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  1. Adam Hegyi

    Holy Flurking Shnit

    netnomad: if you have doom2.exe and doom2.wad in the same directory, you play the demo as: doom2 -playdemo 30nm2956 (without .lmp)
  2. Adam Hegyi

    Holy Flurking Shnit

    Two minor bits: Obviously if there's no requirement on secrets or kills, the secret levels are not necessary in a movie run. Incoming is always accessible through HTTP (and that is preferred anyway if you're not an uploader): http://competn.doom2.net/incoming/compet-n/
  3. Adam Hegyi

    Good "slaughter" demos

    Some more: E4M2: 324 (488 TAS) - strongest of all id maps HR25 : 247 (325 TAS) - no BFG
  4. Adam Hegyi

    Doom without a scratch

    Yeah, this is Reality Style (or, very close to that - Reality rules forbid plasma and BFG usage as well), created by Thomas "Panter" Pilger. His page is down, however you can still access it thanks to the Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20020205040623/http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/7571/
  5. Adam Hegyi

    Good "slaughter" demos

    If someone has way too much free time, an interesting stat on these demos is (total monster hitpoints)/(exit time) aka the Punishment per Second rating. HR2 MAP32 is probably on or near the top. I believe HR MAP25 is on top for maps missing the BFG.
  6. Adam Hegyi

    New Interviews About Doom... 3

    Depends if the BFG was taken out on the engine level, because it's an even bigger bandwidth hog or something; or they simply didn't put any in the DM maps shipping with the game.
  7. Adam Hegyi

    Doom 3 Tourny at Quakecon

    Doom III - confirmed UK date? http://discuss.futuremark.com/forum/showflat.pl?Board=gaminggeneral&Number=4040724
  8. Adam Hegyi

    Doom 3 Tourny at Quakecon

    Tourny or Tourney? Anyway, they could still go gold later and have Qcon with whatever beta they have. That would be kinda lame, though.
  9. Adam Hegyi

    Golden Cybers

    Quakenet, #cyber-awards + #cyber-chat, Sunday, May 9th, 21:00 CET (15:00 EST, 12:00 PST).
  10. Adam Hegyi

    NM history

    Compiled this three years ago. Feel free to use it. E1M1 dme1m1nm 04/12/1995 Davorin Mestric E1M2 free 13/09/1995 Sam John Stevens E1M3 e1m3-nm1 07/11/1995 Andreas "Anthe" Kren E1M4 dme1m4nm 04/12/1995 Davorin Mestric E1M5 e1m5-nm 12/07/1995 Ted Chauviere E1M6 dme1m6nm 04/12/1995 Davorin Mestric E1M7 dme1m7nm 04/12/1995 Davorin Mestric E1M8 e1m8-nm1 21/10/1995 Simon Widlake E1M9 e1m9-nm2 10/04/1996 Anton V. Magleli E2M1 n2m1-225 30/07/1996 Branimir Beric E2M2 e2m2-nm 12/03/1995 Phidias N. Bourlas E2M3 e2m3-nm 24/05/1995 Josh Horwich E2M4 e2m4-nm 24/05/1995 Josh Horwich E2M5 e2m5-nm 01/12/1995 Simon Widlake E2M6 e2m6-nm 05/05/1996 George I. Bell E2M7 e2m7-nm 02/01/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren E2M8 e2m8-nm 25/08/1994 Kari Viljaranta E2M9 e2m9-nm 26/03/1995 Jonas Andersson E3M1 e3m1-nm 25/03/1995 Jonas Andersson E3M2 e3m2-nm 30/04/1995 Jonathan "Hunter" Hoof E3M3 e3m3-nm 28/10/1995 Nicholas R. Spampata E3M4 e3m4-nm 07/02/1996 Terry "T-man" Dunphy E3M5 e3m5-nm 30/04/1995 Jonathan "Hunter" Hoof E3M6 e3m6-nm 10/03/1995 Phidias N. Bourlas E3M7 e3m7-nm 24/04/1996 Anton V. Magleli E3M8 e3m8-nm 10/06/1994 Michael L. Murphy E3M9 e3m9-nm 11/03/1995 Phidias N. Bourlas E4M1 u4m1-nm1 04/10/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren E4M2 u4m2-nm1 17/08/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren E4M3 e4m3-nm 22/05/1996 Mike Pratt E4M4 n4m4-146 03/06/1996 George I. Bell E4M5 u4m5-nm1 07/10/1996 Yonatan Donner E4M6 n4m6-438 27/07/1998 Steffen "Rini" Udluft E4M7 n4m7-222 15/05/1996 Branimir Beric E4M8 n4m8-339 04/08/1996 Branimir Beric E4M9 e4m9-nm 24/05/1996 Mike Pratt MAP01 03nm0447 24/09/1995 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP02 map02-nm 16/05/1995 Jonathan "Hunter" Hoof MAP03 free 16/08/1995 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP04 nm04-258 29/04/1996 Kai-Uwe Humpert MAP05 free 02/10/1995 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP06 map06-nm 13/09/1995 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP07 map07-nm 26/05/1995 Tom Mustaine MAP08 map08-nm 30/04/1995 Phidias N. Bourlas MAP09 nm09-451 16/06/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP10 map10-nm 28/09/1995 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP11 nm11-158 07/05/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP12 map12-nm 13/12/1995 Jesper Hansson MAP13 nm13-1st 13/02/1996 Simon Widlake MAP14 nm14-550 16/04/1996 Istvan Pataki MAP15 map15-nm 22/04/1996 George I. Bell MAP16 map16-nm 28/09/1995 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP17 nm17-628 20/05/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP18 map18-nm 16/05/1995 Jonathan "Hunter" Hoof MAP19 nm19-342 29/03/1996 Istvan Pataki MAP20 nm20-206 05/02/1996 Sven Huth MAP21 nm21-309 09/03/1996 Istvan Pataki MAP22 free 12/06/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP23 nm23-330 23/05/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP24 map24-nm 08/12/1995 Jesper Hansson MAP25 map25-nm 20/01/1996 Josh Horwich MAP26 nm26-235 29/05/1996 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP27 free 08/02/1996 Ashley Smith MAP28 map28-nm 30/04/1995 Phidias N. Bourlas MAP29 nm29-554 13/04/1997 Andreas "Anthe" Kren MAP30 map30-nm 16/05/1995 Jonathan "Hunter" Hoof MAP31 map31-nm 27/04/1995 Phidias N. Bourlas MAP32 map32-nm 28/04/1995 Phidias N. Bourlas Obviously the easy/popular maps are hard to verify, but they are of little importance anyway.
  11. Adam Hegyi

    NM history

    Yeah, 13ns3028 is Vince's. :D
  12. Adam Hegyi

    NM history

    I can contribute a NM First list myself, even if it's only for verification.
  13. Adam Hegyi

    A question about how CN works

    Right... also there are quite a few Misc demos at C-N.
  14. Adam Hegyi

    A question about how CN works

    Claudio used to send some records to DANG and not COMPET-N (they could've been beaten by now, I don't know). But as Radek so nicely put, "no uploads, no glory. ;)" Back to the question, yep, you have to beat the current C-N record to be able to send your demo. Except: - 30NM, 30NS: any demo is accepted. 2nd and 3rd fastest also get you points. - 30UV, 30UVMAX, 30FAMAX: 2nd fastest is accepted and gets you points.
  15. Adam Hegyi

    PrBoom on Speed

    As you see here, for outsider people it is certainly not obvious.