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  1. Steeveeo

    Some help buying a new pc

    Pretty much this. Around 90%-99% of computer hardware is keyed to ONLY go in the right way, so if Part X doesn't want to install properly, make sure the key notches/bevels line up to the socket. As a rule of thumb, if you're putting your weight into pushing the part into place, you are PROBABLY doing it wrong (unless it's the CPU tie-downs, those buggers can be a bit stiff). The hardest part of building a computer (for me) is applying the right amount of thermal paste to the CPU, and even then the consequences of screwing that up are 2-5°C temperature difference.
  2. While it's not a video game, there's a board game called Formula D that's pretty fun in my opinion. If you own Tabletop Simulator, there's a couple versions of that on the Workshop if you want to try it. As for the main topic, I've been really wanting to make a VR Room Escape game. I think the Vive (or any future VR developments with room-tracking) is the perfect platform for a game like that. I've even dreamt up the transitions between rooms to be something like Portal, where the room is reconstructed around the player (i.e. piecemeal via tiles or something). To prevent whacking into real walls and stuff while trying to go through doors, I'm thinking perhaps a goal point in the center of the playspace rather than doors, so the player always starts the level in the middle of the room. This would also prevent the need for players to turn around whenever "exiting" a room. Also, I bet I could get the game to dynamically generate the room based on the size of the playspace, as the user could have any manner of tracked room size/shape according to the documentation I can find.
  3. Steeveeo

    Pokemon Go, opinions?

    Despite the love, hate, or indifference one may harbor for Jim Sterling, his latest "Jimquisition" episode has quite a few good points on this game. TL;DW: Pokemon GO! is a rather shit game from a mechanical and technical standpoint, but it's brought people together in phenomenal ways.
  4. Steeveeo

    Height thread

    Approximately 1.127125e+35 Planck Lengths.
  5. Steeveeo

    Pokemon Go, opinions?

    I played its predecessor from Niantic, Ingress, well before Pokemon GO! came out. Comparing the two is rather interesting, as they seem to have used it as a testing ground for a lot of what PoGo has to offer. If you don't already know, Ingress is a very similar GPS game where you go to points of interest (known as Portals) and either hack them for equipment or use said equipment to blow it up and claim it for your team. You can also link friendly portals together in order to make "Control Fields" to score globally for your team. Now, an intriguing bit is that they just seem to have taken the portal database from Ingress and just copied it straight on in, minus a few here and there (the park near me has about 12 portals, but only about 7 "Poke-Stops" and a gym). Yay for me as that means my "couch portal" (something I can reach from my apartment without going outside, woo) is also a Poke-Stop, which means I'm completely maxed out on items, heh. One thing I find particularly cool (at the moment) is their monetization model. Most of these free-to-play games are very Pay-To-Win or Pay-To-Not-Grind. So far, everything I've seen in the cash shop, INCLUDING the premium currency, can be gained by leveling or battling/defending gyms. The main thing that the shop sells that actually interests me is the "Lure Modules" which attract a bunch of Pokemon to a Poke-Stop for a half-hour, and it's particle effect can be seen for MILES on the gameplay map, which tends to bring in a bunch of other players who ALSO throw down Lures and you end up with spontaneous meetups. This was also seen in Ingress with "Portal Frackers" (double items per hack), but you could not get those through gameplay, only the cash shop (GO took a good step in the right direction on this, IMO). However, Pokemon GO has a very long way to go before I'd even call it much of a game, as right now the only thing to do is walk around and throw stuff at Pokemon, and maybe take on a spammy swipe-and-tap battle at a gym. Some ideas that I can definitely see coming from Ingress in the future would be global events that change how the game runs, more player interactivity (Ingress players can drop items, use chat to meet up, etc), and monthly events similar to Ingress' "First Saturday" meet-ups with bonus stuff that may happen. Beta is beta, of course, so more stuff is definitely on the way, but I feel like revamping the battle mechanics, allowing PVP, and trading should definitely be on their priority list if they want this game to be more than a flash in the pan. EDIT: I just took a look on my phone, and despite the fact that it's POURING outside here in Washington state, the park has no less than 3 Lure Modules active in the park around the corner. EDIT2: I remembered something very strange about the mechanics of this game. There's actually the ability to in-fight with your own team at Gym locations, oddly enough, as you can apparently battle your own team members to get their Pokemon kicked out of the gym to make a spot for yours. I am unsure of what to make of this, as it's good for the gym, but it denies that player any bonuses they'd get for defending the place. Perhaps the argument is that they should have put a stronger 'mon there if they wanted their bonus, but I can see it leading to the top 3 players in the area just locking down every gym under their own names (only one Pokemon per player can defend a gym).
  6. Steeveeo

