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  1. Iconic, yes. But it has a very awkward animation. I 100% agree that it should not be replaced by a new concept... but it could do with some tweaks / "remastering". Even it being bigger is not a problem, I do like those shoulder pads. It's just the animation, specially in the front view.. it's like his tights are bound or holding his pee. The rotations are inconsistent too, if you rotate around him it feels like he's moving all the time.
  2. You might be able to use new sci-fi textures in the new planet. But new sprites cannot be created, which means the macabre sprites with skulls, bones, altars and blood should stay because PWADs use them in gothic maps. And they would be out of place in Freedoom if they were not accompanied by matching hellish dark age textures and elements for the areas/levels they are used in. A sci-fi backstory in a red bloody planet that uses an environment that matches such sprites and is full of horror elements is basically already "a hellish reality", it's precisely the setting I was talking about. I just didn't specify if it's a planet or what. Imho, either adapt to be able to fit a hellish dark age setting for those areas in the backstory or make new maps using new textures without using the dark age elements. But I don't think those sprites should be changed for the sake of making them blend better in a more sci-fi map, because then PWADs will look bad. The graphics in Freedoom that are used in Doom PWADs necessarily have to be able to fit a hellish setting similar to Doom's. And I don't think following a similar setting is a bad thing. Doom doesn't have the monopoly on horror hellish environments, and it's not like going full sci-fi would be any more original (Duke Nukem? Hacx? AliensTC?).
  3. Are the mutated people preserving all their faculties? In your story they even have their own culture. Killing them might even seem wrong, as they were rebelling against those who oppressed them. From the sprites I would have guessed those zombi-like creatures were corrupted workers that were being either mind-controlled or infected by something that brings them blind rage, attacking whatever isn't contaminated. Or just brain washed to follow orders. I think that some sort of mind control or cultism that implies there's a mastermind somewhere following an ulterior motive would make sense and would give an explanation as to why there's an "Icon of sin"-like "boss". Unless there are other ideas for the final boss. The mutating insects idea is not very different from my idea of the ancient aliens I was talking about in the other post. If for example the scientists didnt't know that those small insects were actually native intelligent creatures of the planet, driven by a hivemind concentrated around a central Queen, an ancient being with mind-wrecking knowledge and a deformed shapeless body, merged with a wall in her nest within the depths of her hive. Killing it would cause a huge impact in the hivemind which will automatically cause all the mutants to retreat and halt the invasion, maybe even become just mindless or die. It would also bring sense to the existence of the arachnid creatures and the big arachnotron-like boss.
  4. I just realized that it's possible for the ZDoom-derived and Eternity engines to load an entire uncompressed directory as if it was a PK3/PKE file, without having to zip it. Just so long as the directory structure is a specific one: For ZDoom/GZDoom/Zandronum: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement#How_to For Eternity: http://eternity.youfailit.net/index.php?title=ZIP I was wondering.. how doable would it be to change the structure of the repo to follow at least one of these (mostly inter-compatible) formats? It would be very convenient to just be able to run one of those engines against the cloned git repo and without having to go through the additional step of compiling the wad be able to quickly check out the content, or quickly test out changes. Plus github allows you to download a zip out of any branch, tag or commit.. so it would be straightforward to just download it and rename it to pk3 whenever you want to distribute any random state of the repo from any time in the past (or at least starting from the commit that made the switch to PK3 structure) without having to depend on a buildbot. I know Freedoom is actually 3 wads and not just a single one... but I was wondering if there would be a way to make this work somehow, even if it's dependent on features from either of those engines. The official release would still be 3 vanilla compatible WADs of course.
  5. I think this looks really cool from a developer's point of view, but very awkward from a mapper's point of view. Probably a project like this should target making life easier for the artists/mappers, who are the people Freedoom should try to attract, since they are the ones contributing the content. I don't think having to convert the txt files all the time will be very comfortable. It looks like some people even have trouble with making clean git commits, this wouldn't improve it. Maybe if the editing tools were able to use this txt format directly in some way, or there were some very convenient scripts that could be run in all platforms (yes, including Windows) that were not a pain to set up with multiple dependencies. And even then, many mappers might still prefer to just make a wad, since it's what everyone is used to do already.
