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  1. The map names on the minimap are wrong now that they've been reordered.
  2. Not really. I'm not very good at names. How about "Spiked Punch"?
  3. Alright, here it is. It should work now, if it still doesn't, then I screwed something up.
  4. I can upload a maxable version. It should be pretty easy, just fixing the teleporting monsters at the start.
  5. Oh my god. I can't believe I actually forgot to put an exit line there. Fixing it right now. Fixed it. The map now also has difficulties and custom music (a midi of I Am The Sword by Motorhead).
  6. Wow, I really forgot how to speedmap. Well, here's my offering. Time taken: 2 hours and something. I used the no armor and switch themes. I also wanted to have a boss at the end, but I'm kinda exhausted. Note: difficulties aren't implemented. That, along with custom music, will come tomorrow if that's allowed.
  7. Alright, I'm going to try again. Hopefully I won't get sidetracked this time.
  8. Well, I failed. I'll try again later.
  9. This sounds like a good way to get back into mapping. I'm in.
  10. Really? The idea that corporations answerable only to their shareholders are going to act unethically and cut corners wherever they can find them is now paranoia? Even though, I remind you again, we have seen it happen over and over in previous years where various services had incredibly basic security loopholes exploited by hackers and recovered with basically no negative effect on their market value? Because it turns out that rich assholes who are basically using their investments for keeping score have no interest in how those investments are run as long as they make more money than in the previous quarter?
  11. See, the difference between you and me is that I don't think these companies have a strong interest in keeping our passwords or personal information safe at all, as they have demonstrated time and time again in past years. They can easily afford to be sloppy in their security measures because they are both untouchable by law as long as they pay the most minimal lip service to it and used by a large majority of the online population, most of whom don't care or even understand why security is important, and therefore they are immune to consequences. And since they are also publicly traded and proper security costs money, I highly doubt that your passwords are as safe with them as you think they are. I'm not arguing with that at all. The old site used like vBulletin 2.0 or something equally ridiculous, didn't it?
  12. As far as I can tell, that's all there is to it. And all it resulted in in terms of new discussions (that I could see) was some conversations about Doomworld stuff showing up on some Facebook accounts. Certainly no huge uptick in Doomworld users or discussions. Plus, I didn't mention it, but I'm heavily opposed to the whole idea of using a social media account to log in to other sites. It's an awful idea and a huge security risk that should never have been allowed to exist.
  13. I might have expressed myself wrong. I didn't mean that some discussions moved away from Doomworld, but that all the new discussions that the new social media connectivity has resulted in as far as I can see (and again, I don't have social media accounts, so I might not be aware of everything) is spinoffs of already existing discussions.
  14. Everything is oddly big with massive margins and padding everywhere and lots of empty space on either side of the actual content, of which there is a minuscule amount actually on my screen at any given time because of the previous points. Yes, because it's alright to cobble together any old pile of garbage as long as people can use outside help to make it work for them. That's a totally rational way of doing things. I don't have and will never have social media accounts. From everything I've seen, they are pure poison on every level. So all the new discussion (really, mostly just old discussions moved off-site) is inaccessible to me. Speaking as someone who lives on a budget and generally multitasks on his computer, it's not nothing. RAM gets tied up incredibly quickly just from two or three programs running simultaneously. The old site was perfectly viewable on mobile devices though without containing all this bullshit that makes no sense on a desktop computer. But it's what mobile apps look like, so I guess that's what everything should look like from now on, no matter that mobile apps look like that because of the limitations of mobile devices compared to desktop computers, approximately none of which apply to online forums. You do know monitors have LEDs these days, right? There's no link to it from Doomworld though, which was my point. Which is understandable, but he could have done something better than this. As I was writing this very reply, my text started going backwards for some incomprehensible reason without me having pushed anything and I had to rewrite it.
  15. Honestly, this seems like a downgrade. A lot of fancy graphics, a lot of moving parts that ultimately do nothing except make the site eat up more RAM, very mobile-focused with no thought spared for people who still remember how a proper computer works, and an incredibly generic design that could have literally been any other forum site if not for the banner at the top. Doomworld has basically lost all of its character. Also, where is the wiki? Also, what the hell is this Steam/Twitter/Facebook/Google+ bullshit? Do we really have to force this social media nonsense into everything? Can't we just have a fucking forum, you know, for discussing stuff?