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  1. Alt3000

    Last night I made a nuclear bomb

    The most I knew about setting up a bomb was an image I read that you could put gunpowder in a light bulb so that when someone passes by and turns on the light with the switch, that light bulb explodes.
  2. Alt3000

    Last night I made a nuclear bomb

    I had a short stay here, I published my first wad, I participated in a Hispanic deathmatch wad and I had a mention, I responded to some threads because I followed a friend and I received notification of him commenting. Currently giving my contribution to a project, and perhaps by some witnesses known as the "Unbanned from chaos" or I don't know, some may ask any stupid thing, because I am from chaos, why did the spam come, what did I do when I saw the chaos of the thread , because I wasn't responding, what did I do while, which testicle was itching at this moment, I welcome any questions. Regarding the "banned again" thing, the truth is I like to bother with irrelevant things, or that someone might remember, although this thread made it more of a joke than the previous one. And because I suggested it to friends who were in the previous thread and they told me that it would be fun to post this
  3. Alt3000

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    i hate furry community
  4. When I was unbanned I made a joke thread where I said "I was unbanned, ask your questions" and then while I was off the page, the English came to ask questions, some to ask who I am, but some Latin friends came to ask, well. Spam or troll in a certain part until the thread had 10 pages, all in one night, I had gone to sleep although when I reconnected on Discord I saw that they were talking about the thread, and well I only answered the questions they left me while the spam came, the bombardment It was so epic that moment that an Argentinian YouTuber (My friend) made this text that I would like to consider it as an "Ancient Lovecraftian Scripture" or a testament to Doom Eternal, or just a text to join the party of the thread being spammed. [Whoever doesn't know what the text says there, translate it or fuck off] One of the few records of chaos With all this contextualized, I take inspiration from my previous thread and I repeat it again, hoping that they do not come to spam again or close the thread ask your questions
  5. Bc they hate red, and loves green bc shrek is green
  6. Well... The Longest Post In Doomworld
  7. Que esto vaya para los que en el hilo hayan preguntado quien soy
  8. concha tuya y ustedes me van a banear otra vez
  9. Me seeing how this thread went to shit when I saw again that I had received notifications
  10. What cringe are you talking about? They're just Latinos trolling for a while, it's not like it's anything serious, and it's not even my fault as the owner of the thread.
  11. As some of you may know, I'm from Argentina, so the elections were and when Milei won, some friends of mine said it would be "funny" to go to this page and say that Milei won. I made a post in "Doom General" where I put the politician and said " GANO MILEI ME CHUPA UN HUEVO TODO" and well, they banned me for 2 weeks for "trolling" just for that, they were able to quickly delete the post but I got the suspension more because of where I posted it in my opinion...
  12. Chupame la verga una paja me da traducir de tal modo que me entiendan los orangutanes, lo paso al traductor y listo dejate de joder grrr estoy furioso como el de mi foto
  13. Callate tu down de mielda idiota