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  1. As somebody who routinely responds to people with their own avatars, that was my exact thought as soon as I posted. Well this was an exceptionally underwhelming 666th reply.
  2. Much has happened in 10 years. Decent start though. Could have been good, but didn't even have 1337.wad listed.
  3. 36, which means I've been here half my life wtf.
  4. Speaking of which: Honestly, if you're placing 8x16 tiles on a line whose length is clearly multiples of 16, you have no excuse for an 8-pixel offset error, especially when you're required to manually input that offset in the first place. All you have to do is leave it at 0. I mean, it's the default, come on people. And worse than that, if you're going to have repeating tiles as small as these, you lay the tile grid over a much larger texture. This kind of cut+paste is just lazy: Say what?
  5. Chicken in the Car and the Car Can't Go. No seriously, it can't go. I've been stuck here 36 years.
  6. Great topic, gtsgreece. I've gathered a variety of stray images over the years for this very purpose. Here's a few. A fancy interior: An odd interior: An abandoned quarry: A shiny building: Two interesting buildings in the background, particularly the right side (don't mind Shaun): Scene from a movie I don't know but snapped because I thought it could be adapted into a good hell scene: And if you don't mind cartoons - they're probably easier to adapt to Doom anyway - here's a city overview that could provide some good downtown building exteriors: In particular, the industrial building in the middle: AND BECAUSE HERETIC DOESN'T GET ENOUGH LOVE: Caernarfon Castle: Misc classic architecture: Ruins: Finally, here's an exceptionally large render (8000x1200) of a medieval town. Google Drive link, since embedding is ludicrous: Simis Medieval by Imp012 Should be enough for now. More where that came from though. Not a problem, just cluttery. You can press backspace/delete to remove pictures the same way as you can remove words. The main thing is that your comment was within the quote, so people would assume it was simply part of the original post and skip it. I initially passed it by until I wondered why you quoted something without a reply and looked back up. People are more likely to reply if they realize it's a new comment, so there it is.
  7. I might have had a life. ...then again, maybe not.
  8. All I needed to get from this discussion, thanks.
  9. Your self-loathing is greater than mine.
  10. Thousands, but that was long ago. Yes I was one of those idiots who played through nearly the entire D!Zone, D!Zone 2 and H!Zone CDs, because what else were the 90's for?
  11. I'm all out of ass! >:(=

  12. Not as much as the price tag would suggest, but you never know what can happen when 2 crazed bidders go to war.
  13. Fine by me, go for it.
  14. I remember that if only for the lift getting stuck around the guy's waist.
  15. Back in '98, some friends and I were going to go see Henry Rollins when he came to Chicago to do a spoken word routine. We'd been into Rollins Band for a few years (admittedly because of the Liar video, but we were rather quick to realize there was a lot more to his act than just that), and we'd just discovered he had spoken word albums, which we were in love with because Henry Rollins spoken word, what could be better? He just had a way of talking that you could listen to and think, "this is truth," no matter how you may have disagreed on principle. But somehow, between general exhaustion, school work, and lack of planning, we all missed the show. So we shrugged and went about business as usual. Later that year, Think Tank came out. It was a double-disc spoken word, arranged such that the first CD was more quick-moving and comic-based, while the second CD was more slow and story-telling based. The second CD had older recordings from his world tours - one from Australia, some from England perhaps - I forget the specifics, because of what happened with the first CD. I looked at the date it was recorded, and then the location it was recorded. And it was the date and location of the show that we were going to attend. Then we all looked at it. And every single one of us was like "FFFFFFUUUUUU- we could have been there for Think Tank!" And that's my top attendance-based regret. Same, except I was more like 22 or 24 when that happened. (I'm 36 now.) FRONT. AND. CENTER.