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  1. nxn

    Post tab/indent script

    Potentially -- though unless it is another vbulletin forums application, you would have to modify the DOM selectors for the textarea and form elements. Also, there is the chance that some server-end software might strip out the non breaking spaces from the input.
  2. If anyone wants a tampermonkey or greasemonkey script that allows you to add tabs/indentations to your dwf posts with the 'tab' key, here you go: https://gist.github.com/2be49b49d5f527f870da I haven't actually tested it in firefox/greasemonkey but it seems to work fine in chrome. Example:       tab             2x tab                   3x tab                         etc
  3. You've let us down hobbs -- you've let yourself down.
  4. nxn

    What's up with /idgames?

    I own nemesia.org, it always had problems with updates. I believe I have it scheduled to try and mirror idgames 4 times a day because of the connection failure rates, and as you can see that's still not doing the trick. I don't know, but I have no reason to believe that the problem is on my end. I also never in my life managed to speak with anyone in charge of idgames itself even though I've been mirroring it for years now. So yeah, don't know what to tell you.
  5. nxn

    Odamex, Shmodamex

    Odamex is odarockin'! oh and fp
  6. nxn

    Cars in ZooM?!

    Steal their engine once they make it. Oh wait, I didn't just say that did I?
  7. nxn

    Art Contest Voting!

    Agnes vs Mickgr... hard one, I'll get back to this. Really really fucking nice though, they're not even on a regular fan art level not just for doomworld, but overall. I know I couldn't 'compete' in this one.
  8. nxn

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    May this thread rest in peace now.
  9. nxn

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    Uh they're DMing right now as we post. It's almost over, ralphis is said to be winning, something in the 40's with the limit set to 50. While shadowrunner didn't hit the two digit numbers yet.
  10. nxn

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    Yes, deathmatch should replace the electoral system in the next presidential election, you know it would work better.
  11. nxn

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    There's witnesses, a pic is probably going to be taken, and a demo might be in the process of being recorded as we speak, or is about to be anyway.
  12. nxn

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    No, whoever posts the "arguing on the internet is like winning the special olympics" pic wins.
  13. nxn

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    Like in any good thread BF gets pwned.
  14. nxn


    Pretty old joke, but yeah it's great to see people fall for it.