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  1. @pcorf: Wow, those screens looks awesome! :) @obake: I'm glad you seemed to really like Map01! As stated, it's a collaboration between me and valkiriforce, we each made 50% of it. Speaking of it, it was me who's guilty of charge about the arachnotrons and rocket launcher (I made the second half, after the spiral staircase). What did you think of those items, hit or miss? Seems a few people would like to see those items/monsters removed. @DJVCardMaster: I made the last part of Map01, after the spiral staircase. What was it that you didn't like about it? I'm glad you seemed to like Map11 better, by the way. The savegame buffer isn't actually an oversight, I've noticed quite a lot of well known vanilla megawads like Alien Vendetta and Back to Saturn X which to my knowledge, has those issues too, this issue seems a more accepted one in general than for instance, VPO's. On one side of the fence, if every map is within those limits, the wad will become a very strictly vanilla compatible wad. On the other side though, this will limit the size and complexity of each map quite a lot. What do you guys think? Should we care about the save game buffer or not?
  2. @Pegleg: I'd say you did a fine job explaining that, definitely better than how I did. :P @pcorf: Great! :) Just don't forget to finish off with a Chocolimits test! :))
  3. @wolfmcbeard: You're right in assuming "PLN" is visplanes. "SEG" stands for drawsegs. "OPN" is openings, which is well explained elsewhere here on DW. "SPR" is max allowed sprites at the same time and "PLT" I believe is the number of lifts that can be active at one and the same time.
  4. Maybe I sounded a bit harsh, and the way you describe it, it sounds like, sure, it could prove useful in regards to VPO catching, I'm not really implying the program is useless. Just saying that the mapper shouldn't just rely on Visplane Explorer, because I've seen it myself many times in Chocorenderlimits - that in one angle, the visplanes are about 70-80 visplanes, and then you move the player just a tad - and voila - visplanes spike up to 120-130! That can happen and has happened to me many times during mapping and testing. I've also tested maps that were tested in Visplane Explorer without it showing any VPO's, and then when I tested it in Chocorenderlimits, there were actually several VPO's. Anyway, I think we can both agree on that both programs have it's worth, but I'd like to mention that no vanilla map should be released without having at least a once-over in Chocorenderlimits! :)
  5. Just going to point out that from what I've heard, Visplane Explorer isn't good enough when it comes to catching VPO's, it seems that you have to keep all doors open in the editor for VE to go a decently good job and even then I don't think it will cover all angles. I believe Chocorenderlimits is the only program that will show the amount of visplanes (and segs) correctly. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  6. I'm glad to see this project online! :) I'm glad to be part of it, and am sure it will all turn out to something to be proud of! @valkiriforce: Let me know if I can be of any help in regards to testing!
  7. waverider

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Ah, that's good news! I assume a PM to Andrey might be a good idea then. :) Thanks!
  8. waverider

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Has PR/GLBoom+ been discontinued permanently? Seems so, no updates since May -17. :( It's no doubt my favorite source port but I wish a couple of things could be fixed/changed. For instance, there's no true 21:9 aspect ratio support, textures look really stretched when looking at them from an angle. Also, GL support seems to be non-functional in the last v2.5.1.5 release. Amongst a couple of other things. Would be awesome if the program was to be resumed one day.
  9. waverider

    Does anyone else find Doom 3 mediocre?

