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  1. Ferk

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    Thank you for all the positive feedback on this! I did open a pull request shortly after the post, which includes the 2 bleeding stages that are based on the same face: https://github.com/freedoom/freedoom/pull/532 The other bleeding stages remain unchanged, which I think it's ok, since the face is looking down slightly: (Hmm.. the forum does not allow me to resize linked pictures any bigger)
  2. Ferk

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    One thing I find very annoying whenever I use Freedoom vs Doom is how juvenile and thin is the HUD face of the default Freedoom guy stance. His jaw is narrow, and his chin sharp. It feels like a teenager, it doesn't really speak "badass" to me like the Doom guy does. My problem is only with the default idling face, the rest of the faces are totally ok, since they are in an angle it does make sense for them to be sort of stretched. This is worsened by the fact that Doom engines actually stretch the HUD images with 20% extra height. I suspect this wasn't taken into account when these graphics were made. It also looks like his mouth is a bit too high up his nose, like he's constantly pulling his lips. I've taken an attempt at improving on this, below you can see the original next to the tweaked version I made, both aspect corrected to match how the engine renders it. If you agree with this, I'll tweak also the bleeding ones and submit a PR.
  3. Ferk

    where is link for free doom?

    Maybe the link to the website (https://freedoom.github.io/) should be be part of the Forum description (just like it is for the Eternity forum). It's a bit weird that the official forum for Freedoom has no link or hint to where the official website is, Doomworld users would have to google to know.
  4. Ferk

    Freedoom app released on google play store

    It appears the GZDoom-Android project that this was a fork of was pretty much abandoned. Are there plans to continue forwards and update this port to GZDoom 3.x (which would allow it to get rid of FMOD) or would it follow the same fate as its parent project?
  5. Ferk

    Doom in Swift

    Sorry for the offtopic, but there's this for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nullsum.freedoom
  6. Ferk

    Need Maps for The People's DooM

    Freedoom is not finished, and it's likely it never will. There's always something to improve or change. Even after so many years there are still things that are placeholders. It has also been a much more popular project from the start, it's known even outside of the Doom community thanks to it being its first (and only, afaik) free and open source asset replacement. TPD is not truly open source, there are limits in how you can use the assets, afaik the license is only Freeware. Aren't there total conversions for Doom already that are freeware? IMHO, making a small contribution to a more representative and popular project is a more efficient use of resources than a big contribution to a smaller project that's not as distinctive or unique. Better to work together on having one single higher quality Freedoom than multiple unfinished lower quality ones with similar goals, dividing the efforts. If you are looking for something different than Freedoom and less "finished" where your involvement will have more impact then I'd suggest contributing to Blasphemer or Zauberer. Their goals are not overlapping, they have extra features and are fully open source. They are also the only open source replacement for Heretic and Hexen respectively that exist, so they are bound to be well known once they get more complete and to be included in several Linux repositories, just like Freedoom did. I'm excited for the future of these two projects, if only were they able to attract enough contributors. I'm sorry if I'm too blunt... but you came to the Freedoom forum asking their potential contributors to go and contribute to your personal project instead.
  7. I don't think it's possible to implement Heretic out of BEX without modifying a source port, that's not my intent. Sorry if it came across like that. In order to extend BEX you already need to fork a Doom source port anyway. I'm not making a separate dehacked program for DOOM.EXE. I was intending to implement Heretic support in a PrBoom fork, I already separated the logic and made my own gameinfo_t, I can load doom and heretic wads without crashing but most of heretic is unimplemented yet. The thing is that I thought maybe it's possible to expose some of the Heretic differing logic (coded in the engine fork) through BEX. I expect some of the ZDoom-specific extensions to BEX are already related to Heretic (and Hexen), like MF2_BOUNCETYPE. and it's likely this will also be the case for other engines that had support for Heretic (ZDaemon for example still uses a "DEHSUPP" lump for redefining the dehacked lookup tables to support Heretic/Hexen or custom iwads), so I thought it would be good if some of these extensions to BEX were to be part of the new standard. And I specifically mentioned the inventory and the heretic status bar as examples of things that I would *not* add in the new BEX Doom standard, because most Doom-only engines wouldn't want to implement them and this discussion is about extending the standard in a way multiple engines can agree on supporting.
  8. I hope this is not too offtopic, but I've been wondering: how doable would it be to extend BEX in such a way that it can be used as a bridge between Doom and Heretic? A Doom port wanting to support Heretic might have to add several things that a pure Doom port might not want to add (status bar changes, inventory system, etc), but I was wondering if it would be viable to toggle some of the differences in weapons, states, things, etc. through new BEX extensions (and setting maybe some of gameinfo_t through BEX), so that at the same time it'll improve the BEX standard for further modding possibilities (which is why I was posting in this thread). Admittedly, I haven't dug that much in source engine code yet, but I was actually considering giving it a go at trying to bring some level of Heretic support to PrBoom libretro core. Doing it while extending BEX seemed like a cleaner way to go. But it would be great to have some feedback first, specially from those interested in extending Boom.
  9. Ferk

