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  1. That looks pretty nice - I've made adjustments to the status bar and included the fix for both maps concerning hawkwind's feedback.
  2. OK, so I started to get second thoughts about using a status bar that uses a space theme despite there being no space maps, so I decided to come up with something more Final Doom-ish for this little set: I may keep that space one in reserve though; I almost feel inspired to do something space-like considering I've never actually made anything with a space theme before.
  3. @galileo31dos01 Okay, decision-making time - which one should I go with: the status bar with a health pulse or a more consistent space theme?
  4. Oceanside, MAP04 H2H-Xmas, MAP13 H2H-Xmas, MAP25
  5. Well, Devilution is still in development. I don't think it'd be fair to include it in a lesser TNT project such as this. On the other hand, maybe I can either find a replacement status bar or just whip one up and include it for the eventual idgames release. EDIT: By the way any suggestions would be welcome.
  6. Seems you really stumbled on the trove.
  7. Thanks for the update! The final version is now posted. A big thank-you to all the mappers and testers involved; I will upload this in the coming weeks.
  8. Rebel Sky Plutonia 2, MAP26 Plutonia 2, MAP29 Ancient Aliens, MAP01
  9. Death on exit.
  10. Also, if we're talking about non-megawads in general that don't necessarily have to be just one map, there's also my episode for Doom II called Eternally Yours, which has a boss shooter on MAP11.
  11. This thread makes me wish I'd taken more time to think about making new status bars for some of the stuff I've put out there - Reverie was the only time I ever tried creating my own HUD, but I should definitely give it a shot again sometime.
  12. Don't know anything that came out recently that was just a boss shooter, but here's an old single Icon map from one of the authors of Memento Mori.