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  1. Hi everyone. Unfortunately, back in September, my community got hit by a hurricane and I received some pretty significant damage from the storm. Whilst dealing with the aftermath, I completely forgot about this project. Although the final version of my map is gone forever, I do have a incomplete backup somewhere around here. Give me the weekend and I will try to find it and upload it so someone else can finish it.
  2. Great to hear. Sometime I need to get my map updated, as I somehow placed a random green torch in front of the switch that raises the floor to the yellow key. (Don't ask, I have no idea how that happened) I also didn't realize we were supposed to give our maps names (whoops), I guess you can call mine "Imperfect Love".
  3. Why? This project still has a month left to go. I think the Oct 1st deadline is plenty of time. Anyway, I'm working on thing placement and balancing on my map right now, which is taking a bit of time because I'm having a hard time trying to remember where anything in this map was (it's been over 10 years since I've played it, so you know). I remember the layout (at least I *think* I do), but item/enemy placement, not so much. I do remember the key locations, weapon locations (who can forget the double barrel shotgun right in front of the giant stupid fucking arrow), the duplicate computer maps, the annoying 30 second door close secret, and the arch-vile exit door greeter, though. And before anyone starts whining about the 2 computer maps; you can chill, I only paid homage to it, so 100% items is possible.
  4. Great to see this slowing coming together! Keep up the great work everyone! I've done quite a bit of work on my map, but nothing to really show yet, as I have a tendency to jump around all over the place in the map while I'm updating stuff. Plus I plan on retexturing it to make it less... brown. I do already have a complete outline of what I want to do with the map; some areas are just getting detailed up, others are getting redesigned, and some rooms are getting completely removed and replaced with something different.
  5. It might be too late already, but I'm going to try to make a map real fast to fill the last slot. Be back in 25! I'm back! Metal_Mania.zip Title: Metal Mania Map Slot - MAP32 Build time: 25 minutes + 5 min playtesting Port: Vanilla
  6. O.K., in that case then @galileo31dos01 can take MAP12: The Factory and I will take MAP27: Monster Condo.
  7. Great to see this get released! Definitely looking forward to playing everyone's maps. After reading this topic, I decided to go over the two maps (E2M4 and E4M1) people were having problems with in vanilla/crispy/etc. For E2M4, the problem is that the linedef that activates the floor raise to the soulsphere secret (Linedef 636, a W1 type trigger) is too close to the exit door. In vanilla there is no linedef trigger passthrough, so when a player presses the use key, the engine will only check the first linedef trigger it comes across. In this case, since they are so close together, the player can not get close enough to the door to not have the W1 floor raise trigger (Linedef 636) in-between them and the door. Consequently, because of this, you can't cross linedef 636 to activate it either. Basically each one is blocking the other one. This is also why NightFright found that everything works fine in the opposite direction. Coming from the exit room, the door from this side is usable (as there is nothing blocking it). So now you can go through and trigger linedef 636 to raise the floor to the soulsphere secret. Since it is a W1 trigger and is only usable once, it is no longer an activateable trigger so now there is nothing to block the player from using the door to get back to the exit room. The solution is to move the entire exit room and door 32 units to the north. This leaves a 40 unit gap between the linedef that activates the floor raise to the soulsphere secret and the exit door, which is more than enough room for both to work properly. As for E4M1, there is sort of a similar issue, however technically it is not an issue because technically it works. The two switches on each side of wall that traps you in the NIN room are near the limit of what vanilla Doom allows them to be in order to use this side of the red key door, however they are within limits. The red door will work, however you have to be basically touching it to do so.
  8. OK, I'm an idiot, LOL, I wrote the right map number (MAP12 which is The Factory) but the wrong map name. So if you want The Factory, then I'll take MAP27: Monster Condo. It's up to you, galileo31dos01. Sorry! :-(
  9. Yay! I can finally pick a map I don't know like the back of my hand, LOL! I'd like to take MAP12: Factory, please.
  10. Sorry for the double post, but I just wanted to post a beta version of my map. Let me know if you find any bugs. nuxius_e4m2_beta.zip
  11. Just a quick status update: feeling better today, making good progress on my map. Bar any unforeseen circumstances, I should have it finished this weekend.
  12. Why the heck did I think the deadline was the end of July? Reading fail on my part, LOL. Either that or I got this confused with something else. Anyway, I am getting my second covid shot tomorrow, so I have taken a few days off in preparation for that. Hopefully I will not have any bad side effects, which will give me Thursday and Friday to finish my map. If you haven't heard anything from me by the end of Saturday, July 10th, then go ahead and give my slot to someone else. Don't want to hold this project up any longer.
  13. That's good to know. Even back then, while I was working on other maps for the project, I started not liking my version of Z1M2 at all. Back in 2015 (I think) I was rummaging through some of my old files and came across my KDiKDiZD folder and trying playing through that map for shits and giggles.... couldn't even finish it, it was so bad. Only positive thing I can say for it was that some of the visual tricks were neat.
  14. Nuxius

    Games you play with special rules

    Sorry for the late reply (been super busy as of late). Yes, there are certain areas in the various TR games where Lara is forced to take falling damage. Most can be mitigated or avoided entirely though; some through the use of glitches (which I avoid in my runs) and others through alternative means of navigation (versus what the developers intended). IIRC, that is why the community decided to call them "no scratch" runs instead of "no damage" runs... don't quote me on that, though (heh).