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  1. Potentially -- though unless it is another vbulletin forums application, you would have to modify the DOM selectors for the textarea and form elements. Also, there is the chance that some server-end software might strip out the non breaking spaces from the input.
  2. If anyone wants a tampermonkey or greasemonkey script that allows you to add tabs/indentations to your dwf posts with the 'tab' key, here you go: https://gist.github.com/2be49b49d5f527f870da I haven't actually tested it in firefox/greasemonkey but it seems to work fine in chrome. Example:       tab             2x tab                   3x tab                         etc
  3. You've let us down hobbs -- you've let yourself down.
  4. I own nemesia.org, it always had problems with updates. I believe I have it scheduled to try and mirror idgames 4 times a day because of the connection failure rates, and as you can see that's still not doing the trick. I don't know, but I have no reason to believe that the problem is on my end. I also never in my life managed to speak with anyone in charge of idgames itself even though I've been mirroring it for years now. So yeah, don't know what to tell you.
  5. Odamex is odarockin'! oh and fp
  6. Steal their engine once they make it. Oh wait, I didn't just say that did I?
  7. Agnes vs Mickgr... hard one, I'll get back to this. Really really fucking nice though, they're not even on a regular fan art level not just for doomworld, but overall. I know I couldn't 'compete' in this one.
  8. Pretty old joke, but yeah it's great to see people fall for it.
  9. Yeah BFG9000 is up there.
  10. I'd goatse the mullet wearing, disco listening, mofos. :p
  11. I'm just wondering, how do you figure that? There's so much more to legalizing it than just convenience factors. Just for example, it's legal status will determine how many users there are, which will affect the number of people that drive high, which MIGHT effect the number of car accidents. A whole new equilibrium will be reached, favoring god knows what. Who knows what the fuck will happen, it being a gamble on so many levels is the reason why it hasn't been legalized yet, and why it might not ever be. This is going way past the health issues, into directions that you most likely can't predict but only notice through experimentation. I mean there's ways you can argue it being cheaper and you can argue it being more expensive, but there's only one real way of knowing what will actually happen. Just who the fuck actually predicted prohibition would increase the amount of alcohol being consumed at the time, hmm? That's why I'm hoping Canada will be the lab rat here. And personally, I can picture some situations where I myself would prefer for it to stay illegal.
  12. http://nxn.mancubus.net/shit/mines.png

    I did win it, 214 seconds, so try and beat it if you're bored. Or show off any high score you want to pimp.

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    2. Ichor


      And no way to tell which square has the last mine.

    3. Donce


      My personal records:

      Expert - 142 secs
      Medium - somewhere in 40's, can't remember
      Easy - also can't remember, maybe 7

    4. nxn


      Like I explained, I guessed right, and got 214 seconds over all. I couldn't find the winning screenshot though. I suppose I could print screen the window of my high scores if you don't believe me. Not like it matters Donce is saying he got 142 on expert anyway. :p

    5. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      I haven't played it for ages, but I remember there was a cheat where you could get times like 2 seconds and stuff.

      I think I once did Beginner in something like 11 seconds, but it's so long ago I can't remember.

    6. Donce


      The simplest cheat is to edit winmine.ini and then printscreen the highscores :)

    7. nxn


      Or do some mspaint work, but do you really get any satisfaction from having a fake score in a game like that?

    8. Grazza


      If you follow the second link I gave, you'll see that the standard form of verification is a Camtasia video. The 43-second one on Expert is pretty amazing - as is 10 seconds on Intermediate.

      Kristian: fame and fortune await you if you record a 0-second Beginner run - unless there is something about Camtasia that renders that impossible.

    9. nxn


      I tried downloading one of those movies but I guess I lack the codec. Heh, I doubt you can do that one hit solution on beginner, you can definatly do it on custom mode, but I don't know about anything else. I'd definatly want to see it though.

    10. toxicfluff

      nxn said:

      I tried downloading one of those movies but I guess I lack the codec. Heh, I doubt you can do that one hit solution on beginner, you can definatly do it on custom mode, but I don't know about anything else. I'd definatly want to see it though.

      K-Lite codec pack should sort all that out. Using the included BSplayer, it's been ages since I've found something I couldn't play.

    11. Grazza


      There is a link to the codec given on the same page.

  13. The Terminator, those who said otherwise need to get put on my medication.
  14. I find it usefull, especially because it would solve this exact issue very quickly.