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  1. mine is about 4 minutes long
  2. nightly

    What are you listening to?

    Moonblood's "Blut & Krieg" I even have a shirt from this album, my favourites probably are "In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon" and "I Am All", the whole album is fantastic anyways
  3. Title: Cold Smile Author: Nightly Music: "Ice Brain" From Megaman Zero 2 Link to level: https://doomshack.org/uploads/cold_smileV3.wad Difficulty settings: Yes
  4. Still building this not so little factory thing, trying my best!
  5. nightly

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    I really should play more Doom 64 after seeing that profile picture, absolutely love that game
  6. Im in a graduation trip rn so i can't work on doom
  7. updated the wad, fixing the red key issue and you cannot access the exit from the water anymore anyways, thanks for telling me about these glitches!
  8. that's strange, because i tested the map with glboom+, not entirely sure why it happens
  9. I guess thats another bug to fix haha, sorry for that bummer, specially when the map is kinda designed for lower skill levels. gonna fix it as soon as i get back to home.
  10. Can i join in? another snow themed wad for me haha
  11. Thanks for letting me know about it! Already fixed the bug and the map should be able to be completed.
  12. Cute Ice! is a single map for Doom 2 that features a frigid, icy landscape which utilizes Jumpwad's textures. It is kinda slaughter-ish but is balanced for all difficulties for every player to appreciate the map, Ultra-Violence as always is the difficulty for players who seek a bigger challenge in this map. Tried my best for making not only good visuals but a kinda acessible slaughtermap for everyone. MAP02 is just a credit map Credits: Wad by Nightly Textures from Jumpwad by Ribbiks and Grain of Salt Music: Title Screen: Image of Hero from Phantasy Star Online (MIDI taken from AUGER;ZENITH) MAP01: Mysticism by Necros/PM MAP02 and Intermission: Swim With The Whales Title Screen Screenshots: Download: Cute Ice!
  13. well thank you lol! (and sorry for thanking after almost 1 month later) mapping for this was a lot of fun
  14. Mine is probably "Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees", but my favourite Xasthur album is Nocturnal Poisoning