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  1. Congrats on the release all! Looking forward to getting a chance to play it and revisit & rediscover some of the levels I haven't seen in years. Also wondering if 13 years is gonna be long enough to claim the longest Mordeth award.
  2. So here is a zip with a couple of my old levels. The Chemical Center in there looks like it can be finished (but I didn't try playing it), and I also included the original MAP09 for kicks even though that's already been released. I also included what I remember being the very first level I made for TNT 2 (fair warning, it's atrocious), I think it may have also been the very first level to officially be apart of TNT 2 aside from the couple of levels that Alter made. I came across a bunch of nameless in-progress levels that I assume I was working on, but since I can't confirm whose they are I figured it'd be best to leave them out. whooOldTnt2Maps.zip
  3. I'll have to look around but I believe I probably have a completable version of it somewhere in my backups from back then. I can also look around for some of the earliest maps I did (circa 2009ish), however I think they may be lost to time, which may not be a bad thing as they were pretty bad. I think I remember checking it out a couple years ago. I'll have to go back and revisit it but I remember getting déjà vu playing it as I had completely forgotten about it. Granted I get that feeling with most of my old maps that I've been revisiting as it's been a good 7+ years since I did any mapping.
  4. Poppin' in here randomly but just wanted to chime in and confirm that including those maps of mine is fine by me. I also forgot that I had created the abomination known as Chemical Center until looking at it again, and as bad as that "canyon" in the east is I think I used to have a version of that map where I thought having one twice as big was a good idea.
  5. So I recently ran across some old TNT 2 levels on an old harddrive I dug up, and I decided to see how the project's been going after all these years; it's great to see it's almost done! If you all are willing, I'd love to do some play-testing/bug-hunting. Does the project happen to still have an IRC channel? Long story short, Eris's recollection is spot on (at least from what I recall being it was five years ago), especially with me handling everything very poorly.
  6. Good luck with the rest of the project! There isn't a whole let left to do other than the few maps left, but getting that done is still something that requires someone that is able to stay more active than me. Looking forward to checking out the release when I catch a decent enough break!
  7. Contrast is looking a bit better (long as the whole map isn't looking that brown it's fine as is), though I have to agree with essel on the seg/visplane limits since you're not using chocorenderlimits. The ceiling lights are a bit of an overkill anyway even if you aren't breaking limits. Try to just replace all of those with two giant lights and see how that looks. The SHAWN2 border around them could also probably be ditched to free up some SEGs. Still liking the progress though, so keep it up. For now I would mainly focus on getting the map done from start to finish with all the gameplay elements implemented before you start detailing everything. Eh, it depends on how many hitscanners are in there and where the entrance(s) to the room are. For example, if the entrance was near where the second shot is it wouldn't be a problem because all your high-damage hitscanners would all be right in front of you.
  8. Whoo

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Only way I think that will make a difference is if you have lot of VRAM; I don't see a lot of popping in, but then again my video card (Radeon HD 7950) has 3GB of VRAM.
  9. I can't remember off the top of my head if the map was originally textured like that, but remember to try and get some more contrast in there. Right now I'm seeing a lot of brown and not much else.
  10. Alright, post some screens when you make some progress!
  11. Whoo

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Played about an hour last night. The gunplay is really good, but so far there's a shit ton of cut-scenes and the levels are still pretty linear. Hopefully they open up soon. I also haven't noticed any texture popping whatsoever, so in that regard id Tech 5 has been dramatically improved. Textures however are still pretty bad up close and there's a weird stutter that happens randomly.
  12. Must not have gone through, as I don't have anything in my inbox. Shoot me another message or hop on IRC.
  13. Whoo

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Second video is a boring mech section (where you appear to be invulnerable) that consists of a single path to whatever the objective is.
  14. Whoo

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Yeah, I'm really hoping some beta tester just leaked footage of an old build, but I'm gonna keep my eyes open just in case.
  15. Whoo

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Just came across some leaked footage: http://a.pomf.se/jjvpaf.mp4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HZpT6mDMRM Was really looking forward to this, but those two videos (plus another one that got taken down) are really putting me off.