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  1. Ah, this brings back memories to when I first announced Reverie on Doomworld - the only time I ever recorded a video to preview an upcoming project of mine. I also agree the straight-up gameplay aspect feels a bit better to me, but I like that people would make any videos demonstrating gameplay at all - whether it was done in movie-trailer fashion cutting to different parts or if it's just more regular gameplay like mine was; I think both can be fun in their own ways and reminds me of the excitement of old websites in the 90's trying to hype their projects.
  2. ^ Totally forgot about that one, that also happened to me when I was playing and I had to restart the map.
  3. I personally enjoyed the Master Levels, and thought both you and Jim's levels were crazy inventive when I first played them.
  4. Blind drops.
  5. Memento Mori Memento Mori II Requiem Icarus: Alien Vanguard Alien Vendetta Eternal Doom Scythe Scythe 2 Hell Revealed Hell Revealed II Doom II Reloaded Plutonia 2 Plutonia Revisited TNT: Revilution Valiant Ancient Aliens
  6. avoid this as if it was that fat annoying kid that goes to your school that always wants to show you his yu-gi-oh card collection these are just a bunch of old cruddy looking maps with lo, to repetitive game play
  7. Sure, I don't mind sharing some screenshots...even if these maps of mine are old.
  8. The Devilz Work, MAP03 ICAR2015, MAP03 ICAR2015, MAP03 Doomed In SPACE, MAP06
  9. What's with all the bagging on vanilla Doom mapping? It's a perfectly legit form of mapping that remains faithful to the original experience we all remember, and everyone deserves to celebrate Doom's 25th however they please - be it vanilla, limit-removing, GZDoom or any other format. And as others have mentioned, we've seen some great projects come out that were vanilla wads (Back To Saturn X, TNT: Revilution, DTWID series, etc.) and it seems detrimental to label it as nothing more than a waste of time. I'm just glad the Doom community is alive and kicking the way it is, and that's what deserves to be celebrated in all of its forms. It's great to see another old Doomer make a return - the kmetl series is great and I still have yet to play some of the later ones. Metal has always been one of my favorite texture themes in Doom mapping.
  10. Some decent fans of mine reviewing Doom Core:
  11. I still keep my list updated, regardless how much activity this thread sees.
  12. Doomworld Mega Project 2017 - MAP28 - UV-Speed in 0:47
  13. I was working on such a map in late 2012/early 2013 but never could gather the steam to finish it. It was probably too ambitious to take on, but I was inspired by The Artifact with its approach to making a gigantic vanilla map split over three maps. I was intending to make it longer than three maps but three maps in was about as far as I got. Here is what it looks like with the three maps put together: Even after coming back to Doom I still have a hard time thinking about coming back to this project. @Tango I think leodoom85 made a map similar to your description; I might be mistaken though - I don't think it was within the 1024 grid but it was a good-sized techbase set in a humongous cavern.