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  1. Hitherto

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Suggestion about "smart" complevel selection for demo recording. If -complevel param is omitted, detect lowest suitable for map complevel by analyzing sidedefs lump for extended actions. It is should be easy for 2 or 9 at least, not sure about 11 and 21 though. Should be useful for beginners as default recording setting, and great as tool for everyone in case of community (speedmap) megawads with unclear txts.
  2. Hitherto

    What are you listening to?

    Hawkwind - High Rise
  3. If your goal not a maxing every level when why you do some unnecessary cleanups, like green armor area in e1m1? It is not help you on your quest, just consumes time, energy and luck stockpile. Be optimized, put effort to some route planning, and try to practice each map from savegames before attempting actually record the movie.
  4. Hitherto

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    END1 e2m8 UV Max - 1:10 e2n8-110.zip
  5. Hitherto

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    END1 e2m4 UV Max - 2:10 Decided to choose EeNm-ttt pattern because it is vanilla wad and can share naming with sequel (as e3nM) without troubles. e2n4-210.zip
  6. Hitherto

    Eternal demos [-complevel 2]

    map21 UV Speed - 1:50 just little and obvious shortcut et21-150.zip
  7. Hitherto

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    After reading several old heretic-n demos (vanilla+) I should leave this discussion and abandon my rant) # HERETIC LMP file: h1s1-025.lmp # Number of players: 1 # Total play time: 29.60s # Number of game tics: 1036 HeaderStart Game: HERETIC Skill: 4 Episode: 1 Map: 1 HeaderEnd DataStart GF50 SR40 TL31 # 1 (0.02s) GF50 SR40 # 2 (0.05s) GF50 SR40 # 3 (0.08s) GF50 SR40 # 4 (0.11s) GF50 SR40 # 5 (0.14s) GF50 SR40 # 6 (0.17s) GF50 SR50 # 7 (0.20s) GF50 SR50 # 8 (0.22s) GF50 SR50 # 9 (0.25s)
  8. Session 3 m07 by @an_mutt UV max - 3:51 aby0307-351.zip
  9. Hitherto

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    Indirect features is another topic, but this behaviour results in direct time profit. Only by few ticks of course, but it can be critical for short NoMo/Speed records. IMO, all this mess should better be emulated as vanilla under natural DOS enviroment.
  10. Hitherto

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    I understand it's WAY to late to complain, but just as my 2 cents: It shouldn't have be done because it gives completely unfair advantage over other exe's. exactly.
  11. Session 3 m06 ("Shitwolf") UV Max - 1:43 aby0306-143.zip
  12. Session 2 m06 (by @Tarnsman) UV Max - 2:48 aby0206-248.zip
  13. Hitherto

    Memento Mori II demos [-complevel 2]

    m21 NoMo - 1:17.49 m03 NoMo - 1.20.80 m203o120.zip m221o117.zip
  14. Hitherto

    Realm of Chaos demos [-complevel 2]

    m01 UV Speed - 1:05 rc01-105.zip
  15. Hitherto

    Memento Mori demos [-complevel 2]

    m09 NoMo - 0:45.11 m09 UV Speed - 1:43 mm09o045.zip mm09-143.zip