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  1. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I can't believe I've never seen, nor thought to do, a map like that.
  2. Ezekiel (abridged version),a wad by 40oz

    Yes, but since the subject is his Ezekiel project, and since this thread's posted in WADs & Mods, let's keep the discussion focused on the project itself.
  3. Personal Angst

    It says you have 0 warning points? There's 1 in your history, but it's not being applied, so it's of no consequence.
  4. Things about Doom you just found out

    Goes to show what a difference context can make.
  5. Forum Update?

    It's not a new forum, it's a software update from IPS 4.2.1 (or something) to 4.2.7. We just happened to roll out the new style along with the patch. And the reason for the patch was probably 13 pages of this in 20 minutes, among other things. Anyway, the style's a work in progress, so bear with us.
  6. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'd hope so, seeing how that's the project it's for. Clearly the thing you think is a computer graphic is actually a lost soul :o
  7. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

  8. Your dumb Doom habits

    Every. Line. Must. Be. On. The. Automap.
  9. What even... Oh God, the trailers. Jamie just went ahead with so much stuff without anybody's approval or authorization. He even did an "official soundtrack release" with CD and everything for his own music, half of which didn't even make the cut, not to mention he was one of two primary composers on the project and more of Jan's music than his own was being kept. I think we only found out about this when it was done and he'd submitted it as news to the Doom sites. Simon eventually tried to reign him in, to varying degrees of success. For the record, I don't think any of us ever bought the CD.
  10. Hey, you forgot your deathmatch map.
  11. People suck

    OK, I hate to take the broadly generalized way out, but: enough. This entire thread is one grand cesspool of terrible arguments and flawed reasoning from nearly every single poster. I'm not sure whether it's better off melted for all eternity, or stickied as a landmark case study of every wrong way you can possibly discuss a topic. While there's multiple points worth addressing, if most of you can't look back over your posts and see the way in which either your content or your wording contributed to the flood of antagonism rather than engaging in resolving it, I don't have much more I can possibly say. 40oz, you got your last words in just on time. I'm sure you can understand that any further discussion needs to be taken to PMs. (Speaking of which, the P in PM stands for "private" - as a general rule, any private messages posted to a public forum will be removed.)
  12. Post a picture of yourself!

    Feng Shui lv.3
  13. I can't get Legacy to work, please help

    Yes. Also, allcaps = NO.