    The Freedoom guy walking sprites need redone

    The "concept" doesn't need to be changed, but changing the animations is hard enough that it'd probably require reworking most of the sprites. It's not a 3D model but pixel art which does not rotate freely, so you'd need to basically remake it when you want it to be in a different position, for several frames and angles. Maybe "complete" rework won't be needed, but that's not what he said. If it was that easy to change the animation someone would have already done it. You are free to attempt it, if you manage to improve it, even if it's by only a bit, it'd be appreciated.
  10. Ferk

    is right?

    They shut down Greenlight, now with "Steam Direct" you need to pay $100 for each game you want to publish on Steam. And I believe (not sure) there's also a registration fee per publisher. https://partner.steamgames.com/steamdirect
  11. I don't think there's any version of any official Doom engine (pure Doom, not counting Hexen/Strife or unofficial source ports) that supports jumping. And I don't know in Hexen, but at least in Strife explosions will only push you sideways, never upwards. I don't think rocket jumping ever existed before Quake introduced it.
  12. Ferk

    Blasphemer discussion

    Where's the latest version of the iwad available for download? The "heretic.wad" in the github repo hasn't changed since 2010 and when I try to build it myself I get the following error regarding a missing WAV: [... output before this is cut, no warnings or errors before this ...] i PL05 Palette is Heretic i CM30 Making lumps i CM50 Making TEXTURE1 w TX38 Texture SW2OFF: width 192 not a power of 2 w TX38 Texture SW2ON: width 192 not a power of 2 i TX44 Read 100 textures from ./textures/texture1.txt i CM55 Making TEXTURE2 w CM56 Can't find TEXTURE2 in main WAD i TX44 Read 167 textures from ./textures/texture2.txt i CM41 Making PNAMES i CM60 Making sounds w SC14 ./sounds/amb1.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb10.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb11.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb2.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb3.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb4.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb5.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb6.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb7.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb8.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb9.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/artiup.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/artiuse.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 E CM63 Can't find sound ./sounds/blshit.wad, WAV make: *** [blasphem.wad] Error 2 Note that ./sounds/blshit.au exists, but as an AU, not a WAV.
  13. Ferk

    Which features would you like to see in GZDoom?

    Imho, GZDoom is already packed with features. The only thing I would ask is to have it ported as a libretro core so it can take advantage of the amazing portability (Android, consoles, etc!) and convenience of Retroarch. But I know it would be quite a lot of work. I'm hoping the sdl2-libretro library could make this achievable.
  14. Just an idea... would there be interest for an indiegogo campaign to make a version of BD with proper Freedoom compatible GPL assets? I'd back it up, specially if it also involves revamping some of the animations and assets from Freedoom.
  15. Ferk

    SMITA0 and Other Things.

    Depends on the convention. It also does not necessarily mean that you can use any arbitrary name NNNN. I always assumed it was not possible since most iwads are either reskins or require a different binary than vanilla Doom. But it would be great if Freedoom can do this.