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  1. The "concept" doesn't need to be changed, but changing the animations is hard enough that it'd probably require reworking most of the sprites. It's not a 3D model but pixel art which does not rotate freely, so you'd need to basically remake it when you want it to be in a different position, for several frames and angles. Maybe "complete" rework won't be needed, but that's not what he said. If it was that easy to change the animation someone would have already done it. You are free to attempt it, if you manage to improve it, even if it's by only a bit, it'd be appreciated.
  2. They shut down Greenlight, now with "Steam Direct" you need to pay $100 for each game you want to publish on Steam. And I believe (not sure) there's also a registration fee per publisher. https://partner.steamgames.com/steamdirect
  3. I don't think there's any version of any official Doom engine (pure Doom, not counting Hexen/Strife or unofficial source ports) that supports jumping. And I don't know in Hexen, but at least in Strife explosions will only push you sideways, never upwards. I don't think rocket jumping ever existed before Quake introduced it.
  4. Where's the latest version of the iwad available for download? The "heretic.wad" in the github repo hasn't changed since 2010 and when I try to build it myself I get the following error regarding a missing WAV: [... output before this is cut, no warnings or errors before this ...] i PL05 Palette is Heretic i CM30 Making lumps i CM50 Making TEXTURE1 w TX38 Texture SW2OFF: width 192 not a power of 2 w TX38 Texture SW2ON: width 192 not a power of 2 i TX44 Read 100 textures from ./textures/texture1.txt i CM55 Making TEXTURE2 w CM56 Can't find TEXTURE2 in main WAD i TX44 Read 167 textures from ./textures/texture2.txt i CM41 Making PNAMES i CM60 Making sounds w SC14 ./sounds/amb1.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb10.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb11.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb2.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb3.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb4.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb5.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb6.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb7.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb8.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/amb9.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/artiup.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 w SC14 ./sounds/artiuse.wav: sample rate != 11025 Hz, won't work on Doom < 1.4 E CM63 Can't find sound ./sounds/blshit.wad, WAV make: *** [blasphem.wad] Error 2 Note that ./sounds/blshit.au exists, but as an AU, not a WAV.
  5. Imho, GZDoom is already packed with features. The only thing I would ask is to have it ported as a libretro core so it can take advantage of the amazing portability (Android, consoles, etc!) and convenience of Retroarch. But I know it would be quite a lot of work. I'm hoping the sdl2-libretro library could make this achievable.
  6. Just an idea... would there be interest for an indiegogo campaign to make a version of BD with proper Freedoom compatible GPL assets? I'd back it up, specially if it also involves revamping some of the animations and assets from Freedoom.
  7. Depends on the convention. It also does not necessarily mean that you can use any arbitrary name NNNN. I always assumed it was not possible since most iwads are either reskins or require a different binary than vanilla Doom. But it would be great if Freedoom can do this.
  8. Doesn't that mean that any new name that isn't part of the original names from vanilla Doom would cause it to abort? At least that's what I thought it meant. If it is feasible then the question is why wasn't it done before? Freedoom has already additional textures, why not additional sprites? Please leave the sprites named after the original Doom sprites as close as possible in theme and meaning, and leave the more alien stuff as separate sprites.
  9. Is that actually possible? As I understand, vanilla Doom does not support custom sprites. Or am I wrong? This is the reason why I think the style change of Freedoom to be less mystic/demonic and more of an alien/tech-oriented TC is not a good idea. If you want to play dark-gothic Doom pwads Freedoom is not a good Doom wad replacement as it is. Imho, if it's supposed to be a stalagmite it should be a stalagmite and maps that assumed it's a tree should adapt to it. The tree looks really good and it's a great asset for any WAD or TC that does not try to be a Doom compatible WAD replacement. It would be great if custom sprites was a thing in vanilla Doom so Freedoom maps could have sci-fi assets and leave the Doom namespace with appropriately Doom themed stuff.
  10. Where did you get that one? that image was not part of the originally posted previews by Urric. It would be great if we could collect all the sprites we could so maybe it'll be easier to complete it. The style in that one is a bit different than the one from Urric, was it done by someone else?
  11. Thanks, that worked. Though the images he posted are probably not all the work he did. Just to make sure it doesn't disappear I'll also upload them here, using the new forum upload. I extracted some of the frames from the photos he took of some of the sketches and so.
  12. The original images have already expired since the last time I posted, that's also what I was afraid of. So... he didn't share his progress with anyone? I don't mean sharing the status, and I know it was 6 years. I mean actually sharing the original images in its latest version with compatible license so someone can carry over. Me, myself, could give it a try, even if I'm not a very experienced spriter.. I think even an amateurish version based on this work would be better than the current flame bringer. I really like this concept for the archvile and it would be a real shame to see it vanish. It's in the kind of style that I'd love to see freedoom follow. I tried with the wayback machine but could not retrieve the old images from this post: https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/52718-my-archvile//*
  13. Yes... that's so true. It's a pity when a community spends all of this huge amount of effort in something that doesn't really belongs to the community itself, but that is instead some company's IP. It's like they get workers for free. Doom doesn't even belong to its own creators. It's not John Romero's IP, instead it's owned by Zenimax media. A company that just buys property as an investment, expecting to make profit from it, just like any other company would (not saying that Zenimax is particuarly evil or anything). In my opinion, only when something is public domain or openly licensed does it really deserve the title of "Classic". Like Lovecraft novels, classical music, ...and I'm hoping in about 14 years J.R.R. Tolkien works will start becoming public domain too, if no company f*cks it up. It's a good thing the Doom engine is GPL, but it's a pity the assets are not.
  14. Retroarch works in both iOS and Android and it has a Doom core based on prBoom. Thought it's not very comfortable to configure it for playing pwads. It's a pity there isn't a more decent libretro Doom core.
  15. For people to play a mod that uses Doom assets they need to buy Doom from Bethesda in the first place. So they are already getting their fair cut of money. Imho, it's just plain greed when companies pretend to get extra money out of the modders for a game they already got paid for. I'm happy Brutal Doom is still alive, kicking and tearing. Though I gotta say a "Brutal Freedoom" mod would be cool, the Freedoom project could certainly do with more help and that's a game that would truly belong to the community and not be simply someone's IP.