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  1. Happy Birthday Valkiriforce 🎂


    1. Fonze


      Happy birthday! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Updated MAP24 after some feedback -
  3. Updated 31 to include a more distinguished curve in difficulty settings: [EDIT] Also a quick fix was made to address the multiplayer issue I posted about previously in this thread.
  4. I noticed my MAP31 has a couple small errors in it: lines 4308 and 4065 should both be checked with action 60, "SR Floor Lower To Lowest Floor" as line 3994 conflicts with the sector 476, being a WR line action thus making other co-op players get stuck in that battle arena.
  5. I've updated the file to BETA 5 to include scotty's map if anyone wants to give it a shot.
  6. There's no MAP09 - it's intended to be a smaller episode of sorts. You might as well make something for MAP05 though, as I'm uncertain we'll ever hear back from Joe at this point.
  7. I've been out of the loop for some time now; personally I wouldn't mind releasing this soon other than having Joe's map still predominantly absent. I may at least update the WAD to include scotty's map but otherwise I can't remember any other changes that may have been made since I was last here. Otherwise, I'm curious to hear of anyone's thoughts about this project and if anyone has any additional input concerning the aforementioned MIA-Joe.
  8. Snatched up my first rhinocookie; it was delicious.
  9. Yeah thanks Not Jabba; we're always curious about what people think about Absolute Dishonor. I'm glad me and 40oz were able to pull off a team effort together; it was a lot more fun than working alone.
  10. I'm rather curious: how exactly did you managed to grab that blue key? It wasn't intentional that you should be able to grab it before the switch. Thanks for the feedback by the way.
  11. I'm aware of that - I typically set everyting to 0,0 when I map so I'm not always aware if I'm trying to tell somebody else to do the same.
  12. It's a tutti-frutti effect - that linedef should have a 0,0 alignment for it to disappear. Also thanks for the updates - I need to stop slacking off and finish up my map shortly. [edit] I've updated to beta 4 - it includes the recent maps I've received and I've just about finished up with my last map - that means two more maps before this project is ready to wrap-up.
  13. What are you gonna do, play video games for a living!?
  14. Thanks AD! Glad you and Alfonzo could work together on this so we could at least have one collab map. Nice work. It's up to you if you want to include any midi you like - whether existing or otherwise. I'm practically finished with my MAP08 at the moment but still have some fixes to make, so an update isn't too far off now. All that's left now is to hear word from joe-ilya if he's still working on his map.