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  1. Lüt

    Doom updated on Steam...with Unity version

    Consider it disregarded.
  2. Lüt

    RAVEN MIDI Pack project - COMPLETE.

    Something that may be of use here: A problem I had when importing other composers' MIDIs alongside the original Heretic MIDIs, is that despite the new music fitting the fantasy/medieval theme, it simply didn't sound correct next to the original compositions. As it turns out, a lot of the clash had to do with the instruments used, rather than the actual composition of the music. The new tracks needed "re-orchestration" to fit the original sound. So I went through the original Heretic MIDIs and compiled a list of all the instruments used, along with a tally mark for each track that the patch appeared in: Traditional Symphonic/Acoustic: String Ensemble 1 - IIIII IIII String Ensemble 2 - I SynthStrings 1 - IIIII IIIII IIIII II SynthStrings 2 - III Synth Brass 1 - II Hammond Organ - II French Horn - I Choir Aahs - IIIII I Synth Voice - III Lead 6 (Voice) - I Voice Oohs - II Bottle Blow - I Pad 1 (New Age) - I Pad 2 (Warm) - II Pad 5 (Bowed) - I Pad 7 (Halo) - I Marimba - IIIII Celesta - I Vibraphone - II Acoustic Grand Piano - IIII Pizzicato Strings - I Acoustic Bass - II Modern / Electronic: Distortion Guitar - IIIII I Electric Guitar (Clean) - I Electric Bass (Finger) - IIIII I Fretless Bass - III Synth Bass 2 - I Slap Bass 2 - I Percussion: Acoustic Grand Piano (Drum) - IIIII IIIII IIIII III Timpani - IIIII IIIII I Tubular Bells - III Melodic Tom - II Agogo - I Synth Drum - I Taiko Drum - II Reverse Cymbal - IIIII So if project participants want to mimic the original sound, and need a starting point for instrument selection, there you go.
  3. That kind of problem isn't inevitable with sector portals, but different engines seem to have different portal rendering capabilities. For example, I've done scenes plenty more complicated than that in Eternity, but earlier today I was trying to help somebody on Discord solve a similar issue using LZDoom, and after going through all the old tweaks and hacks from EE's early days, I couldn't fix their rendering problem. Then out of curiosity, I converted the action/tagging setup to Eternity's format, and that engine displayed everything perfectly fine - no changes to architecture necessary. If you're going to use Eternity, I could probably help set up the map correctly, but if it's for ZDoom or another engine, somebody else would probably know more. The main issues that caused problems like that back in EE's early days were 1) portal sectors needing different heights/textures than surrounding sectors 2) not enough map space in portalled area for camera to render full area 3) smaller portalled area too close to other interfering architecture. Not sure if any of that's applicable to you though, and I don't know how much help anybody could provide without being able to look at the map themselves, but no, there shouldn't be any reason for architecture like that to have those errors.
  4. Oh, I meant in a general image editor. Doom's colormaps are just indexed-color bitmap images, you can export/import them as PNG images using Slade3, so with a program like Photoshop or GraphicsGale, you can swap the colors in the colormap like you would any other image.
  5. I don't see any in the original Boom colormap archive, and I don't have any sitting around in my own collection either. It's probably easiest to take one of the existing red/grn/blu maps and do a color swap with whatever brown range you want.
  6. You need to use a colormap. Assuming you're using line action 242 for "create fake floor," then you assign the under-floor colormap of your choice by selecting it as the lower texture on the front sidedef of your action line, so your sidedef properties would look something like this: The same goes for if you want an alternate colormap above a fake ceiling: select the above-ceiling colormap of your choice as the upper texture on the front sidedef of your action line. You can actually apply a colormap to the main area of the sector by selecting it as the middle texture, but it only displays when you're standing in the tagged sector, and then everything else in your view is rendered in that colormap as well.
  7. Lüt

    Search function not working anymore?

