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  1. That's good to know. Even back then, while I was working on other maps for the project, I started not liking my version of Z1M2 at all. Back in 2015 (I think) I was rummaging through some of my old files and came across my KDiKDiZD folder and trying playing through that map for shits and giggles.... couldn't even finish it, it was so bad. Only positive thing I can say for it was that some of the visual tricks were neat.
  2. Nuxius

    Games you play with special rules

    Sorry for the late reply (been super busy as of late). Yes, there are certain areas in the various TR games where Lara is forced to take falling damage. Most can be mitigated or avoided entirely though; some through the use of glitches (which I avoid in my runs) and others through alternative means of navigation (versus what the developers intended). IIRC, that is why the community decided to call them "no scratch" runs instead of "no damage" runs... don't quote me on that, though (heh).
  3. Nuxius

    Mozilla Firefox suddenly resource hog

    Seeing these types of threads makes me so glad I jumped ship from Firefox to Pale Moon years ago and never looked back. Got to keep all of my Firefox add-ons without having to deal with the train wreck Firefox has become. I even keep the portable version on a thumb drive so I can use it, along with some of my bookmarks, whenever I have to do something on someone else's PC.
  4. Nuxius

    Games you play with special rules

    I don't allow myself to ever use medipacks whenever I play any of the earlier Tomb Raider games. I have also successfully completed "no scratch" runs of TR1,2,3 and most of 4. I play Fallout 3/4 and New Vegas without using VATS. I've also done "very hard + melee weapons only" runs through all three. I play Skyrim with a "no inventory usage during battle" rule.
  5. Backtracking through the thread a bit, going back to the subject of speed running for a sec: Not sure how important speed running is to the project, but if it is, then you will probably want to mimic PSX Doom's busted SR/S1 linedef activation system (or at least have an option for it). It doesn't check for anything but x/y coordinate distance, and this can be abused for speed runs through some maps. DR/D1's, WR/W1's and G1's are all unaffected, just the SR/S1's suffer from this issue. Up to you guys, just figured I'd mention it. PSX Doom is kind of annoying to speed run anyways, so....
  6. Nuxius

    Let's Be Revealing

    I'll tell you in advance, I don't do very well with "Favorites" questions. My likes and dislikes tend to be too complex to simplify them into just one particular thing. Favorite Movie Genre: Probably Sci-Fi or Horror. Favorite Food: It'd probably be either some type of cheese or some type of red meat. Favorite Holiday: Don't really have one. Favorite Memory: Can't really be assed to think of one right now. Maybe I'll fill this in with something later. Worst Memory: Don't want to talk about it. Age: Old enough to have played coop and deathmatch games on this new game called Doom using the high school computers. Fun times. Also played a lot of Stunts then. Favorite Outfit: boring and comfy t-shirt and jeans. Favorite Genre Of Music: Downtempo (especially chillout), chiptunes, classical and various forms of electronic music. Most Hated Genre of Music: Pop and brostep. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right. Worst Injury: Same as my worst memory. Favorite Hobby: ehhhhhh.... Your Definition of Success: Not giving up on life. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: No.
  7. Nuxius

    How often do you check Doomworld?

    Varies greatly. Typically ranges from once a day to once a week.
  8. Those are the actual spawn coordinates. Like I said, I did not move him at all. No turning, nothing. Start map, pause game, take picture. All I did.
  9. That is from the start, I didn't move Doomguy at all before taking that. Only thing I did was pause it so the shotgun guys wouldn't start shooting at me. Hmm, I wonder if they are there on lower difficulties? Probably should have tried that, heh...
  10. Shitty cellphone picture incoming! If that's all you notice, you're not very observant then. :p Sweet! I'm looking forward to playing the Lost Levels in something that isn't so damn dark and slow.
  11. The world's most realistic bus driving simulator. That and ET for the VCS.
  12. Nuxius

    New mapper/modder here!

    Revenant, rivet inspector.
  13. I never put much weight into gaming reviews. By the time a game came out, I already knew if I was interested, so I would just rent the thing to see if it was worth buying. Anyway, back in those days, I had 4 gaming mags I always kept subscriptions for various reasons: 1) Electronic Gaming Monthly - For the extensive previews section and Quartermann's tabloid section. 2) Edge/Next Generation - For the in depth interviews. 3) Diehard GameFan - For the screenshots. 4) PC Gamer - For PC games, duh. Occasionally I would subscribe to VideoGames & Computer Entertainment mag as well. Everything else (GamePro, GamePlayers/Ultra GamePlayers, Nintendo Power, Official PlayStation Magazine, PSM etc) I would only pick up individual issues if I saw something that caught my eye.
  14. Nuxius

    DOOM for the switch?

    It uses the Tegra X1, same as what's in the nVidia Shield Android TV, and Google's Pixel C tablet. Only differences are that the Switch has an extra gigabyte of RAM (4GB versus 3GB), and a downclocked processor (1.02GHz versus 1.3GHz-1.9GHz).
  15. Nuxius

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    Nope. I did, however, play it on ITYTD difficulty the first time. FPS games were still relatively new to me back then (I believe the only FPS game I played before Doom was Jurassic Park for the SNES), so I was still trying to get a grip onto things.