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  1. Meet Lila. She was born on Halloween day, 2004.
  2. @Phobus It's good to see you're still around - of the few maps I've actually played of yours I'd say I often found your maps memorable and non-formulaic. I really enjoyed Portal Facility from the more recent TNT: Revilution, and always found your Plutonia Revisited map to be a good candidate for a more modern Plutonia experience. It is pretty amazing how much time flies by - strange to think after feeling late coming into this whole mapping scene that even after 6-7 years I feel like somehow we've made it into a part of history. Still wish I'd have gone over my MAP22 submission differently, but I was honored to be in the same project with you and waverider, Xaser, Joshy, Tatsurd-cacocaco and many others. It was also the first time I ever got an original music composition from John Weekley for one of my levels, so that was also pretty exciting. Another little piece of history I remember was having an idea for a MAP32 at the time of development to combine some of Plutonia's early levels together for a slaughtermap; it was basically the introduction to Congo with the hallway connecting with the beginning of Well of Souls, where the water lowers into a cave area. The problem at the time was the map was too copypasty of IWAD material (early WAD making days, lol) so it wouldn't have worked unless I created them from scratch and gave it a new twist. I'm relieved that duty went to someone else though ultimately since I was still somewhat new to understanding source ports and map-making.
  3. I was pretty sure we had a Halloween-themed WAD we used when we played Requiem over Thursday Night Survival last year; not particularly a WAD with levels - it just changes some things like Lost Souls into bats, some items into pumpkins and it contains plenty of good skins for potential Halloween costumes. I still have the video of it here: I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of Halloween session we might hold this year.
  4. I don't think there are any bad maps in The Plutonia Experiment - it was arguably the first fan-produced set of maps I'd ever played after The Ultimate Doom and Doom II, and I was consistently impressed with the quality of design and cleanness of architecture that went level after level. The only map I could say I found less interesting than the other maps would be NME, since it has smaller areas connected with teleports, including a solitary bridge teleport area and the following teleport leads you to an otherwise empty room. Despite that though it was incredibly engaging to play on Nightmare when we played it over TNS (also lol @ exit room full of multiplayer archviles). And dang, people mentioning The Sewers? I always loved that map, I found it to be sprawling and spooky with that Doom 1 music track - trudging through a sewer system all alone with your only neighbors being demon-spawn. Kind of reminds me of Shadows of The Empire for the N64, with that creepy sewer level with tentacle monsters hiding in the waters. Just looking at the map inspires me - I like to look at it as a humongous playground where you fight lots of demon spawn: It's the kind of design that looks like it came from free-form thinking and just playing around and having fun in the editor.
  5. Since you're getting technical, I actually had all the correct frames saved for a smooth animation, but the gif was over 3 megabytes, and I like to keep my gifs under 3 so I can share them on other sites that don't allow 3 megabyte animated gifs. So I deleted about a dozen frames and kept it simple enough to at least look nice enough in my eyes, but I know how most people can be about optimization. Also note in your gif it moves way too fast - doesn't look very nice in my eyes.
  6. Doom II Unleashed, MAP26 Eternally Yours, MAP10 Endgame, MAP07 Scythe, MAP18
  7. There's a few sky packs that can be found under downloads/graphics, but the ones I've seen aren't that interesting. However Beautiful Strange Doom Sky Pack is quite good; I'd like to see them used more. It'd be nice to see someone compile a resource WAD for sky textures used in various WADs, much like cc4-tex and 60skins are great resources for textures/skins. I've also been thinking for a while now about putting together my own sky texture WAD of the ones I've made - including some skies I've never used before in any maps.
  8. Keyboard_Doomer chaingunning a cacodemon off-camera in Cosa 'e mandinga.
  9. I take it you were referring to MAP07? I did manage that jump in a number of attempts - you have to walk slow enough to reach the edge of sector 158 (closer to vertex 664, to be exact) without hitting you head on the ceiling above it. MAP06: Lines 117, 184, 1938 and 1596 all have the tutti-frutti effect in Chocolate Doom. Line 117 can't be fixed - it would have to be a different texture taller than 16 units. The door texture (line 1938) should have a Y offset of 0 instead of 8. Lines 184 and 1596 should have the lower unpegged unchecked. Don't really have any complaints about this level, only that the difficulties could use a little adjustment. Playing on HNTR was still pretty brutal in places - namely the nukage area where my radsuit was wearing out over fighting a pain elemental spawning lots of lost souls and by the time I got to fighting the cyberdemon it had worn out, so I had to balance on the walkway while fighting them. I'd also taken a dive in health at first because I didn't find the armor secret, and there were quite a few gunners in the opening areas after the start. I really don't mind this kind of brutality on UV; it's really more the casual players on lower difficulties I'd imagine having a hard time with it. MAP07: @dt_ Line 2509 has a tutti-frutti effect. Fixing it only messes up the placement of the switch so I'd suggest just lowering sector 464 and placing the exit switch on the wall there underneath the exit sign so they don't conflict with each other. Make sure the exit sign's Y offset is set to 0 afterward. Linedef 2082 has the tag 32 assigned to it with action 38 (W1 Floor Lower To Lowest Floor) but there are no sectors with the tag 32. Linedef 2612 has the tag 30 assigned to it, but no action. I take it this was meant to open the exit since there's no way out of the last area. Didn't have any problems with this either - only HNTR seemed oddly low in oppression. Maybe let a few more enemies appear in the easy difficulty?
  10. Scythe X, MAP02 Scythe X, MAP04 Japanese Community Project, MAP12 Japanese Community Project, MAP27
  11. I checked the one that I have, but it has no midi, so I probably had the wrong one. Checked the updated version in this thread, and the file is unavailable. Might have to share the new one - sorry I hadn't noticed it previously.
  12. Hey @AD_79, did you still want to find a unique MIDI for your MAP02? I remember you bringing this up at the time you sent it in.
  13. Posting some feedback on map 2 to remind myself I need to get back to this project and finish up what's left of it. MAP02: Playing on HNTR: I would reduce the number of Barons in the starting areas maybe by just one or two on the easy difficulty. Also the arch-vile that teleports there can be pretty lethal for people playing casually on the lower difficulties. The revenants you fight in sectors 268 and 269 also might need some adjustment - even though a soulsphere is provided, it could prove to be agitating for people looking for a more casual playing experience. The surrounding monsters closets of sector 240 might also call for a possibly frustrating encounter on ITYTD/HNTR given there's four more revenants that could potentially pin the player in the middle. You could maybe replace the southern two with demons or something less brutal for a lower-difficulty player. bugs: the lift at sector 147 sinks into the floor when you use the switch triggers at linedefs 1296 and 1302. It's likely to do with sector 283's floor height. I tested map 6 but didn't write my feedback at the time - I was pretty sure it involved some linedefs with potential tutti-frutti effects in vanilla doom, but I'll be sure to test it again soon. EDIT: Also updated first post with new screens since photobucket finally kicked the bucket. double edit: updated with beta 6 - hopefully it's the correct version since I have several RESIST.WAD files scattered in different folders, lol.
    Pretty cool E1/E2 replacement. Some nasty traps in spots but nothing I felt was too unreasonable save for maybe one setup involving a Spider Mastermind in the distance with little cover on one of the secret maps. Love the ideas on display like the graveyard map in E2 and the close-quarters shootout of E2M6. Definitely felt it had more highlights than it had flaws, so I'd say it was perfectly legit Doom experience - not perfect, but certainly legit. A good place to look for some unconventional ideas and some left-field designs.