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  1. Silverwyvern

    Doom Poem

  2. Silverwyvern

    "Cavern of Peril" (Exhumed Fan Art)

    At first I couldn't realize why he was dropping his gun.. then I saw the size of his head compared to the rest of his body.. it all became clear.
  3. Silverwyvern

    omg samus

    Stop it. You're hurting her.
  4. Silverwyvern

    vogue sketch

    I thought he looked kinda like unicron... Heh..
  5. I had no idea it was legal in Canada.
  6. Silverwyvern

    Christianity in Action

    I like doggies too.
  7. Silverwyvern

    An Essay on American Literature

  8. Silverwyvern

    Did you donate to the cause?

    Closing it again. Donate if you wanna, Don't if you don't. Though as a final note, assuming that every single other person in the world who donated did it because it was the 'cool' thing to do is pretty ignorant. Alot of people do it because it feels good to give.
  9. Silverwyvern

    Did you donate to the cause?

    That's why I also included the 'helped in other ways'. Some people send blankets over etc.. some people say a prayer, etc. I don't wanna make anyone feel guilty. I'm gonna close this thread now. I was just curious. Now I know. Thanks all who replied. :)
  10. Silverwyvern

    Did you donate to the cause?

    I just did it to reply to the comment about it. I was just saying that when nature does stuff I don't say 'bad bad nature' you can't blame nature. That's all I meant. You can't change the way the world sometimes grinds it's plates, but you can be there to help people pick up the pieces.
  11. Silverwyvern

    Did you donate to the cause?

    Valid enough points. I do donate to other things all the time.. especially the spca.. they always get me with the posters of puppies and kittens ;) Seriously. I don't argue with mother nature either.. but it is nice to help people cope after she hits. Frankly, it's not anybody's duty.. if you don't donate you don't donate. I didn't donate blood during 9/11.. I just wasn't feeling energetic enough to lose the blood at the time. I wish I could get donations myself ;) if everyone paid me a dollar a month to make a green pile, I'd be set. ;)
  12. Silverwyvern

    Did you donate to the cause?

    Uh.. I only gave to help... I didn't think of my country's big throbbing ego (heh) while I did it.. Plus it wasn't a whole lot.. just a couple bucks. I figure if we are involved in a natural disaster I would like some help getting back on my feet... then maybe someone else out there.. another Cindy would be like 'oh heck.. its only a couple bucks..' well.. I had a point.. but it's gone. All in all, its the average joes that make the donation.. because its the average joe that also needs it.
  13. Silverwyvern

    Did you donate to the cause?

    Just a poll to see how many people were donating to the tsunami relief fund. Even a quarter counts as a donation.
  14. Silverwyvern

    Can you name this movie?

    Heh. Bill Plympton helped us carve a pumpkin once. (He gave pointers ;)
  15. Silverwyvern

    Character redesign pic

    Interesting. I like the reddish scrubby marks around her in the final... couple things on her anatomy though. The left leg looks alittle funny. I know you were trying to get the knee out in perspective.. but it isn't quite there. Also, I know she is wearing a helmet, but her head is still too large. The way the eyeholes are lined up and the shape, even if you remove the helmet, it would be a bit bulbous. The size it's at now makes her seems like a young child because of the proportions - bigger head, shorter body... In any case, you're improving all the time, and always a pleasure. Good work.