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  1. Aliotroph?

    Office 365 Personal

    Office keys don't expire if you don't use them. If they did it would turn all those cards on the rack at WorstBuy into trash and hurt Microsoft's image.
  2. Aliotroph?

    Someone attempting to login as me on Doomworld

    Stealing somebody's forum account is not identity theft. It certainly violates the site's TOS, and maybe whatever relevant American laws apply. You should use a different password on each site. The complexity/length only makes it harder to guess. Hacking is its own barrel of fun.
  3. Aliotroph?

    Euro Trip

    Man, I thought it was mental when I went to Europe with my friends. We did London, Berlin, Salzburg, Munich, and Paris in seventeen days. It felt like five separate trips, and it was tiring even though I might have done 1% of the planning/logistics. I agree with ReX. Lots of the reason people go to "touristy" places is because they really are cool. You may want to visit some, but pick the things that interest you. All the walking and looking at things is a nice way to end up sufficiently hungry to try all the food too. Durian's AirBnB suggestion is good. We did that in London. We had a flat converted from part of a Victorian house that was near a tube station. It was a strange place to stay. Ancient floorboards necessitated slippers, but the shower was ultra-modern. A box of teabags was provided in case guests didn't take any initiative in getting their own. We stayed in an average hotel in Salzburg, and really cheap hotels in Berlin, Munich, and Paris. We had the most privacy from each other and probably the best sleep in London. 2-star hotels do generate interesting stories, however: bunk beds, staircases that should be condemned, neo-nazi rallies outside, etc. :D For some big cities you can get passes that grant you access to public transport and lots of locations for a flat fee. We tried that in London and Berlin and discovered you can break even if you plan very carefully and go nonstop for several days. Probably not worth it if you don't really, really love museums.
  4. Aliotroph?

    graphic card problem

    You can. Windows is even happy to let you use each one to drive different displays. It seems like more a case of those games being poorly engineered. I wonder if reinstalling them when only the dedicated card is enabled would do the trick. However, rehelekretep is correct. If there's no use for the integrated card it should be disabled in the BIOS.
  5. Aliotroph?

    New Forum

    Nice. Thanks. The funny thing is after I made that post Firefox asked me again and gave me an option to blacklist DW like I"m sure I had done before. Now it's fine. I'll probably change the setting anyway because I have no use for such notifications.
  6. Aliotroph?

    New Forum

    Firefox has decided to prompt me about notifications for every single page on the forums every time I reload, despite me telling it no, and it acknowledging I did that. Stupid Firefox. Might be time to find Chrome versions of every Firefox addon I use.
  7. Aliotroph?

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    It uses a different layout on phones (or on desktops if you zoom the page sufficiently). For some reason the max width of the main part of the page is 1340 pixels. It's probably easy for Linguica to remove that rule if he wants, or for you to build a custom stylesheet that overrides it if that's your cup of tea. Given how wide your display is, I'm surprised you don't use some kind of extension to display two or three tabs side by side at all times.
  8. Aliotroph?

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    If the font were any smaller on my phone I would have to zoom the page to read it, and I have a big phone. Except for the thread titles. Those are huge on both the desktop and phone layouts. I still find posts hard to read on my phone, so I might have to look into a plugin where I can force all font weights bold on my phone (for all sites). The only thing that feels broken to me is how the info/links at the bottom of the posts aren't anchored there. Seems like a big oversight on the part of the forum software devs. I like most of this so far. MultiQuote buttons are the best.
  9. It works surprisingly well with NoScript. Takes me right back to 1998.
  10. Aliotroph?

    Heretic 2 source code recreation effort

    I just click the audio off on my DW tab when I go there.
  11. Aliotroph?

    Slight buyer's problem for half life

    Black Mesa is a different game made with a different engine. If you want to play mods you don't want it.
  12. Aliotroph?

    Dumb internet/ethernet cable question

    It sounds like the times it doesn't work are the times your computer decided to go into a sleep or a hibernation mode instead of shutting down. If your PC displays a Dell logo and a POST report when it boots then it should do that every time (those likely configurable in the BIOS if you push F2, btw). First of all, make sure you're rebooting it properly. Secondly, try putting it to sleep from Windows and resuming. Does that break the LAN connection? If it does then see if you have the newest drivers for everything supplied by Dell. They're good at updates for buggy things most of the time. What model of Dell PC do you have? I'm curious to see what google and/or their website shows me about your problem.
  13. Aliotroph?

    Shaw's Nightmare source code released

    It uses some Build features that Doom doesn't have, like sliding doors, breakable windows, and slopes. However, the controls are so terrible it's really frustrating to play. I almost managed a workable scheme when I remembered there are buttons on my mouse to let me increase the tracking resolution.
  14. Aliotroph?

    Best Half-Life mods?

    I enjoyed USS Darkstar.
  15. Aliotroph?

    Dumb internet/ethernet cable question

    If your computer is sufficiently modern it will have the option to turn on the network card in the BIOS. You won't need those features, but doing it means when you're in the BIOS it will connect to the LAN. If you find it commonly fails to connect (no lights on the port) when you boot to the BIOS then it's broken. If it's broken buy a new one. A $20 D-Link card is probably good enough. I've never had a problem with them. Installing them is easy. The instructions in the box are good enough if you've never done it. The only tricky part might be figuring out how to access the insides of your particular PC (manufacturer manuals are good for that if that puzzle is too hard). The only thing I do differently from the instructions you get with a cheap network card is I download the newest driver from their website first and just ignore the CD that comes with it.