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  1. By the way I was wondering, where exactly does powergun.wad originate from? I quite liked playing some WADs like Alien Vendetta and JPCP with them, and I'd like to know who created it or any other info about it.
  2. I just uploaded a few files to the site - fixed co-op versions of Doom Core, Eternally Yours and Absolute Dishonor (DCVfix, EYfix and ADfix respectively) so hopefully we can see those get some circulation. Really been enjoying the Doomshack servers lately and appreciate the work on the website.
  3. I'm curious to know. Personally, I've always felt the most motivated to create something from playing maps that have such an awareness of space all around the place - maps that if you hadn't been told Doom was 2.5D you would have almost sworn it was 3D. I remember thinking this about Doom II in my early days with Doom but hadn't ever noticed that it really wasn't true 3D, but I liked the awareness of scale both vertically and horizontally in levels like Downtown and Industrial Zone. Even more so nowadays since we have plenty of maps that take advantage of all the nooks and crannies of these gigantic structures with secrets jammed between pillars and secret spiraling staircases hidden in corners and whatnot. I can sense how inspired the mapper must have felt when creating these types of settings and they motivate me to push Doom as much as I can to capture that almost 3D feeling. I also love when there's very clever sector usage that transforms the environment around you and makes navigation around the map a little more accessible. The other part that really got me during Reverie's development was the automap layout; if you look at a lot of maps in Memento Mori 1 & 2, Requiem and Icarus (since those were my four main inspirations at the time) then look at Reverie's maps, you might see a little consistency in how I tried to keep it simplistic but also interesting. It helps sometimes to look at a map without playing it and guessing what some of the areas might look like when you play the game - only to find out it's actually very different, BUT - now I might actually feel inspired to do something closer to what I first imagined it to be. Last and certainly not least - I love beautiful areas. I don't just mean aesthetics in how people build techbases or castle fortresses...I mean actual, beautiful locations almost like paradise. I liked making these open vistas where you could see a vast valley with a mountain backdrop or an opening to the ocean with a nice sunset - places that make you wish you could go there if it weren't for the hordes of demons running amok. I think a beautiful atmosphere or a paradise of sorts is kind of a nice contradiction for Doom, and I think that's one of the reasons why I have a hard time trying to make a good hell map - it just doesn't motivate me in the same way since hell maps are typically full of jagged-red caverns and lava and corpses and such. That's not to say I don't like hell maps - I've had plenty of fun playing them, but they don't motivate me like other maps with more real-world locations would.
  4. I think I feel a little closer to this, although I can't disagree with some points made in this thread; namely I've never been too fond of maps with very, very little ammo. Occasionally, I might actually be in the mood to play something with ammo starvation as sort of a survival genre, but for the most part I like maps that give me the OK to run around aimlessly shooting at anything that moves. I wonder if we should have a counter-thread to this one of all the things we love seeing from mappers; I'd like to read through a thread with that idea in mind.
  5. Screens or it didn't happen...or maybe that's exactly what you were saying.
  6. I was gonna say Memento Mori, but actually I realize it was probably Scythe because I downloaded it from looking over the Top 100 Doom WADs of all time pages. I didn't actually play through the megawad though cause I happened to start on MAP11 since I was using Doom95 at the time and somehow left the slide-down menu on that slot. Of course I thought that one map was kinda difficult so I eventually went and found Memento Mori and played that one all the way through. I was blown away at the quality of the level design and especially the music that went into it, considering I'd only played the Id Software releases The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom. Then I went on after that to play Memento Mori 2, Requiem, Icarus, Alien Vendetta, Eternal Doom, etc...
  7. I have this to show for it:
  8. I quite enjoyed this session on ZDaemon recently:
  9. Some of the Icon encounters I enjoyed: Memento Mori: Viper had a really cool setup with a mansion full of rockets/ammo and lots of monsters surrounding and entering the complex while you manage to fire rockets at the Icon itself, and it surprisingly spits rockets right back at you! TNT: Evilution: Last Call actually having a level to play leading up to the climax. You don't need to time rockets just right, you just have to stand on the right place on the staircase and open fire after clearing out surrounding enemies. Doom 2 The Way Id Did: Unique setup that was actually fun and once again doesn't rely on timing your rockets on a moving lift - which has always been my least favorite thing about Icon maps in general. Clearing the exterior areas before teleporting exactly in the right spot for firing rockets (with a possible consequence of hitting yourself!) was satisfying enough for me. Doom 2 Reloaded: Lots of action leading up to the eventual Icon encounter. It even has a Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind showdown on both sides of the Icon which I thought was pretty cool. For the most part I don't mind Icon maps as long as they're executed well enough; although I also really like last maps that just have a lot of action going on like Scythe's last map, or PSX Doom's Redemption Denied or even Doom 64's last level where you fought a bunch of enemies before the real final boss shows up.
  10. Doom Core, Reverie and Eternally Yours all have at least one. :D
  11. I always liked and mostly followed John Romero's advice as found on the Doom Wiki:
    Fun megawad for the most part, but I hated 24 to the end. I played on HNTR and was still plagued by a number of unfair scenarios. Didn't seem at all like there was much difference in difficulty at that point.