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  1. Probably this should be deleted for prevent anyone else from wasting time in attempts to solve exe/wad version used. Anyway it is pointless even if synched properly. http://doomedsda.us/lmps/947/9/e1m1-013.zip
  2. C'mon guys, this level is perfectly fits for fda-fast! (As any E1 styled level and even more).
    Stunning and stylish eye pleasure everythere. Lots better than most of noted zdoomish wads. Those who are bored can try a fastmonsters mode before whining.
  3. No, just look silly. PS In map06 you missed a monster in (unmarked) secret right before the end. All other demos (except inexistant 07, see AO reply in DSDA thread) are OK. Those recorded in summer definitely looks crazier better than couple of later ones.
  4. Some of demos don't have reference to RESOURCE.WAD in prb+ footer. It's funny to look for you (esp. on m01) or what?
  5. Watched skep's demo. As expected these missed secrets are extremely hard to find (and looks not very realistic imho).
  6. Then I'm happy now ) 2Memfis - Do you have mlook enabled all the time from beginning or switch it sometimes?
  7. No matter, tic length is fixed.
  8. Someone for maxdemo? After another 2-hours long playthrough I'm completely frustrated with all of canyon-part secrets, except for one with piggies. And difficulty is too pathetic for regular gameplay. Should be raised up for release, imho. 2Memfis it is mouselook lump, probably.
  9. BETALABS e1m1 - e1m9 separated, total ~1,6 hr, died once Crap! My zip excess the maximum size by ~20 kb. So I packed this by 7z with changed ext. blb-hth.zip
  10. Awesome patch! Should be uploaded on /archives.
  11. pe4_dt2 e4m6 max in 11:09 speed in 0:24 Dec'13 was the last time when I had tried to record something. Because this map is quite tricky (=bitchybalanced), now I decide to share this (shit) as DSDA table-filler. p4e6_2.zip
  12. Personally I was most impressed about sizes of star-giants.
  13. http://htwins.net/scale2/ --- Oh, sorry for repeat ("bayan" in rus). http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1122067