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  1. Ok, I'm hospitalized atm, will have a look at it when I get home.
  2. Nice, thanks, I'll add those sprites asap :)
  3. Yeah, seems like an improvement to me, probably similar to what Snakecharmer originaly had in mind? Perhaps someone can animate it too?
  4. That quartz flask looks nice, I'll add it shortly. And thanks for saying there's a webchat, guess that'll be simpler to use. :)
  5. Thanks Snakecharmer, I'll be sure to check it out. I'll also drop by when I have the time. Never used IRC before, guess I'll setup a client at my home computer.
  6. Nice, thanks! :) And yeah, you're right about that, no need to change the color.
  7. Yup, sounds like a good plan. There's a couple of skeletons in the attic that could replace some of the monsters, and we could probably use Snakecharmer's crystal vial as placeholder for the items? Any good ideas of what to do about the textures? We need to have a texture set that at least somewhat resembles their Hexen counterparts for mappers to be able to map against the WAD, I presume.
  8. Made an effort to made the status bar look nicer. Still WIP
  9. Added some of the cartoon sprites as placeholders. Check the bat, dragon, leaf and pig ^^
  10. Hey, thanks @Snakecharmer! Yeah, most of the sprites are unanimated sadly, which makes some of them not as noticeable. Sounds like a good idea, also the quartz flask is from Blasphemer. There are two maps, some textures and sounds, and a couple of test midis in there too besides the sprites. Some of the sprites are borrowed from Freedoom and Blasphemer as placeholders. The second level is WIP and still needs retexturing completed. I included Three Oblige generated skies too. They need more work though, on some maps the Mountains can be seen scrolling along with the sky ^^ EDIT: Also, I forgot to say, I included @Nikita_Sadkov's texture as W_002 (not sure if it was intended to replace a specific Hexen texture?) and the Swamp Stalker frame he made. :) EDIT2: Forgot to say, but might be a good idea as suggested to try including some placeholder enemies too. Should be possible to borrow a few from Freedoom's attic too as placeholders
  11. @Snakecharmer Thanks, it's been added to my repository and in my WIP WAD I'm working on! :) EDIT: Added back a new Zaub PWAD with a few of the latest submissions as of now
  12. Hey @Snakecharmer! I Think the zaub PWAD I made didn't hold up to the quality wanted. I would have prefered an IWAD, which I belive Voros is working on. Glad to hear that you liked it though, wasn't expecting that! :) You just made me motivated to do an improved version of it ;) Maybe have could help out with making a bare-bones placeholder IWAD if you have the time?
  13. You can browse the .tar and .zip files by adding a trailing / (slash) sign after the adress. E.g. adding it to the id FTP redirects you here:
  14. And Another one bites the dust. It lives on at Internet Archive though:'
  15. Hmm, that's strange, it works for me