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  1. Status updates, how do they work? Well, testing testing 1-2-3, it's my annual birthday again. Hooray and stuff.

    1. Gothic


      happy birthday

  2. Brand New Doom 2 Trick

    I propose "jario glide", "elevario", or "monster-induced instantaneous vertical coordinate transmogrification".
  3. pa02-2057, Underhalls done Pacifist!

    Well done! There is hope for rocket launcher only 30uv now...
  4. I liked the part where you went really fast.
  5. New Forum

    Thank you Linguica for keeping this site going and making necessary upgrades. Some pixels are not what I'm used to which makes you literally the worst person since Genghis Khan, but apart from that you're a pretty cool guy.
  6. E2M8 Done Passive

    Of course, but on the off chance that both E4M6 and MAP02 get done, the speed demos community should just claim MAP30 this way as a reward and call both games done ;-)
  7. E2M8 Done Passive

    MAP30 could be done by interpreting the rules for Pacifist more creatively (or just more literally?). The player is not allowed to hurt monsters. Romero's head is present with -nomonsters. Therefore, it is not a monster, and the player is allowed to damage it. Why would it count as a monster, anyway? It's clearly just a piece of decoration, much like a barrel.
  8. The Focus is the Best Doom II Map

    I'm super serious. It has sick drums and bass, a sicker organ, and the sickest guitar solo. It gets you pumped but goes beyond that and evokes a unique, nuanced atmosphere. It's the perfect track for thousands of hours of cumulative play testing while mapping. In fact, it's so inspiring that I always wasted time running around after testing whatever I was supposed to test (usually until the end of the solo). Besides, together with the melancholic D2E1 sky (which is not unlike a painting by one of the great masters), it makes me nostalgic for playing 90s shovelware levels.
  9. The Focus is the Best Doom II Map

    It would be a somewhat boring contest since D_RUNNIN obviously wins, but I guess it would be interesting to see how the runners-up rank.
  10. Weird Control Habits

    When I play Doom, I use WASD except that right mouse is move forward and W is use. I use normal WASD in other games. I've tried switching to my Doom setup for other games and to normal WASD for Doom, but neither works.
  11. Levels of detail, how much?

    It was possibly intended just to annoy Lüt, heh. In any case, the appropriate level of detail depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Detail for its own sake isn't impressive these days, and it's certainly not a substitute for good basic architecture. I rather enjoy playing maps that do a good job with minimal use of detail. However, high detail can also be used very effectively. Sunder is an interesting example. It uses detail in a completely obsessive that way that makes it feel like you're trapped in some kind of fractal of evil. It just wouldn't work if you took it out. In some other contexts, that amount of detail would be misplaced.
  12. Levels of detail, how much?

    Oh great, I still have these images from 2002.
  13. DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Very nice run. Pity about the ending. I wish there was more competition in this category (big props for your persistent work single-handedly pushing down the time more than 16 minutes compared to the previous record holder). The routes look good, but it seems there's still a lot of time to be saved by optimizing weapon use (you have a lot of spare rockets and cells most of the time). Has anyone attempted a "theory TAS" (basically a segmented run of the normal route with normal play but no mistakes) to see what kind of time might be possible? It would also be nice to see an optimized built TAS, though obviously that would be an absurdly hard project. I guess Azuruish's 55:57 TAS falls somewhere in between...
  14. The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

    Another certainly doable one is ksutra map14. If you camp around the central horseshoe structure, pretty much everything dies to infighting. Two cyberdemons and a spider mastermind need to be killed with berserk + 900 bullets. One cyberdemon and the spider can both be killed safely with the pistol. The last cyberdemon is in a decent location for punching (perhaps it makes sense to kill it first of all?). If you get very lucky with the infighting, bullets might last all the way (e.g. arachnotrons might kill the spider). Yeah, lots of turret monsters and blocking lines make life hard on the remaining maps though...