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  1. Ok, got it. Thanks! :) I still need help with the crash bug please. Does anyone else have a clue to what could be causing this? Thanks. :)
  2. Just to clarify, if two patches are lined up next to each other, it's ok, but not if they're overlapping? That is, as 2-sided midtextures, and horizontal? Is two or more vertical patches always a no-no when it comes to 2-sided midtextures? By the way, it seems those textures I mentioned aren't midtextures but upper textures, so they wouldn't cause trouble there. Sorry my bad. Thanks for trying to help anyway. :)
  3. The textures A_DMACE1 + 2 show up at linedefs 8210, 8215 and two more linedefs, which is nearby to the area that crashes Choco. Those textures have three patches each, but they overlap from left to right and not from up to down. None of the displayed limits are close to maxing out when Renderlimits crashes. There are a couple of places where the program crashes, sector 1070 and sector 1098 are two of them, but it can also crash in sector 1078. It's all very weird indeed. :/
  4. I tried checking both these things you mentioned, but unfortunately the problem still persists. :( All the 2-sided midtextures I use all over the map are single patch only except for one instance, but those only overlap horizontally. Also I only have the sky texture on the ceiling. Do you have any other idea to why this is happening? Cheers.
  5. Hello. I'm having a problem with a crash in my vanilla map. I'm building this large map that really taxes the engine in regards to segs and visplanes. But the bug I've encountered is something else. Basically, in a few of the latest rooms I've created, both Chocolate Doom and renderlimits bombs out to the desktop with no error message whatsoever. The bugs occur at several spots in the rooms in front of the player start. What could possibly be wrong? Have I ran into a map size/sidedef limit or so? The map is 1.15 mb big. Help is greatly appreciated. I'm somewhat of a vanilla mapping noob so there's many limitations and possible bugs I don't know about. If anyone needs the map, it's here. Sorry about the big file size. Oh and it's map slot is 26. http://www.mediafire.com/download/b31bjxo47iis92z/Bleedingsea.zip Regards /Waverider
  6. Thanks, I'm glad you liked these maps! :) I'll change the YK ambush in map08 so it's not too easy to run away from. Also, I'll add more ammo to 09 start, and make the two doors in the beginning DR instead of SR. I'll also replace barons at suitable places in the episode, red brick 08 one for instance. I'll do a new check later on to see where I can add more rewards. Hmm I'll see what I can do about this. I often put in different types of monsters for variation which is important too. I'll definitely keep this in mind though when I try to change things. Will change these doors to DR. I'll either make the red key completely visible from above or create a line of armor bonuses leading up to the key. About the yellow key trims, I'll add sectors of yellow trims that will open up first after you've pressed the switches, so you can see the trims first after the button is pressed. This should be the best solution. Ok, thanks, good ideas. I'll keep these in mind. Average/good is alright I assume, but I certainly want more, so it's time for some finetuning soon. :) I guess I'm happy with the Forgotten One as it is with it's 125 health but I'll consider changing stuff if there's a general complaint. I want it more powerful and more aggressive (as in Nightmare skill) than a general LS. Thanks for all the new FDA's, just came back from watching 7-11, fun stuff! :) I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the gameplay of 10-11 much, but I totally get what you mean now with the remarks about corner and doorway camping, and I agree with you at several of the spots you mention. I'll try to change this. By the way, I've also sent you a PM.
  7. Ah ok. Well I don't think I'll change this, unless people complain about the monster on a general level. By the way, what did you think of the episode all in all?
  8. First off, thanks for the feedback! And thanks for the FDA's, much fun to watch! :) There's some Boom features in Map10 with the waterfalls at the end, also I will use more Boom featues later on, so I will need to keep the Boom format. I didn't create the dehacked, Mechadon did. Also, there's some features that affects the new monsters that also require the bex format, there's a new ghost that will only be translucent in bex. I've added in the .txt that -complevel 9 is required for demos. Thanks for pointing this out. Thanks! :) Nice to hear! Yeah the difficulty is kinda the same from maps 1-3, then 4 is slightly harder, 5 a bit more so, etc. From Map12 and onwards, difficulty will go up and down though, I figure it's good to have a breather from a very hard map to an easier one. 1) You mention dead-end corridors, would you mind pointing out a few for me from the worst offenders? It will be easier to fix that way. I've played through 1-10 but didn't notice that. What corridors do you mean? 2) Do you remember where you found the most annoying ones? During my playthrough I noticed some in tighter hallways in map05 for instance. They are there so that the different routes in some maps should be equally interesting, but if the gameplay is boring I might change things. 3) Yeah I often use SR doors when I won't want monsters to enter a room for difficulty reasons. I'll consider changing some spots if there will be a general complaint about this thing. 4) Good point. I'll change this so that the key is easily visible. Also, good point about the yellow trims next to the switches in this map. I'll add this to my log of things to change. 5) Exactly what do you mean when you say that later maps involved more corner and door-camping instead of dynamic gameplay? Please explain this further and how you'd ideally want those fights to be so that they're more dynamic? So overall, how good did you think EP1 was? Was it more good than bad? I've also uploaded EP1 to idgames, so I'll wait for the review and following comments before I change anything, might as well change it all after I've got all feedback.
