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  1. For the record: it appears that Risen3D documentation never talks about "14100" being a valid id (only 14101 to 14164 inclusive). In fact there's no reference to any specific way to make default music for the map play. So it seems ZDoom, Eternity & PrBoom+ were following the Risen3D spec correctly by not supporting 14100 and the feature might have been sneaked into several ports due to the mistake in the wiki documentation. Well, but since it seems there are ports using it, I guess it's not too much of a problem to support 14100 anyway.
  2. Coop mode campaign is something I really miss. I don't buy the "the story would not work" or the "there are technical limitations" arguments. There are ways to overcome that, there's a considerable amount of FPS games with coop campaigns that don't have this problem. Considering classic Doom was the first game to feature such mode it's a pity it's not available in any of the modern Doom games.
  3. I want to imagine that pentagram drawn with a lipstick
  4. Well, now it seems both crispy and doom retro are supporting 14100 just like doomwiki says. I wonder if there are wads using that. Maybe adding support for 14100 wouldn't be out of the question for GZDoom & Eternity? Anybody knows what did Risen3D do? Maybe 14100 is correct after all, it does make sense since 14100 - 14100 = 0 music id. In prboom libretro port I can easily support both 14100 and 14165, though, so I'll do that.
  5. Thank you! ...but my question is: is that actually the correct behavior? Because that's not what ZDoom seems to be doing (which I believe was the port who introduced this lump), so my impression was that the doomwiki docs are wrong. Although if it turns out that many other ports do this, then maybe ZDoom should also support 14100
  6. So, I was in the process of adding MUSINFO support to the prboom libretro core, following what's explained in: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MUSINFO However, I've noticed something strange. The wiki page makes the following claims: I can confirm that 14100 has no effect in PrBoom+, but it also doesn't seem to have any effect in ZDoom. I'm also not sure if it's true that 14164 does not work in Prboom+, though I can see that in ZDoom there seems to be a 14165 (out of the range of 14100—14164) that's also a MusicChanger (and in fact, it seems the documented id for that thing is 14165). https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:MusicChanger And yet, in ZDoom wiki it's stated that the MusicChanger id range is meant to be 14101-14164 (which does not include either 14100 nor 14165). Can I assume that 14165 is actually the id that's meant to change the music to default? Is this implemented differently in other ports? does any port consider 14100 a valid MusicChanger?
  7. Ferk

    Play Doom in your browser!

    This has been possible in Retroarch Webplayer for a while through the PrBoom libretro core: https://web.libretro.com/ Although that one is not as nice as this. It's meant for more things than just Doom and requires more to set up. For a while I've been wanting to make a version of that webplayer that's easier to use for Doom. This is nice, it's better integrated. It even has some level selection menu. In archive.org there's also the Doom shareware version playable from the web in some DosBox wrapper: https://archive.org/details/DoomsharewareEpisode
  8. Ferk

    Blasphemer discussion

    Armors with horned helmets are not shovel knight exclusive property. Golden Axe anyone?
  9. Ferk

    Blasphemer discussion

    That looks really awesome!! Thank you, it's great to see progress in Blasphemer. Did you check to keep it within Heretic's color palette?
  10. Ferk

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    The way Wyrmsun workarounds Steam SDK integration for its GPL engine is by having what's essentially a launcher, there isn't even any dynamic linking gluing together the GPL game and the proprietary launcher (I don't think the GPL would even allow that, it would have to be LGPL). But I expect that this might not be an option for consoles.
  11. Ferk

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    I did not forget, all of them have different attacks. You mention it yourself for the Death Knight. It has a ranged attack, that definitely spices things up. Enforcers are not hitscanners, the missile is fast, but depending on the distance you can definitely dodge it, specially the second laser. They also can provoke infighting much easier. Dogs do not have a jump and charge attack. However, in Q2, the "Tank Commander" is, quite literally, a "Tank" just with more health and a different skin. A lot of enemies in Q2 look similar and have often similar behavior, but I wasn't even counting that. If you want to count that and widen the definition then maybe you could group some Q1 enemies together, but you'll still get more groups and more variety than Q2.
  12. Ferk

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    The issue with other recreations is the fact that they distribute resources from Doom64, which means they were in danger of getting a C&D from the start. They are no less legit now than they were before. If there's a legal way to get now Doom64 resources, then that means there's a chance for projects like those to become legal. Instead of distributing the assets, have a script or program that extracts them from the official release of the game. Then the modder would not need to distribute them and can deny responsibility, it would be a mod intended to be used with the legally obtained game.
  13. Ferk

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Yes. Quake also used those and you could equally turn them into serious business. I'm sure you can find meaning behind each of the Quake realms and turn the quest for each of the runes into an epic journey in your mind, going through the slipgates much how the Doomguy went through portals. In the end it's all about interpretation. I think that's basically what it boils down to. Preference. I enjoy much more the hell levels and the demonic gothic style of Doom, I expect you prefer techbases. To me, Q1 is much closer to the Doom experience than Q2, to you it's probably the other way around.
  14. Ferk

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Quake 2 probably had more cohesive level design and more consistent theme but that also made it more generic and, imho, more boring. Precisely the chaotic inconsistency of Quake 1 interdimensional realms made it much more interesting with diverse themes including medieval, runic, base. The theme of chaos and insane creatures from unknown origins gives it a certain charm. The enemies were more varied and distinctive, you don't see the same enemy with same attacks but different skin/health. Maybe the inconsistency doesn't give place for much of a story, but Quake 2 story is not a masterpiece either, imho. If you want story & more free roam there are better options. And I'm very excited about this Doom 64 port :) ...even in the hypothetical case that they did have some imperfections, I think the fact that this would be the first time it's officially released outside of N64 is already deserving praise. I just hope it's not a Nintendo exclusive for long. Even better if it's really based on Doom 64 EX
  15. Ferk

    Forking GZDoom for (true) Open World

    I still enjoy singleplayer open world games. As long as you are not thinking MMO with a hundred players (which would not work anyway) I don't think it's such a problem to organize with a small group of friends to move on to a different area together. Combine that with having relatively big maps (as long as you are not targeting a potato I expect you could still go over vanilla limits) and I think it would not be a huge issue, if the content of the game was good I expect it would still be fun. Something that could perhaps be made is requiring all players to be near the exit in order to change maps so there are no unexpected changes, or have some sort of voting system.