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  1. Cire


    True that. But I made a proper placeholder IWAD based on the original one leilei made for blasphemer with my own created texture definitions. Will upload it later when I get back to my home computer
  2. Cire

    Doom II XBLA Beta

    Just found out about it, and curious what you guys have found out, any interesting stuff about it yet. Myself, I've just started poking around the files. Seems pretty exciting so far.
  3. Cire

    Other games that use Doom's palette

    Has anyone managed to crack the Osarium BXB data file format yet? Looks similar to WAD in XWE to me. I tried adding IWAD text string at the very beginning (not overwrite) in the file with XWE, which made SLADE recognize it as WAD format, however refuses to open complaining about it being invalid or something because of lump 0.
  4. Cire

    Other games that use Doom's palette

    That game is also interesting in that it uses some kind of slightly modified WAD format also.
  5. Cire

    Port with Doom Alpha/Beta support?

    I was talking about running the IWADs directly though. Should be possible since their selfcontained. I think ZDoom is closest to support them. It reads most of the data, at least the press beta. Except dosen't recognize it as an IWAD and the beta patch graphics format
  6. Yeah, I'm eager to hear an update on this! ;)
  7. Cire

    [IDEA] Hexen Console TC?

    OK, so that's it then? Guess you're right then :)
  8. Cire

    Port with Doom Alpha/Beta support?

    Speaking of Calico, maybe do 3DODoom next? It's the other open source console Doom. Would be very interesting to see such a port
  9. Cire

    [IDEA] Hexen Console TC?

    Had this idea for a while, wondered why no one has seem to attempt it. Doom has had lots of console releases and also had several console total conversion attempts on PC. But why not Hexen? It's been released for Three consoles at least (N64, PSX, Saturn) so it would be pretty cool to see console TC's of those I Think. Just putting out the idea, basically
  10. Nice to hear! Speaking of that, we also got Another source release, from Microsoft, Windows NT 4 File Manager released under MIT License!: https://github.com/Microsoft/winfile What are the odds, lol
  11. Well, it was a while since I tried that one out on Windows 7, but iirc, there was a patch included which after installed made it work for me. Can't guarantee it does for you, but maybe Worth a try if you haven't already installed it, since I remember I also had a similar crash without the patch, but after installing it it worked fine. Hope it helps
  12. Is there any source port yet that has made any progress towards supporting running any of the pre-1.0/0.99 Doom IWAD's? The only thing I know of is that @kb1 said that KBDoom planned to do this once, don't know if it's still planned? The press beta would probably be the simplest to implement support for. Not really sure what would be the best approach to do such a port either. Maybe fork an existing port like GZDoom since it seems to have some support for it. I Think there are two tasks to do to make it work, first would be to get it recognize the IWAD as such, and secondly add support for the beta Graphics format. I've read that GZDoom has better support for custom IWAD's nowadays too, and I remember that @Gez said he had some code to load the old patch format in ZDoom too I belive?
  13. Actually, SLADE seems to be able to convert to Planar after changing a setting and raw screen is the same format as Flat apparently. Unfortunatly, there seems to be a max limit on resolution on that graphic formant so you can't do wide screen anyway. I included the converted 'de-widescreened' Graphics anyway, because at least TITLEPIC and INTERPIC has improvements, most noticably towards the right edge. I'm attaching the WAD I did in case anyone besides me finds it useful. Should work in most Hexen supporting ports I Think but not vanilla or ChocoHexen. Has been tested to work with ZDoom 2.8.1 at least. Credits and thanks to @NeoWorm and @DELUXE who did the graphic fixes and @NeuralStunner who did the map fixes in the WAD. HEXENFIX.zip
  14. @Revenant100 Happy to help! Really looking forward to see what the Hexen sprite fixing Project has in store. I'm working on a small Project myself while waiting for yours. It mostly consists of me trying to collect fixes for Hexen and making them ChocoHexen compatible right now. Though I have encoutered a couple of problems on the way. One being that there seems to be now way to convert Graphics to the Raw Screen or Planar formats that Hexen uses for some Graphics in the SLADE editor I use (at least not as far as I've found). And it just doesn't seem possible to get ChocoHexen to accept widescreen HUD sprites without crashing for some reason I don't understand. So you're right in that in the widescreen sprites has to be split off into a separate WAD, just like the Heretic counterpart. Still the Doom Engine seems to be unaffected by this issue. Strange.
  15. Cire

    doom 3 demo not working

    Yup, thanks, happy to help! :)