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  1. Yeah, so I've been absent from Doomworld for a few months again. Well I'm still alive if not well, I'm kind of recovering from a relationship gone bad at the moment, but things are getting better I think.

    Well I've spent the past few months trying to reorganize my life, wasting too much time on aforementioned relationship, sometimes drawing things... I hadn't done any Doom stuff at all until a few days ago.

    Yeah, I'm still going to work on my map for Community Chest 2, I've lost a lot of time though, but I still have hopes of getting it in before the deadline. Hopefully I'll manage to get it up to standard. I also replayed through Doom 2, and started on another run through TNT Evilution today.

    Doom 3 is out? Whatever... this computer nearly chokes on Unreal Tournament, let alone really new games... and I'm broke. Trying to get a new job, nothing yet though...

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    2. Dron


      Welcome back

    3. Gokuma


      Epyo said:

      Came out yesterday. Yes, here in Ohio too.

      But has it come out in Amish Country?

    4. Grazza


      Yay! The man who announced impse to the world is back!