  9. Thanks for your feedback! The linedefs you mentioned for Map02 and 03 are actually DM only teleports to improve the flow of the map in that game mode. I've added to the .txt for future versions that the first three maps supports DM. Later maps than 03 won't support DM, I'm planning a DM pack later on instead. About Map07, I'll consider adding a little more health to the starting battle. The pit in Map10 was intended to be non-escapable for higher difficulty. The teleporter tagged 75 in Map11 does work, but only on skills 1-3. On skill 4 you'll have to use a trickier way to get to the other side. :) Also on Map11, you can trigger the 2nd secret in ZDoom as well, you'll have to stand at about a 45 degrees angle to be able to activate it. I might change this to a G1 instead if more people have trouble with it. About the new Lost Soul, it is intended that the melee attack is a bite attack, rather than a scratch. In any case, as scifist42 said, it probably can't be changed anyway. Also, thanks for the kind words! I'm sure going to try my very best to make this into a full megawad. :) Yeah the new lost soul (Forgotten One from D3) has a bit more health than a regular Lost Soul. Were you having some trouble with it?
  10. Please give me some more feedback people! :) I'd prefer constructive criticism but any feedback is welcome.
  11. Hey, Yeah your points are valid. You're right to assume I did those monster placements to give the player the option to either do it the tough way or (the much easier?) way. The two Arch-viles in the beginning will definitely be tougher if you run into the center area and shoot at one while being at a bit of a risk with the other. Or you can just snipe them away before going into the center area. I did think the 4 arch-viles at the nearby bigger cave were kinda dangerous if you're not careful. Or they might not be tough at all, I dunno. I'll think it over if I'm changing things here. Don't want tedious maps. :) Then in the watery outdoor area, same thing here, can do it the hard or easy way. Also, same with the cyber/mancubis at the end. I'll consider adding more health packs at the 2nd half. Was there anything you liked with the map by the way? Or was it more bad than good overall? I've also uploaded EP1 to idgames, I'll wait on the review and following comments before I change anything I think. Your points are valid, it's just that I really want to be finished with EP1 now after several years! on and off building on those maps. (Yeah I map slow as hell, hehe). I'm gonna try and build way faster from now on though. By the way, have you tested Map09 and 11 yet? Cheers for feedback.
  12. Yo, Glad to hear you're gonna look into the maps. I think there's a couple in there that you haven't played yet, at least Map08, 10 and 11. You have probably played the rest, though. If you'd like to give me feedback, that's fine, and if not, that's fine too. :)
  13. Hey! I'm glad to hear you were worried that CoB has ceased "production", heh. :) Just came back from watching your last demo for map09. Thanks for those! It's always great fun to see FDA's, to see how people react when they play the map for the very first time. I figured you would die a bit on Map07, at least the first tries can be tricky until you figure it all out. I agree that 07 is challenging in the start but much easier after that, but I think it's kind of my style to have difficulty spikes, from level to level but also in one and the same level. But I'll think it over and see if it also suits me to have a more coherent difficulty curve at least in the same map. Without going too much into detail, I also liked your demos for map08 and 09. I can understand that Map09 can feel frustrating. I highly recommend savegames until you've learned that map, as it has very much trial-and-error based gameplay. I think that different colors (and also patterns in textures) mixed is definitely my kind of style, so I think it would be hard to change this while still keeping what's "me" in my design. I'll think it over and try it out though to see it works for me. Come to think of it, Map12 is probably more color and style coherent. But generally, I think that the hefty mix of colors and patterns will continue. This map wasn't meant to be very challenging, but I totally get what you mean. I might get back to the map and try to add a few monsters at the cave and also up on the staircase on the upper part of the area so it's harder to escape. I've also uploaded the entire episode 1 to idgames, I'll guess I'll wait and see what others think, thing is, I really want to be finished with episode 1 now, so I'm probably not going to update anything on any maps of episode 1, unless anyone finds any gamebreaking bugs or if I get several bad reviews. I hope you understand. I do take notice of your remarks though and will try to incorporate what I can into further maps from level 12 and forwards. Have you had a chance to look at map 10 and 11 yet? Or replayed any earlier maps? I've listened to your criticism of that some of the earlier maps had much corridor fighting and also to that the maps weren't connected as a whole, and I hope Map02 and 03 will now deliver more of what you asked for. They have more interconnecting areas and most of all, I've expanded many areas in those maps to have bigger hallways than just 64 in width. I hope I've delivered on that front because thing is, it really is my style to have my maps coherent in that a map feels like one whole piece in terms of the layout - to not just have rectangular, not-coherent rooms. I thank you for those advices, I think I really like what my style is starting to develop into. I'm also glad that, despite that you have a few remarks about some of the maps, that you still think they're good! :)
  14. As of today, October 01, I've finished Episode 1 (Maps 01-11) of this hopefully to be 32-map megawad. Maps 07-11 are new, but I've also taken earlier feedback to heart, and have changed stuff a bit, especially at Map02 and 03. Download is at the top. Additional feedback is very welcome. But please be constructive, cheers! :)
    Truly impressive stuff. One nitpick though, the text files should have been made a bit cleaner. Otherwise, this stuff is five stars.