    Do you use headphones or speakers?

    I use both, 5.1 Surround for singleplayer and a headset for multiplayer.
  7. Steeveeo

    Weird GTA3 bug

    To my knowledge, there can be some technical reasons for it, like the engine said game is built on was programmed to be like that, but usually the main reason can probably be boiled down to either laziness or inexperienced/undereducated programmers. When it comes down to old games like GTA3, though, it probably boils down to the CPU running many orders of magnitude faster than whatever compensation mechanisms (if any) were designed to deal with back when it was programmed. Here's an interesting read on the issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cynicalbrit/comments/3dqwga/the_fps_lock_what_it_is_why_should_you_avoid_it/
  8. Steeveeo

    Weird GTA3 bug

    Quite a few games are programmed to do their physics calculations at a fixed rate per-frame rather than taking into account the time it took between physics steps (delta), making the physics simulation run at the current framerate (i.e. more FPS = faster physics). It is a really bad practice that is still being done to this day. If I recall correctly, GTA3 is one such game.
  9. Steeveeo

    Creepy videogame music

    Spoilers for an indie platformer called Eversion (it's old and $5 on Steam, I'd recommend it): The game starts out deceptively cheery, greeting the player with bright colors and happy tunes: Then the player reaches the first "Eversion" point, and the world changes. The world is now somewhat more oppressive, the smiles on the faces of the enemies have changed to blank stares: Fast forward a bit so this post doesn't take up 5 screen lengths, and now things have started to grow spikes and teeth: Oh hey, another evert point and oh lord what happened to Layer 2's music? Does this even count anymore? FIN In closing, I'd like to say that, while definitely not the most creepy soundtrack out there, both technically and subjectively, it does fit the gameplay and plot progression really well, and its simple retro-styled tunes actually do nicely to unnerve the player. EDIT: Full soundtrack link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqkYrzAfwpg&list=PL194D32270E284C3C&index=1
  10. Steeveeo

    OBS Problem

    Assuming you're trying to record to a file instead of just straight broadcasting, are you using Shadowplay (NVENC) to encode? The last time I tried that for a recorded stream, I got decent performance, but the file out had the black screen issue. I've also had some games not like the Game Capture source and had to use Monitor Capture or Window Capture instead (League of Legends was like this to my knowledge, haven't tried Doom).
  11. Steeveeo


    "This foot could by YOURS for just 3 simple payments of $49.95!"
  12. Steeveeo


    Currently a "Compliance Tester" for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Basically, it's like the go/no-go checklist before a title can launch (or update). The pay is alright, when I can get work. January is pretty damned terrible considering all the releases came out a couple months before, so not a lot of stuff comes through.
  13. Steeveeo

    Help with android programming

    I think it's the fact that everything seems to be nested inside GraphicsObject, try splitting the file up into different class files and importing them, rather than this super-object. I'm having a slight bit of trouble following the brackets but it looks like the hierarchy is this: PoliformismoDemo > Moveable > GraphicObject > Circle > Rectangle > GraphicObjectTest > main() You want the above to be more flat, with main() only being one layer down. I can't say for sure because I'm about to leave for work, and I don't have time to set up a project to see for myself.
  14. Steeveeo

    So you think you're fast?

    Sure, why not.
  15. Steeveeo

    How did you get your avatar subtitle?

    Someone who never has anything interesting to say, I guess?