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  1. Abandoned Community Projects

    @Pegleg Thanks for mentioning the Hexen Community Project attempt. I Think it was the first attempt at such a Project, so it's kinda cool in that sense even if it wasn't successful. Although it sounded like a great idea, it seemed to become rather impracticle to attempt to actually implement into a Product. Several people had different visions of what rules they wanted and how they wanted the Project implemented and I got indecisive and most people rather quickly lost interest in it. In the end, there was 1 map + resource pack, a story, a 'map progression sheet' and lots of interesting ideas, but no actual mappack was made unfortunatly. I never officially cancelled the Project because was optimistic and thought that later on the interest might become reignited again. I like to Think that even though a Hexen Community Project has never been successfully made, I don't Think it should be impossible to complete one, just rather challenging prehaps. I hope to see such a Project be finished someday in the future
  2. This sounds very interesting. Is anyone more familiar with this particular DVD? I wonder how these versions of WAD's differs. Besides the WAD's, what other files does it contain? Any change of finding a copy of the disc today? I found a couple of links related to it: An article about the discs contained with the mag on the official website where it's also possible to download a DVD inlay: http://www.pcgames.de/PC-Games-Brands-19921/News/PC-Games-02-16-mit-Titelstory-Doom-XXL-Poster-Doom-1-und-2-als-Vollversion-1184053/ And a website where you can preview the first five pages of the mag: http://epaper.pcgames.de/de/profiles/5c3b36d592b7/editions/1f2c209ae0d26cfc4451/preview_pages
  3. Sorry for double bumping, but the bossit sounds can be downloaded again, at least I was able to. I'll attach them here for preservation, in case anyone is interested bossit.zip
  4. Oh, I see. Thanks for notifying!
  5. Thanks, I'll check it out in a short while when I get home! EDIT: Was there a reason for not including the fixed PLAYG1 frame?
  6. @Revenant100 Oh yeah, sure thing. It was just a friendly suggestion :) @DELUXE Yes please, that would be useful. I tried to downsize them in MS Paint myself but comparing the pixel size with the original Hexen counterparts but didn't really got desirable result. So it would sure make things easier for me :)
  7. @DELUXE I'm also interested of the Hexen Sprite fixing project as I've expressed before. The fixed sprites you posted seem good but they seem to be enlarged so I can't seem to use them ingame. Do you have the ones in their original dimension? @Revenant100 regarding The nightmare! dilemma. Wouldn't it work to Do smaller releases more often in situations like this? 1.9.1 or even 1.9b or thelike.
  8. Zauberer

    What gave you that thought? Projects like these are immortal and never dies. You'll come to realize that when you understand the free/libre/open source concept. Anyway. I'm back at the mental ward for the time being. However, I'll son be released again, and then I can become more active again. Hopefully. I'll add Nikita sadkov's sounds when i get home. I guess I'll thank him here, as it's obviously not possibly to do so in The original thread. That's all for now, I guess...
  9. Zauberer

    Ok, I'm hospitalized atm, will have a look at it when I get home.
  10. Zauberer

    Nice, thanks, I'll add those sprites asap :)
  11. Zauberer

    Yeah, seems like an improvement to me, probably similar to what Snakecharmer originaly had in mind? Perhaps someone can animate it too?
  12. Zauberer

    That quartz flask looks nice, I'll add it shortly. And thanks for saying there's a webchat, guess that'll be simpler to use. :)
  13. Zauberer

    Thanks Snakecharmer, I'll be sure to check it out. I'll also drop by when I have the time. Never used IRC before, guess I'll setup a client at my home computer.
  14. Zauberer

    Nice, thanks! :) And yeah, you're right about that, no need to change the color.