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  1. Hobbs


    Absolutely everything, from prepress to press to postpress, depending on what the boss wants. For examples I've put together a menu for a local restaraunt, printed brochures, and put together a book after it was done printing (collating, cutting and the like), and in all those examples that was the only part of that job I was actually involved with. I am also the one that usually does the quick jobs like running someone 25 copies of this or 5 plan copies of that or whatever. It would probably be very boring indeed if we didn't always have twice as much work as we are capable of doing realistically at any one time.
  2. Hobbs

    /idgames fed with screenshots?

    Depending on the size of the wad, 3 8-bit 640x480 .png files could be larger that the zip download.
  3. Hobbs


    I work at a printing press.
  4. Hobbs

    Weird Vanilla Bug?

    Slowtics in vanilla recording maybe has something to do with this?
  5. Hobbs

    A new kind of WAD

    fucking mong
  6. Hobbs


    If its not at least 256 its not on my hard drive. 128 sounds like shit always and everytime.
  7. Hobbs


    um, yeah, CD quality is 1411.2kbps, according to Redbook. I'd have to say 128kbps is a bit far off there.
  8. For Textures you should just need HIRESTEX, though I think the "approved" method for sprites is to do a new actor in DECORATE. Don't quote that though, I never really payed much attention to the technical bit of ZDoom, it just sortof soaked in or didn't stick.
  9. Hobbs

    Pump action Double Barrel Shotguns....possible?

    k instead of posing facts and statistics and other things that we all love to argue the validity of for the sake of our arguements (because if said statistics were true they'd make us look dumb), I'll just ask a question. When was the last time an incident like Virginia Tech happened in the UK, or any nation that has strict gun control laws (Nations at war, such as Iraq do not count for what should be obvious reasons)?
  10. Hobbs

    Pump action Double Barrel Shotguns....possible?

    hardcore_gamer: Don't present an opposing veiwpoint about gun ownership to almost any american here. They refuse to entertain such ideas.
  11. Hobbs

    D!Zone Gold

    No it comes with the demo version. Having played both you are not missing anything after the demo maps end though, and thats assuming you enjoyed what you already played.
  12. You may not be racist but you arent afraid of using racial stereotypes.
  13. Hobbs

    HardQore Crazy

    The link to doom here is really very small.