    Nope, not working :P Last post from Ling: "It's been up and down lately since the search server doubles as the static image server and the whole thing is working overtime with Doom Eternal and all. It works fine for a while and then falls over again. The only option is probably to bite the bullet and pay for a beefier server. I have been putting it off because I was having a minor panic attack over LetsEncrypt breaking and the SSL certificate for Doomworld was due to expire, uh, now-ish? So I was busy sorting that all out first." So, may not be working for a while.
  8. Lüt

    Post limit

    It's per user account. Not that I'm recommending it, but yes.
  9. Lüt

    Post limit

    There's a 4-content-count limit for new accounts. It expires 1 day after registration, so you should be clear to post as usual now.
  10. Chubzdoomer has a lot of good youtube videos. Check his Doom Builder tutorials playlist. Many of them are for Doom Builder 2, but all newer versions of the program will have the same features, even if they've been expanded or they're in a different location. And yes, Ultimate Doom Builder is the newest version of the program. It's the successor to GZDoom Builder, being developed by the same team. Use that if possible.
  11. HTML was surprisingly easy to grasp compared to any other language I've tried to work with. (As in, it's the only one that was remotely sensible and comprehendible.) Probably helped that I also had to make a site for a project as part of the graphic design curriculum at college, and the teacher of the web class was quite good. (As in, she literally wrote the book.)
  12. Texture offsets are +X and +Y, unless you enter a negative value. As far as offsets are concerned, textures are drawn from left to right and top to bottom. So if you're facing a wall in the game, and its texture has offsets of X=16 and Y=24, that texture will be shifted 16 pixels to the left and 24 pixels up. Negative values will shift it rightward and down. However, since textures are repeatedly tiled, all offsets will loop around eventually, so positive or negative values don't really make a difference in achieving proper alignment. Unpegging doesn't affect offset directions, but it does change a texture's initial vertical alignment point, so yes those settings can affect your texture alignments, but only on the Y axis.
  13. Lüt

    How does one make a lift anywhere?

    First: GZDoom Builder is dead, and Doom Builder 2 is exceptionally dead. Use Ultimate Doom Builder. That said, lifts have been a part of Doom since its original release, so any map editor is capable of making a lift. By default, lifts start in their raised position, then lower to the lowest nearby floor (nearby meaning another sector directly connected to the lift sector), wait for a moment, and finally return to their original position. Different map formats allow different behavior, so you should specify if you're mapping in Doom format, Hexen format, or UDMF (and if Doom format, whether you're aiming for Boom-compatible). In any instance, you'll need a line to activate the lift, so pick whatever line you want to be the trigger, and right-click it to bring up its properties. Under the "action" section, there'll be a "browse" button that will bring up a list of line actions by category. Open the "Lifts" category and choose whatever type you want. Then you'll need to tell the line what sector to activate, so give the line an identification tag (Doom/Boom) or sector tag (UDMF). Then go to the sector you want to be the lift, and give it the same identification tag. That links the two, so that the line action always activates the sector with the same tag number. You can use the same tag on multiple lines (for multiple lift activators) or multiple sectors (for multiple lifts), but limit it to this particular series of actions only.
  14. Lüt

    texture bug

    Your door height might be wrong, your sector definitions might be wrong, or you may have additional surrounding sectors interfering with the movement/positioning of the door. At this point, without an example to look at, anybody can only guess. I'd suggest either posting a link to the map in this thread, or send it in a PM to anybody who offers to have a look (I'm around for a few hours, if you want to send it my way).
  15. Lüt

    texture bug

    Middle textures always appear between floors and ceilings, and the underside of a door is its ceiling, so yes, putting a texture in the middle will cause a door texture to be drawn where there is open space under the door. As for why the upper texture is missing, all I can think of without seeing the map is that you put the texture on the wrong side of the line. Door textures should be on the upper part of the side of the line which is facing the player when they approach the door (meaning that, in the editor, that line should have a small center marker pointing away from the door itself, and you'll be putting the door texture on the upper part of the "front" sidedef).