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  1. Yes. Also, allcaps = NO.
  2. I don't always listen to electro-symphonic melo-death space-metal, but when I do, I prefer Mechina: You don't say...
  3. My dad got a nice top-of-the-line computer back in '94 for his AutoCAD work, which I promptly took over as a gaming machine. Around the same time, my older brother moved in, and also brought his own computer with him. We set both of them up on the same desk in the basement, and thanks to the marvelous technology of serial links, we got multiplayer up and running. That was also when I found out about male and female cables, and spent the next few days incredibly amused. I had actually tried it previously between my dad's computer and an old 486-33, but even though a DB-25 to DE-9 converter worked for transferring files, it failed at Doom multiplayer. In fact, I still have that old FX.exe file transfer program sitting around. Anyway, we were one of the few houses in town with linked computers, let alone good computers, so word gradually spread, and by the time I started high school in '95, there were usually people coming over for a few hours at least 3-4 days after school every week, and sometimes longer on the weekends. The went on for about 3 years, and we almost always played coop. Deathmatch was a nice variation, but only 1 or 2 people preferred it. It's not to say some of our coop games didn't turn into deathmatches eventually - that was almost always what happened when too much friendly fire went around. And physically being in the same room, it occasionally spilled over into real life too. Warcraft 1 and 2 were also regulars on the multiplayer rotation, but the id/raven games probably accounted for 80% of our time. Part of what made them last so long is that we were learning to build our own maps with WadEd and War2Edit, though I was the only one who really took off with the mapping and kept it going after all this time. Quake and Quake II eventually came along, but we found ourselves going back to the earlier games, if only because they were what we could make our own maps for. The multiplayer kick eventually died out when we got to senior year, partly because school was gradually getting harder and partly because most of us started part-time jobs later in junior year. There were a few stray dial-up modem games in those days, and some netplay with zdoom in the years after graduating (AV was popular during that phase), but multiplayer's mostly a thing of the past for me. I don't think I've played in over a decade. I honestly wouldn't mind getting into it again, but it seems most of the scene is dedicated to deathmatch and other deathmatch-geared mods, and that doesn't particularly appeal to me. Plus I'm one of the few people who preferred deathmatching on maps like 13, 10, 09, 27, 15 and 28. Close quarters wears itself out in minutes. I prefer the suspense of the hunt. And that's why essentially nobody wants to deathmatch with me :P But yeah, some coop would be great. It was always the most fun I had playing games.
  4. Are you using some kind of in-game color filtering, or did you manually recolor those textures with an external image editor?
  5. I just checked; it's map06: A design decision made even more obnoxious by what I now remember was the reason he ran into the water in the first place - to lower the fountain and grab the berserk pack at the top. In fact, I take back what I said about it being a "dumb" design decision - it's just a flat-out "fuck you I'm going to troll you and you can't do shit" decision, especially since this is one of the maps that has non-damaging slime.
  6. The reason I remember this above all else is because of a coop game I was playing with AV46 back when ZDaemon was a relatively new thing. We had gotten to the map that had the water problem. He'd been consistently low on life for 3 levels straight, continually scraping through situations that should have killed him but left him with a few stray points of health instead. He had amassed a rather large arsenal throughout his absurdly improbable span of survival, and was once again down to single digit health, so I went ahead and cleared the scene of enemies so that he could come and collect the health... and then he took one step across the water, died, and lost his entire arsenal. Personally, I only found it an odd combination of idiotic and amusing, but I sure wouldn't have stopped him from following through on his plans to punch some sense into the level author. In fact, I probably would have driven him to the guy's house just to watch the show. Slime isn't such a big deal, but random damaging water remains one of the dumbest design decisions I've ever encountered since 1993. However... ...I eventually found this to be my current conclusion regarding Plutonia. It made an exceptionally mediocre first impression on me, and while I gradually pushed my way through it the first time because "OMG NEW IWAD," I would always come back to it to see if I was missing something, play a few levels, then drop it. TNT seemed the much better of the two Final Doom projects, and for years I carried the memory of it being by far the superior IWAD (probably thanks to Map09). But, many years later, after joining a number of Plutonia coop games starting on the later levels, and being rather underwhelmed during my revisits of TNT, I've come to appreciate Plutonia a bit more, and get past my first impressions of TNT being so new-and-official. I've been planning to play them side-by-side one last time before making my final comparison, but for now I won't argue with people who like Plutonia more.
  7. Well, you got the "John" part right. "Moderately tolerable," I'd imagine.
  8. ^ All that needs to be said. It's a matter of individual goals and personal preferences that will always be different for everybody. Are you asking because you're trying to decide whether to use it, or do you just think it's archaic and are wondering why people choose to live in the past when modern and more seemingly-accessible options are available?
  9. Water that damages you. Slime that doesn't.
  10. This was great. I didn't realize you had all these videos up. I was especially glad to see the refutation to the Game Theory video. ...which I guess was 10 months ago, but hey I'm catching up, I only saw the original last week. Anyway, sounds like the author named the project after his goal and not his efforts. Understandable in a self-motivating manner, though misguided for a final release. But who knows, maybe this'll spur on a bunch of more experienced mappers to make "the real Plutonia 3." There could be a good outcome yet.
  11. OK, sounds good.
  12. I know. That's how every user project works. These projects are all add-ons for the original game, meaning you have to already own the original game before you can add a user project on to it. This is how the entire wad database works. Most everybody here, and anybody downloading your package, will already have plutonia.wad. But if they don't, they have to buy it on their own - we can't provide it to them for free.
  13. Paja, it looks like you have an interesting project that I'm sure some people will enjoy playing. However, your download links contain the complete plutonia.wad. This is still a commercially available game, meaning its free distribution is illegal. I've removed the download links until you can provide a package that does not include plutonia.wad. If the wad is indeed required to play your project, you'll simply have to say that your project requires plutonia.wad to play, and the user downloading your project will need to own the wad already, just as they do with doom.wad, doom2.wad or any other commercial iwad.