  6. I know thats how some of us perceive it. But I'm not sure if that's really part of Freedoom's lore. As you said before, "nobody knows" where it's really set, and the only story is the intermission which just says that it's a world worse than the outpost. Things are still under heavy evolution and it was even discussed to remove "religious imaginery". Considering that Horizon doesn't really contain Buddhas or actual Christian crosses i assume it means satanic-looking symbols.. which is even something debatable, a lot of Lovecraftian lore could also be considered satanic, there's a lot of cultism around it after all. So if the setting for Horizon doesn't get clearly defined I'm afraid it might end up evolving in a more mainstream sci-fi direction. Even the name is more sci-fi than horror. "Horizon" is not a name I'd use for a land of terrors, it even sounds like something good, it evokes the culmination of human research, or space exploration (Jayextee even referenced the sky and angels). I said it before but i would have gone for some hard to pronounce Lovecraftian name if the setting for it was really Lovecraftian as you said. Leaving it so open to interpretation will just result in lack of direction and who knows where it'll end up. But this of course is just an opinion from someone who barely contributed and i guess the final word is in the artist leadership of the team
  7. It doesn't necessarily have to be "Hell" but imho it should be very close to it.. a red firey dimension full of dark sinister symbolism, blood and gothic atmosphere. Otherwise a lot of the Freedoom "hell" art would need to be replaced, and it would ruin the mood of hell-oriented pwads that try to go for a dark-medieval feeling when they are loaded with Freedoom as an iwad. Plus, personally I think the contrast of dark age horror areas and high-tech sci-fi areas is a very interesting one, makes it cooler and adds diversity. Otherwise it's just going from a futuristic facility to a futuristic planet. I still think that if for some reason you really want Freedoom to abandon using the concept of "Hell" at least it should be based on some dark cosmic horror concept like the ones from Lovecraft, which brings some mysticism and allows for it to still follow a sort of dark age setting. It might be an alien culture, but a demonic one, horrid and shapeless. With ancient knowledge so alien that breaks the minds of men that try to grasp it, driving them insane. It shouldn't be the typical green alien race with feet and legs and futuristic (yet comprehensible) technology that could have come from Star Wars, imho. In that direction, it would make sense if AGM scientists, in their research, awoke ancient alien beings from the depths of the Earth that should have remained dormant. The contact with such ancient creatures gave them incredible knowledge that applied in their experiments resulted in the abominations we see in Freedoom, all the while also turning them insane. The scientists praised the ancient beings as if they were gods, and were being manipulated by them almost like being mind-controlled. Finally, the evil ancient ones transmit to the scientists knowledge to create a teleportation channel to the alien home world/dimension/planet, at which point everything went crazy... to a point in which the "Savior of Humanity" might be the only human with some sanity left to try and set things straight. Just some ideas. My English is not very good, I'm not native.
  8. This got removed in the forum update: ---- Maybe this thread should be updated. Judging by the dehacked.lmp file it looks like all the maps have names already (except for C3M5, which is an empty placeholder map). I'm glad that C1M7 was named "Transportation Bay" instead of "Research Lab", which would be weird for the story considering the entire chapter 2 is supposed to be the Labs already. --- EDIT: C3M5 was recently named to "Oblation Temple"
  9. Yes, I submitted it to Github and it got merged, I should have said it here. Hmm.. did you really find a difference? Maybe I submitted a slightly differently retouched version than the one I uploaded in imgur. Do you really think the one posted here is an improvement in any way over the one in Github?
  10. I don't believe that seeking originality means recognizable elements should be stripped away, because it removes implicit background story. Hundreds of years of folk tales from different cultures (and more than just one religion) have given the concept of "Hell" a much stronger connotation and richer lore associated to it than what Fredoom's "Horizon" will likely ever have. To me a story is original when it takes old concepts and puts them in a new light. To be able to create new concepts from scratch requires extensive backstory, which is hard to do in Freedom with so little chances for in-game explanations. But if Freedoom is not set in Hell I agree that it makes sense to choose a different symbology. I still think it would be nice if Fredoom borrowed from some other lore.. like Lovecraft's (which is copyright-free), and it would also help to give it a more established direction. Lovecraft's horror is, after all, "cosmic" horror. The "Elder Ones" from Lovecraft are aliens too, it would be plausible for Freedoom alien creatures to be related. Maybe the weirdly human-looking name of "Horizon" should be renamed to something more appropriate for an elder tongue. "Xo'Nishgar", "Rhogg-Ka", "Tel'Nimrad" or some other strange alien word, just like the alien cities in the mythos. A rendition of Lovecraft's elder sign:
  11. Am I the only one that finds a bit annoying the breathing mask that the Freedoom guy has in the title screen? Imho, it looks cooler without it. And it doesn't correspond to how it looks in game If it really needs visible breathing orifices, maybe something more discrete would be better.
  12. Sorry for ressurrecting this, but these sprites are amazing for the archvile. I didnt notice them before and was impressed when i saw this. It looks cooler than Doom's archvile. If Urric is no longer working on it, did he at least post his progress (like the walking from all angles) somewhere so his work can carry on?
  13. This is very convenient for checking out Freedoom progress. The sprite room is missing the commander keen and icon of sin sprites, isn't it?
  14. The current one has good quality graphics, but it blends too well. It looks too much like a standard Freedoom decoration and doesn't have the same effect as the hanging commander Keen has in Doom, which is more out of place and comical. Since this is a FOSS project, what about using the character from xbill?
  15. Imho, the gore and gruesome aspects just make it more interesting. This is not a game for little kids anyway. For cartoony characters and crazy sci-fi you can always play chex. I would be a bit disappointed if Freedoom went on the direction of shiny lizards everywhere and avoided satanic or gory elements. It's not like Doom has a copyright on everything satanic. Imho, rejecting and changing anything remotely similar to Doom is not a good idea. Specially considering this is actually intended to replace Doom.wad, doom-inspired gory content added by pwads might look out of place if everything in the iwad was "revamped" to follow a totally different theme. Just have different creative kinds of demonic creatures, it doesn't have to look futuristic. Something like the worm is a good example of creative creature that might as well have come from the depths of the Earth, not necessarily from space. Like Gato606, I think using Lovecraftian creatures would be a nice compromise. And Freedoom could even use Lovecraft's names, lore and stories since it's Public Domain and there won't be copyright issues.