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  1. This is truly one of the most beautiful and amazing maps I've ever played; it speaks to me in a way that I cannot put into words and may never be able to. I hope that dobu is still doing well and I'm really glad this is an experience I was able to have. i know it's been years since this thread has been used, however I played this last year and realised that, as per the creator's request, i'd like to send the notes that i had made for this beautiful map, so here:
  2. do you have an approximate estimate for a full release yet?
  3. this is by far one of the most haunting maps i've ever played in no small part aided by my own schizophrenic diagnoses, 10/10 lmao unironically i was jumpscared by a few things and definitely will add it to my "absolute classics" list alongside great WADs like moonlight.wad
  4. kuirivito

    Scorn (4 new maps!) RC3

    Thanks for testing it, will play! Great avi btw
  5. kuirivito


    This is actually the perfect response to the guy, and I commend the amount of tact you demonstrated writing it. I, myself, personally see the many connections with House of Leaves as something that can be commended and add to the WAD, as it reintroduced me to the book. I'd remembered hearing about it years ago, but hadn't had the money, time, or interest at the time to go and get it. Now, after playing this WAD and getting roped back in, I ended up buying myself a copy of the book and have been enjoying the hell out of it so far. It's a great read.
  6. kuirivito


    This totally has a super great vibe. I love the whole atmosphere of this wad and honestly the music was definitely that perfect level of droning that digs into your psyche. It reminded me of the OST from the original Silent Hill. Overall, a wonderful job, would love to see another one from this creator!