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  1. I'm asking the same question. Someone please lock this before it turns into a flamewar. I've grown tired of this a long time ago.
  2. elbryan42

    Doom Depotted

    Cyb, I know you didn't email me saying you're Midway. Don't know how Footman got that idea. I've sent him a PM asking him why he said what he did. And for the last fucking time, WE KNOW that we don't own the resources for the TC. What we would like, like anyone who works hard on something, is recognition for ripping the stuff. We worked hard on ripping the stuff and having it work on the TC. We know the graphics, sounds, etc isn't ours. But the last year of work means something. It's not the resources we hate being stolen, but someone claiming that they did the work we did. When we release the TC, we will acknowledge the makers of Doom 64 at Midway. But the ones who have stolen our work in the past (not just Doom 64 related) refuse to give us credit. I'm sure we're not the only ones who have had others claim work as their own. End of story. Once again, we know we don't OWN the resources, but our hard work is our ours to claim. No matter what you say, hard work deserves to be credited. So please, let's stop this bickering like stupid kids. I'm sick of hearing the same shit from you. Get THAT through your thick skull. [edit]Arioch, I've long stopped caring what you think. However, true, we should have collectively decided what to send in before the news was posted. Sorry for killing your intrest in the TC.[/edit]
  3. elbryan42

    Room of Doom

    LMAO at Fredrik's avatar. :P
  4. elbryan42

    Leakage Is Bad

    Let's pray that doesn't happen. We've worked too hard on this. :| Projects are already being worked on that rely on the TC being released.
  5. elbryan42

    Leakage Is Bad

    If Midway doesn't contact me back soon about distributing the TC, it'll be available to everyone (no password). But, if they DO make a huff about it (no matter when, even if it's the day before release), I'll be forced to put a password on it since I would rather have it get out in some form at least. Just trying to ensure it does get out no matter what.
  6. elbryan42

    Leakage Is Bad

    All that's left is 2 levels, the Motherdemon (sprites done, coding almost done), multiplayer, and fixing the problems found in beta testing. VERY close. Plus, we just found out how to do something we thought was impossible. Not saying any more. And we're not too pissed about the leaked as much as people claiming that they did the work. Even if it is resources from another game, we worked hard on it, and want to be recognized for it. It would be the same thing if we made the TC, and said we did all and didn't mention that everything was from Doom 64. That would be wrong.
  7. elbryan42

    Leakage Is Bad

    Why do I even try? With the amount of fucking shit we're getting from the people we're making the TC for, I wonder if we should even release it. Most of the people don't fucking deserve anything done for them if they're going to just bitch and complain. Does anyone actually want this thing?
  8. elbryan42

    Leakage Is Bad

    I'm considering only letting people who can prove they have Doom 64 download the TC. It's perfectly legal to have extracted stuff from a game, if you own it, but if you distribute it, it's illegal. So, it's not illegal right now, since everyone on the Doom 64 team has the Doom 64 cart. It will be done with a password on the file that will change regularly.
  9. elbryan42

    Console Wolfenstein Stuff

    Hmm... I thought I saw back views of the hi-res Wolfenstein sprites (it's been a LONG time since I played the Mac demo in high school :P). Dammit, wish I either had a Mac or a Jaguar with the game. The SNES version, while the same awesome maps and awesome gameplay, is just butt-ugly.
  10. elbryan42

    Console Wolfenstein Stuff

    Wolfendoom uses the PC Wolfenstein 3D sprites, not the hi-res ones. :|
  11. elbryan42


    Ugh, popup and banner hell. :( Didn't know about this until this post actually. You learn something new everyday.
  12. elbryan42

    Plutonia vs. Evilution

    TNT's levels are awesome, but are a cakewalk. Plutonia, though it actually poses a challenge is no way as great level wise. Of course, Alien Vendetta owns them both. :P
  13. elbryan42

    For now, adieu...

  14. elbryan42

    Leakage Is Bad

    Can't remember, but the file was when Kaiser was testing out his ripped sprites with ZDoom. It has the graphics, and the sprites. Thus, it's compatible with every port. Don't know who had access to it, but it **may** have been on my public ftp. It was so long ago. Nonetheless, the quality of the wad doesn't compare to the final product. The sprites are twice the size now, and the colors are true to Doom 64 because of the new palette. Again, it's the dishonesty and lack of respect for the people who did the work that's pissing us off, and pisses everyone who this guy rips off. Levels, sounds, etc. Not only the Doom 64 TC leak is passed around by this guy, but lots of other people's work. Be on the lookout for this guy, distributing your hard work, your levels, your mods, your tcs, and claiming it as his own. This post is a warning of this more than us ranting about the TC being leaked. So again, keep an eye out. This guy is ripping off people's recognition. Maybe yours. You won't know until it happens.
  15. elbryan42

    Leakage Is Bad

    After the TC is released, we would like to see it grow. Heck, Dark Nexus is going to have an Absolution port with sprites, scripting, and other stuff from the TC. We'll even have addons for Deepsea and such so you can make your own Doom 64 levels. Sorry that we're hot under the collar, but I hope you all understand that no matter what the hell we're doing, what resources we're using, we put lots of work into what we're doing. We want to be seen for our hard work, instead of some loser who wants to make himself look better by claiming other peoples' work as his own. Nuff said. Discussion over. Move along. Just wait for the TC. Coding's almost done BTW. More on the next update...