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  1. gun_psycho

    What are some amazing wads set in hell?

    Maps 1 through 11 of Resurgence is composed of Hell. Map11 is a lite version of Speed of Doom's Map28, though.
  2. And I do have a problem with Map02's third secret. How do you get those bars out of the way? Edit: Come to think of it, any of those difficult-to-access secrets?
  3. @Demonologist - I remembered playing all the way through Twilight Massacre, along with the rest of the entirety of Speed of Doom, and Map28 is especially lag-heavy in the center area. I doubt that the lite version has that specific problem. (That brought my PC's framerate to the low double digits at the least.)
  4. Map30 reminds me a lot of the Scythe Series' Map30 levels. (No Icon of Sin, which I didn't really mind.)
  5. gun_psycho

    Community chest 5 start off?

    Because it's overrated? I second Tuxlar's statement.
  6. Looks awesome, I'll look forward to seeing how those'll play out.
  7. I definitely wouldn't mind testing it out. I remember the original quite fondly.
  8. gun_psycho

    A very large map I made!

    Having taken a look at the map, hoo boy that looks like it would take hours to 100% everything.
  9. gun_psycho

    Sunlust [on /idgames]

    One question, though: Will there be a chance of secret levels?
  10. gun_psycho

    Sunlust [on /idgames]

    Ooh, I won't mind a little bit of playtesting.
  11. gun_psycho

    The World's Longest Doom Level

    Citadel at the Edge of Eternity in the original Community Chest comes to mind. Big time.
  12. gun_psycho

    Going Down

    I really do hope I get to see a womb level or two somewhere in Episode 3. (In the vein of Heroes' Tales Map29, at least)
  13. gun_psycho

    Going Down

    Having had a look at the maps, they remind me of the Scythe series' maps but I'll be damned if they're not brilliant. Definitely looking forward to what Episode 3'll be like.
  14. gun_psycho

    Smash Arena Of Doom.

    One problem: The heavy monsters (especially the archviles) come in way too early. Therefore, I can't quite survive beyond thirty seconds.
  15. Having taken a look at the maps, I'm definitely liking the jungle theme. Looking forward to the rest of the maps.