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  1. Sure, I'll just play Doom II instead.
  2. Gentlepoke

    Ask John Romero Questions

    Why was E4M2 designed the way it was?
  3. Gentlepoke

    Favorite Midis?

    Well, there's gotta be just one choice:
  4. Gentlepoke

    Collection of Doom utilities - Yes Soft

    The copy I have appears to have been an ex-library copy, so with how the CD was named, I always assumed it was a companion piece to a book.
  5. Gentlepoke

    Collection of Doom utilities - Yes Soft

    I have that exact CD as well, it's around 23.2MB and mostly seems to cover Doom Shareware content although it does have DEU 5.2 if I wanna try and make E2M1 maps.
  6. Gentlepoke

    John Romero's reaction to signing a Doom 3 box is priceless

    Got him to sign the Nintendo 64 version of the game a few years ago after playing against him at Doom II.
  7. Gentlepoke

    Whut da phuck is this

    You have to kill five people in quick succession.
  8. Gentlepoke

    Is that me or dementia become okay for... ?

    Well... I guess that is one way to replicate preorder retail exclusives...
  9. Gentlepoke

    Forum Update?

    I like the health potion but I believe it's possible to have more options in there such as:
  10. Gentlepoke

    Which monster is the most "satisfying" to kill?

    Probably the Pain Elemental so it stops spawning Lost Souls.
  11. Gentlepoke

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  12. I can't wait to see this at the cinema, Day One purchase!
  13. Gentlepoke

    Doom Website

    Can you provide us with a mockup of what your proposed website will look like?
  14. Gentlepoke

    Old Gaming Communities that are still active?

    I believe for UMK3, they'd be using Kaillera, and I wouldn't doubt there is an active scene still. From what I can tell, UltimateMK ended up merging into TestYourMight so you'd probably find them there.
  15. Gentlepoke

    Old Gaming Communities that are still active?

    There used to be UltimateMK, yet it seems that merged into another forum 5 years ago.