit, but really I feel kind of left out about life at certain points. I am starting to watch my friends get married and have children.

    I am one of those guys who jump from woman to woman in hopes of finding love, but end up finding a psychopath, a control freak, or a drama queen.

    So one goal for 2011 is to find a half decent girl with a normal life, a normal family, and hopefully I'm done playing the field for a while. I'm really tired of the dating world, though I do enjoy being single and 'free'.


    In my days of police academy (last year) I had become really ripped and muscular from working out all the time.

    I eventually decided that police work is not for me.

    After making that decision, I stopped working out and got real lazy. I work with multimedia and have for six years now.

    A goal of mine for 2011 will to start working out and getting buff again. Being a thin man it doesn't take me long to get a nice muscular definition.


    One of my favorite hobbies outside of video gaming is fishing. I fish nearly every day once the warm weather is here. I do fish the winter months as well for Northern Pike and Walleye, but really the rivers around my area get so low that to fish I'd have to go to a lake and without a half decent boat there is no point in winter fishing a lake (with the exception of ice fishing and I don't have the setup to do that).

    I spent most of 2010 bass fishing. I've seen so many bass this year that I'm not sure that I even want to fish in waters that have bass.

    I guess I'm kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't fish for catfish too much in 2010.

    On that note, I am making it a goal to catfish nearly all summer for 2011.


    Since this is a Doom forum. I will say that I am going to be releasing at least three wads this year and in the following order.

    Classic Killz 2 - This will be a direct continuance of my most recent release Classic Killz. I only have a few rooms left to build. I've just been real busy with work and haven't had much down time to map. The whole reason I even did Classic Killz was because I had found a weekend of downtime after a few meetings were canceled. So, this will probably turn into a downtime map series that I will continue.

    Invasion of the Vile: Chapter 2 - This is a direct sequel to Invasion of the Vile: Chapter 1. This time the story starts off taking place in the UAC Snow Bases which were infected with monsters summoned by the diabolists.

    I am currently finishing the last three maps to the 10 (2 secret) map set.

    Frost Temple: The Remake - Just like Imp-ire I will be remaking one of my first maps known as Frost Temple. Although unlike Imp-ire I'll make sure that the MAPINFO file isn't bugged before I release it. Haha.


    That is all I really have for goals and thoughts on 2011. I hope everyone here has a good 2011.

    Thanks for reading.