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  1. Just played through Breathless 1.8 yesterday on HMP, what a great map this one is! I really love the visuals, my favorite being the cyan caves and the big cyan room, but the entire map is just shockfull of breathtaking visuals! And the gameplay is great too, lots of very challenging and fun battles is to be had. The ammo and health balance is just fine, no problems there either. So I really love this map! Will try out 2.0 on UV soon as well, will be tough as nails I'm sure. ;)
  2. Here's my thoughts on Lost Civilization. Overall I was pretty much blown away by the quality, the looks, the atmosphere. The gameplay is also very solid. Only overall thing I can come to complain about is that there's no custom music. Now on to the specifics! Map01: Right when it starts, I was very impressed with the openness and the realistic looks! And it goes on that way through the map. I really love details such as the hill forests, campfires, shovels and other tools as well as realistic looking buildings. And the map plays well too. And what a lovely sky it has! A really great map all in all, and one of my favorites of the pack, probably #3. Map02: Another nice map, although not as great as Map01. It still has great looks and atmosphere. But the gameplay is just a little on the absent side here, it's not that the gameplay is bad, it just feels a little bit like it lacks some intensity. It has some open spaces without any enemies. A nitpick here would be that the lavafalls doesn't animate. A map that is more good than bad though without a doubt. Map03: I really liked this map! It has nice gameplay, and the visuals is just breathtaking. The texture choice matches the Doom 1 sky really well. Atmosphere is great too. I'm impressed with how you handle caves and mountains, you use very few color variations, yet it looks rich and well detailed. When I map, I have to use many colors to create the same effect. :P Anywoo, can't find much else to say than that this is a very nice map. Map04: Another very good map, and by far the most challenging yet. For me, this was one of the hardest maps of the pack, because of the tough start. Again, gameplay is very solid, the atmosphere is great and the looks are stunning. Especially outdoor areas are very very detailed without being too much. All in all, yet another really nice map! Map05: What's got me really intrigued as soon as I entered this map was the very awesome thunder sky! I didn't even know you could have such a sky in a Boom compatible map! Really impressive. And the map itself is not exactly shabby either. :P A solid map, looks good and realistic too. Atmosphere is also good. It's maybe not my favorite map of the bunch but still a very solid one. Only major gripe is that the could've been just a tad more ammo around. Map06: Another good map, once again you capture a realistic feel, of this time, a prison. Good gameplay, quite challenging too. The visuals and atmosphere is real nice as well. Map07: I liked this one as well! A realistic feel, good gameplay and nice visuals combined yet again! I really enjoyed the little details such as the cable packs, very nice UAC double door. I liked the new marine. The final view is breathtaking. I liked the smart thing you did with the yellow key bars. I will try not to spoil things for other so I'm not mentioning exactly what I meant. All in all another real good map. Map08: Wow, just wow! My 2nd favorite map of the bunch! I really loved this map, what a realistic city feel! Really complete with lots of realistic features, such as realistic buildings complete with condos, white marks on the road, parking lots, swings complete with sandboxes. A nice and realistic power plant with clever silent teleporters. And some fierce encounters too, this map was quite challenging! So yeah, great atmosphere and looks, great gameplay, smart solutions. A good choice of sky too, the original Doom 2 sky is still one of my favorite city skies. All in all, this is definitely my second favorite, a truly amazing map! Map09: And finally, the very best map in my opinion: the castle! This one is a true masterpiece if you ask me, a close to perfect map for one who really loves castles. Just want to give away what I thought could be improved here. First off, the lavafalls doesn't animate. Secondly, I thought the catacombs were a bit too cramped. And third, if you stand on top of the castle, and look around, the sky will overlap at a couple of spots. This only happens if you go up the highest point though. Those nitpicks aside, the rest of the map is just pure perfection! Without spoiling everything, I should point out just a couple of the things I loved about this map. It looks very realistic, with many of the traits a real life castle has. It has realistic texturing, nice chandeliers, a nice clock tower, nice floor clocks, gorgeous windows, very very clever silent teleportation, and several floors. There's lots more to love here, but I won't spoil everything for those who haven't yet played it. All in all, fantastic visuals, amazing atmosphere, great gameplay, quite challenging as well. An ultra-realistic feel. Just as close to perfection as it gets! So to summarize again, a really great pack of maps, shock-full of wonderful, realistic visuals, great gameplay and stunning atmosphere! A really great work, and I really can't wait for the new maps to be released. So keep up the great work! / Mattias
  3. As of today, November 20, 2017, I've uploaded three new maps, Level 12: Desert Palace, Level 13: Azuri Temple Gardens as well as Level 18: Blackmire. They can be downloaded from the starting post in the thread. Remember to also download EP1 for this to work. I will start work on Map15 in a day or two. Please give feedback, good or bad, I need both kinds! :)
  4. Hey guys, Would anyone be interested in making a demo on UV for Maps 26 and 32? I'm having troubles beating them on UV without saves. Don't know if you're supposed to ask such a question, especially since these are very hard maps, I'd be willing to do something in return anyways, playtest maps or whatever. Thanks in advance, /Waverider
  5. I was thinking to release EP2 in it's entirety when it's finished, but maybe it's better to release each new map when it's ready? Anyhow, the EP2 maps needs playtesting before I can properly release them, so here are two EP2 maps ready for action: Level 13: Azuri Temple Gardens http://www.mediafire.com/file/d289wbl9503j635/13_AzuriTemple.zip Level 18: Blackmire http://www.mediafire.com/file/0c5jicm2xk3vcmr/18_Blackmire.zip As usual in Curse of Blood, UV difficulty is high, while the lower skills are not. All feedback is most welcome, especially the constructive type. :) I should note that I'm having doubts of the final fight in Level 18. If that fight is too much doorcamping-styled, let me know and I'll change it. Other places in these maps should hopefully not have camping.
