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  1. Getting some real Greatwood Forest vibes from Fable. Either way, looks stunning.
  2. Peanut

    Doom Streams

    Streaming some Heretic for the next hour or so. Re-couping from plasma loss! https://go.twitch.tv/loveablelegume
  3. Peanut

    Doom Streams

    I stream ever once in awhile but I'm intending on doing it more in the future. It's mostly just level design which is going to be geared towards educational purposes. Gonna be adding reviews/playthroughs of Doom stuff as well as just playthroughs of other games. Been really enjoying the first Quake so far. https://go.twitch.tv/loveablelegume On that note, I'll be streaming some Quake. I feel some Lovecraftian themes would be suitable for today.
  4. I'd like to take a second to put my two cents into the ring. I also really enjoyed Heretic as a child. Even when I was reintroduced to Doom theough the Collector's edition (thanks to my parents being stiffs and taking it away when I was three) I always wanted to get my hands on Heretic again and complete my childhood. Low and behold, my awesome uncle ends up sending me his copies of floppies and the family was whole. However, you'd never see any lumping of Doom and Heretic together from me. Sorry, can't do it. I can't even call Heretic a "Doom clone" because it has enough of it's own thing going on. Here's why: On the gameplay aspect, I'd say Heretic is completely fine. Sure, there's quite a few things that can be tweaked to make it a better experience for some (like projectile speeds of certain weapons in deathmatch) but I'd say a lot of the things you've listed here don't have any real problems. The fact that there aren't any hitscan enemies really can't detract from anything since the only hitscan weapons you have are the Crystal Tickler and an unwieldy rapid fire weapon that you have with the Dragon claw. I'd even go so far as to say the level designers made good use of this with the monster counts and how they're used. I can see a ton of problems with the base levels if you were to replace certain monsters with a Chaingunner or even Shotgunners. Does this make sense? Just kind of how the two elements of the monster behavior and your weapon selection kind of go hand in hand? As for the lacking of textures, I actually see it as more of a challenge than a curse. See what you can build with a limited pool but still be able to make it look appealing. Okay, that's kind of a lie but there's still truth to it. I am guilty of using a texture pack for my current project. For the monster variety... eh. I get where you're coming from, but I'd say the ghosts can be a class of their own. I like how they're context sensitive with magic weapons while the more physical do jack. On to the BFG thing... I have to completely disagree. Again, both of these games have their own things going for them so I find it hard to make any real comparison. The Tome more than makes up for any super weapon since it buffs your entire arsenal for a time and honestly a super weapon would completely ruin what it has going for it. Anyway, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  5. Peanut

    Heretyc HD mod (JHRP modified/upgrade)

    Okay, first off, love the texture work. I do have one little nit-pick though, if you don't mind. The blue water tile texture in the last shot looks really odd with all the bigger brick textures nearby. Just kinda kills the flow, which might be more the fault of the level rather than the texture itself. Also, can't say I'm a big fan of the port being used either, but that's just personal preference. One other problem which is just the cross between the levels and HD textures in general is just the low level geometry kind of clashes with the higher resolution and detail of the textures. The only time I've ever liked HD textures in a Doom engine game is with Total Chaos, but at that point it's pretty much a labor of love so... yeah. Again, preference. That being said though, I'd really love to see how these would look in something like GZDoom so I'll probably take a look a little later.
  6. Thanks you guys! It's good to know that the design and gameplay are flowing as well for you guys as I was hoping they would. Also, thanks to Suitepee for that playthrough. It's nice to see my stuff played through the eyes of someone else like that. Really helps me with envisioning how other players will think and it'll help with applying ideas accordingly. I'll get to addressing those visuals and then move on to completing the first episode.
  7. Haven't made any maps in a long time and finally decided to sit down and start making shit. Problem is, I haven't made any single player levels since '05. Kinda looking for some critiques or thoughts from anyone willing to sit through it. Thinking of turning this into a megawad focusing on chocolate doom and I just wanna make sure I'm on the right track. pics for tits E1M1.zip Edit: Haven't done a difficulty balance yet, so everything is default on UV.
  8. Peanut

    The /newstuff Chronicles #473

    TimeOfDeath's Broohaven map was pretty dope, but that last hallway was a friggin douche move.
  9. Dang! And here I thought I was gonna turn into a bird.
  10. Peanut

    Throw it in the Bag

    Alexmax, I freaking love you. Seriously, hugs are in order.
  11. Peanut

    Toddler run over and ignored in China.

    You're right. I am most definitely a toaster.
  12. Peanut

    Heretic: Contention - Release 02/22/11!

    I'm gonna go ahead and bump this since it's finally finished. Go on, give it a spin.
  13. Well, even though it shouldn't have taken this long, it's finally finished! A medieval duel map pack designed using vanilla Heretic, so it should be able to play on any port you can think of. The themes vary from classic Heretic, to an attempt to emulate modern detail styles. The layouts also have a variety of their own, ranging from typical symmetrical style, to a Quake-ish vertical layout. With all this being said, I feel I should let you know that you wont be seeing the firemace anytime soon on these levels, so that will either be a plus, or minus in your book. For those of you looking for some eye candy before downloading, look no further! Screenshots: Titlepic E1M1 E1M2 E1M3 E1M4 E1M5 E1M6 E1M7 E1M8 E1M9 The files included in the .rar are as follows: H-Duel.wad Mapinfo.wad (optional) H-Duel.txt I just felt the need to add titles to my maps, in case you were wondering. There are also different skies for certain maps. If you are going to host this in a server, I'd recommend vanilla controls (no jump/crouch). Finally, the download. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers!
  14. Peanut

    Tornado outbreak

    I live in central TX, and surprisingly, we have yet to see anything really severe. Though, we are usually on the tail end of Thor's PMS rage, it can get pretty bat-shit at times. Oh, and I hope a flying cow doesn't wreck your shit. [/terrible movie reference]
  15. Peanut

    A better "Christian" America

    Yay! Someone's finally standing up to those stupid experts! Starring Will Smith.