    I was never too fond of Doom 3 either. It's repetitive and very slow-paced to begin with. There's too few enemies around and I never liked the fact that you had to have a special suit to remain outdoors and also that it never lasted long at all. A very average and quite disappointing game all in all to me. I really liked Doom 4 though and I think Doom Eternal seems promising as well.
  10. Thanks, the pair of you! :) I'll try to draw clockwise. Glad to see that DBX is still worked on, looking forward to see what you can come up with in future releases! DBX is now my main editor so I'll be sure to give feedback and bug reports as I map along.
  11. Just tried out Doom Builder X the other day, I've always really liked DB2 but it had some bugs that neeeded fixing, I'm happy to see that almost all of them have been addressed in DBX! Bugs such as the slowdowns in 3D mode were really annoying for example. Good work! Just hope the program hasn't been discontinued, seeing it's not been updated since March. :) Or if you're working on a new editor maybe? If you're still working on the program, I have two concerns: 1) While the idea with a smaller status bar is generally good, what happens if a bigger font size in Windows is used? I don't myself need a bigger font size right now, but might if I switch to a 4K monitor in the future for instance. It would be real cool if you could use the program without issues with bigger font sizes. Or maybe you can do so already? 2) There's one bug I've noticed from DB2 that is still present in DBX: If you start drawing a new sector outside the map, to attach to a present sector, sometimes the newly drawn lines might completely disappear when you attach the last vertex to the first one, to complete the sector. Otherwise, really nice work with the editor so far! Much appreciated!
  12. @The Mysterious Moustachio That's good to hear! :D It's really nice when your work is appreciated! Well I for one would love to try out your leftovers for EP1 and EP2, even if you're not gonna use them. So feel free to send them over via PM or post them here, whatever you prefer, when you get the time. Ah yes, Interception 2, definitely sounds like another promising project! I remember having lots of fun with Interception 1.
  13. @The Mysterious Moustachio Yeah I can imagine Map05 being hard to keep within the limits because it's so open. :) It is a very nice map though, so try not to cripple the open view too much! I know I was greatly helped with my own vanilla mapping by looking at Back to Saturn X EP1 and 2, to see how they managed so high detail without compromising much on the openness. For instance, if the midtexture detail is high, then chances are you won't have to use much sector detail! About Map08, it's not that I dislike the new midi song, it's just that I liked the old one better. :) I personally think it also fits the atmosphere of the map better than the new tune. But don't let me be the deciding factor, it's your megawad! You should do what you feel like, always. :) And about the map size, I totally get why people would think it's too short. It's roughly of the same size and kinda reminds me of Adam Windsor's Requiem maps back in the day, which I also really liked, so this was a nice retro experience for me. :) Not that the map was a ripoff, not at all. Plus I really love a good mix of small, medium and large maps. As well as tiny maps. ;) Anywho, the map is a wonderful one, be it the RC2 or the RC4 version. It should be noted that I walked around that Map06 outside area for probably about 10 minutes just to find a 134 visplane VPO. ;) So chances are no one will actually be troubled with it. I do those very throughout checks whenever I spot 110-120+ visplane areas, just in case. Obviously when a VPO is very hard to trigger, it may not be worth to sacrifice the visuals or openness. I'm glad you've found my feedback useful so far, I'd love to give further episodes a spin if you would like to! And I apologize if I've been too throughout when looking for bugs. Speaking of new episodes, how goes the progress with those?
  14. @The Mysterious Moustachio Here is the feedback! Overall, very nice work with RC4, you managed to improve many things! - MAP01: Nice fixes to the bleeding problems I reported in my txt! - MAP02: I really like what you did to the outside areas, both near the old crash bug place and in the exit outdoor area! Real pretty! :) - MAP03: It's possible to get stuck behind the skin button in the new secret. Otherwise, nice HOM squashing techniques on this map! You removed all of the HOM's except maybe the major HOM in sector 447 (HOM4.png in my RC2 bug .zip file, listed below if you've lost it). Also "HOM8.png" at sector 144 is still present, although it is a more minor HOM. Both VPO's were fixed, nice! It's also now possible to get all secrets. If you've lost the .zip with the RC2 bugs, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gsiisejis34hacy/atonement_bugs.zip Two nitpicks: Linedef 1301 should have a lower nukage texture, right? Also, it's upper texture should be STONE9, correct? Also, one more thought, couldn't you have a smaller window connecting sectors 447 and 72 so that you don't have to be completely without the nice view that were there before? :) Or maybe it wouldn't work? - MAP04: Also really liked the design additions to the first room, as well as to sector 333! Also, the new rooms were nice! There is still a quite visible HOM if you stand in sector 377, looking out of the window at sector 168. The other HOM's were either fixed or very much minimized imo. - MAP05: I really like the blood craters you added after version RC2! There is one VPO in sector 119, see pic: http://www.mediafire.com/view/xyq6ntinc6b14n7/atonement_map05_RC4_VPO1.png Sector 86 has a VPO: http://www.mediafire.com/view/4tob3o64dst4yhl/atonement_map05_RC4_VPO2.png There's a possibly new VPO in sector 375, shown here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/3qhx8i5t138lnfc/atonement_map05_RC4_VPO3.png Linedef 1292 has a tutti-frutti effect: http://www.mediafire.com/view/7n8e22602z735vs/atonement_map05_RC4_tutti.png And as Huffnagel already mentioned: Sector 4 items cannot be picked up in RC4. - MAP06: In sector 57, sector 160 is still seen as a tiny line. It goes up in the sky in ports such as GLBoom Plus. There's rocket boxes at sector 115 that goes through the switch. Linedef 406 has a BROWNGRN texture, isn't it supposed to have the MARBVRD1 texture instead? I unfortunately found a new VPO in the redecorated outdoor area, in sector 251: http://www.mediafire.com/view/dlx1rbianxqinpo/atonement_map06_RC4_VPO.png The door at sector 68 is a potential VPO hazard if opened by a monster or in co-op. - MAP07: The nitpicks were fixed, cool. :) The RC4 imo also looks even better than the RC2 version did. - MAP08: I was a bit sad to see the Map08 midi being replaced. ;) Also I think the new area is unnecessary, I know I personally loved the RC2 version! :D I still really like the map though, it's not like it's turned into crap now exactly. :) - MAP09: You fixed the VPO here, nice! - MAP10: You fixed my nitpicks here as well. :) - MAP11: It doesn't seem possible to get all kills, unless I'm missing something. Sector 331 cannot be opened. - MAP18: You fixed the most important HOM's here, the one or two remaining really are minor stuff. :) - MAP21: The VPO that was here is now gone, good work!
  15. I did a check through RC4, I mainly really liked what I saw! I did spot a few issues but not many. Do you want this feedback? If not I understand, you've done a lot of bugfixing already. :)