  6. As of today, 1st November -17, I have updated every map of Episode 1, I've hopefully fixed the criticisms I got about those maps. Many updates has been made especially to Maps 10 and 11, but all maps have had their share of fixes and changes. There is now much better ammo balance in the maps, and many door- and corner-camping issues has been sorted out. The gameplay overall should now be more fluid, fast and fun. Hopefully I've managed that. Here is a .txt describing what I've fixed. There are a couple of changes not mentioned here as well: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y85flcblupcbqwq/To-do-list-EP1.txt Hopefully I can now conclude work on Episode 1 and fully focus on EP2. I know I've had a long break from mapping but now I believe I'm in the right place in life to be able to really speed up work on this project. A couple maps in EP2 are already finished, and I will now work continuously on the megawad. Anyways, here is the updated EP1 for those who would like to take a look: http://www.mediafire.com/file/35963e95trhlxyd/CoB_EP1_v2.zip I'll be keeping updates on my progress in this thread from now on. Over and out for now.
  7. Alright, thanks! :)
  8. Hello! I have a question about my megawad. It contains several new sprites. Episode 1 (maps 1-11) is almost finished but I wanted to update some of them a little bit, and they're all included in the resource wad where the new sprites also are. Is it risk-free to edit the maps in the latest (last?) Doom Builder 2, version, without risking to lose any of the dehacked stuff, or messing up something else? Grateful for answers, Cheers / Waverider
  9. Just played Map01 so far, that sure is one gorgeous looking map! Gameplay is also solid, and overall it's a great map! I did find one bug however, you get stuck if you fall into sector 1166. I will play through the other maps as well. Great work so far! :)
  10. Ok, got it. Thanks! :) I still need help with the crash bug please. Does anyone else have a clue to what could be causing this? Thanks. :)
  11. Just to clarify, if two patches are lined up next to each other, it's ok, but not if they're overlapping? That is, as 2-sided midtextures, and horizontal? Is two or more vertical patches always a no-no when it comes to 2-sided midtextures? By the way, it seems those textures I mentioned aren't midtextures but upper textures, so they wouldn't cause trouble there. Sorry my bad. Thanks for trying to help anyway. :)
  12. The textures A_DMACE1 + 2 show up at linedefs 8210, 8215 and two more linedefs, which is nearby to the area that crashes Choco. Those textures have three patches each, but they overlap from left to right and not from up to down. None of the displayed limits are close to maxing out when Renderlimits crashes. There are a couple of places where the program crashes, sector 1070 and sector 1098 are two of them, but it can also crash in sector 1078. It's all very weird indeed. :/
  13. I tried checking both these things you mentioned, but unfortunately the problem still persists. :( All the 2-sided midtextures I use all over the map are single patch only except for one instance, but those only overlap horizontally. Also I only have the sky texture on the ceiling. Do you have any other idea to why this is happening? Cheers.
  14. Hello. I'm having a problem with a crash in my vanilla map. I'm building this large map that really taxes the engine in regards to segs and visplanes. But the bug I've encountered is something else. Basically, in a few of the latest rooms I've created, both Chocolate Doom and renderlimits bombs out to the desktop with no error message whatsoever. The bugs occur at several spots in the rooms in front of the player start. What could possibly be wrong? Have I ran into a map size/sidedef limit or so? The map is 1.15 mb big. Help is greatly appreciated. I'm somewhat of a vanilla mapping noob so there's many limitations and possible bugs I don't know about. If anyone needs the map, it's here. Sorry about the big file size. Oh and it's map slot is 26. http://www.mediafire.com/download/b31bjxo47iis92z/Bleedingsea.zip Regards /Waverider
  15. Thanks, I'm glad you liked these maps! :) I'll change the YK ambush in map08 so it's not too easy to run away from. Also, I'll add more ammo to 09 start, and make the two doors in the beginning DR instead of SR. I'll also replace barons at suitable places in the episode, red brick 08 one for instance. I'll do a new check later on to see where I can add more rewards. Hmm I'll see what I can do about this. I often put in different types of monsters for variation which is important too. I'll definitely keep this in mind though when I try to change things. Will change these doors to DR. I'll either make the red key completely visible from above or create a line of armor bonuses leading up to the key. About the yellow key trims, I'll add sectors of yellow trims that will open up first after you've pressed the switches, so you can see the trims first after the button is pressed. This should be the best solution. Ok, thanks, good ideas. I'll keep these in mind. Average/good is alright I assume, but I certainly want more, so it's time for some finetuning soon. :) I guess I'm happy with the Forgotten One as it is with it's 125 health but I'll consider changing stuff if there's a general complaint. I want it more powerful and more aggressive (as in Nightmare skill) than a general LS. Thanks for all the new FDA's, just came back from watching 7-11, fun stuff! :) I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the gameplay of 10-11 much, but I totally get what you mean now with the remarks about corner and doorway camping, and I agree with you at several of the spots you mention. I'll try to change this. By the way, I've also sent you a PM.