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  1. waverider

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    I'm so sick of pathetic people like this hacker who find any joy whatsoever in trying to ruin things for others. How about these people grow up and try to do something good and meaningful with their useless lives instead?
  2. waverider

    Where to find a new status bar?

    Hey! I'm looking for a new status bar for a project I'm making. Does anyone know where I can find one? Perhaps one with a "military" or gothic/medieval theme would look best. Grateful for help, / Waverider
  3. waverider

    Is it even fun to play Doom without saves?

    It's anyone's right to have their own preference without being judged for it. Personally I prefer saveless unless the maps are too time-consuming, difficult or frustrating. When I was younger and I felt I had all the time in the world I almost always tried to beat the hard maps saveless but nowadays as a middle-aged man I pick my moments of when to save and when not to. I just don't have the same time to spend with games anymore. There's never any need for harsh words just because someone prefers saves or not.
  4. waverider

    DOOM Retro v4.6.2 (updated September 1, 2022)

    @Gabe29: I also hope for a fix/change for this, having the cyber and mastermind sounds always at 100% regardless of distance can be painful to listen to for a prolonged time imo. Other ports fix this by having the cyber/SM make one sound at map startup but then the sound goes silent. Would be real nice for a similar change to appear in Doom Retro. :)
  5. waverider

    How to make a fully working force field?

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, much appreciated! :)
  6. waverider

    How to make a fully working force field?

    Sorry I should've mentioned the force field must be made in Boom/MBF. Any suggestions on how to make one in Boom? Thanks.
  7. Hey, I'm having issues getting a force field to look right in my map. While it does look right in GL ports, I get a HOM whenever I run the map in software mode. I'd be most grateful if anyone could help me getting it right. Thanks in advance! /W
  8. waverider

    Member Appreciation Thread

    @valkiriforce: Thanks for the kind words! I also appreciate you a lot as a friend, and we've had lots of fun chatting as well as working together on Doom maps! Chat soon! :)
  9. waverider

    DOOM Retro v4.6.2 (updated September 1, 2022)

    I made a request to Brad a while ago and asked if he could update Doom Retro so that the in-game midi volume slider could be functional while using 3rd party programs like Virtual MIDI Synth, because I didn't know a way to reduce the midi volume ingame. Shame I didn't know there was a midi mixer inside VMS, heh. Not trying to be annoying in any way, just want to point out that there's more Doom source ports that can adjust the midi volume while VMS is running, PRBoom+ and GZDoom are some examples, so Doom Retro isn't the only source port capable of this. Hope Brad can fix your bug though so the in-game midi slider will continue to work in newer versions, it's indeed handy to have it working with VMS. And we don't want any super-loud tracks do we. :) So I hope he can fix that too.
  10. waverider

    DOOM Retro v4.6.2 (updated September 1, 2022)

    I'm a rather new user of Doom Retro, I have to say it's a really good port! I like how it adds some cool new features like colored blood and more realistic looking fluid flats, deep water, etc, while still looking like an oldschool port! I got one suggestion though: I've noticed that using a program like Virtual MIDI Synth to be able to switch soundfonts, seem to disable the music volume slider in Doom Retro. Sound effects slider works fine, just not the music volume.
  11. waverider

    Where to find clock and clock tower bell textures?

    @Gez / @Nootrac4571: Thanks for the links, I'll be sure to check those up!
  12. waverider

    Where to find clock and clock tower bell textures?

    Yeah, it looks like I'll be borrowing those textures from Hexen. Thanks for the reply!
  13. Hey, I was wondering where I can find textures for a clock, complete with dial and handles as well as a clock tower (bell) texture? I know I can find such textures in Hexen, but since I already got a fair share of Hexen textures in my resource wad it might be a good idea not to add additional ones. The map I'm making is quite Heretic/Hexen-homage-y though so maybe it's no big deal if I add two more textures but I dunno. Anyone who's got suggestions for where I can find such textures from other sources otherwise? Thanks in advance. /W
  14. waverider

    HEXEN: Afterlands - 10 Level Hub (Final Cyrgoth WAD)

    Me too! Will have a lot of fun with this one I'm sure!
  15. waverider

    What Do You Think Of Quake's Expansions?

    I definitely prefer Scourge of Armagon before Dissolution. SoA has much better level design, the maps are much more atmospheric and fun to me. My favorite maps include The Crypt, The Black Cathedral, Limbo and The Gauntlet. All great and very memorable maps. DoE is still pretty good though. Since we're mentioning Q2's expansions, I don't think Ground Zero deserve the hate it gets. I think the maps are generally well done and there's some really great stuff in it like Tectonic Stabilizer, Munitions Plant, Research Hangar and some more. The turrets, especially the rocket one, is very challenging though and requires careful play which I guess drags down the pace a bit from that of the original game and the first expansion. I do think Ground Zero offers slightly more beautiful and detailed maps than those from The Reckoning.