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  1. Interestingly there are Doom sprites in them. I opened some .art files in SLADE and stumbled over some in one of the ones I checked. Can't get SLADE to read the palette though, it differs from the final. SLADE doesn't recognize the PALETTE.PAL, anyone had any luck in getting it working?
  2. Cool, looking forward to testing the next release! Good luck with the Project. :)
  3. 1.0 contains two additional maps. See
  4. Nice! Looking forward to the Hexen Project too. :)
  5. I'm glad to announce that MrGamer is still very much into this Project and has donated 218 of his tunes to our Project. They can be downloaded here: Cheers! :)
  6. Hello fellow Swedish (to be) Doom collector! :) I'd certainly encourage you to start collecting, even with your shaky economy (I know how that is) if you feel like you can prioritize it. I've never used eBay, since I've been a bit reluctant to it myself, so I can't say anything about it. I've bought my own Doom stuff from specialised store that sells video games. There's actually quite a few here in Sweden that sells both new and used games. I'd recommend checking out to get the best price for whatever it you're looking for, they list both new and used item in all e-stores available in Sweden. I consider it very safe to buy from a Company rather than private persons, although it might be a Little more expensive I personally Think it's Worth it. I've bought most of my Doom items through and I got Hexen from if your interested in it. I've been able to get almost every Doom-related PC game this way. Hope it helps you on your Doom collecting journey, feel free to shoot me questions and I'll try to help you out. :D
  7. Yeah, I remember seeing that vid, but it was removed Before I managed to make a backup of it, unfortunatly.
  8. Those site now require a password, but they're backed up here:
  9. Nice Project, though I Think there's a Project with a similar goal here: Maybe you guys can collaborate? :) Also, I personally agree with Glaice, I don't Think there's that much of a reason with going though the trouble with making patches, especially now since Romero released the source to almost all the maps anyways. But it's not my thing to decide after all. Good luck anyways. :D
  10. Is it possible to make an item with a cooldown or a delay until it can be used again without it disappearing in some more advanced source port? Also, is it possible to have an item which creates monsters with a limit on how many monsters one can create, both as an item and boss monsters stage ability that it can create several copies of itself but it can only do it once.
  11. I can try to work on it, but I'm pretty imexperienced in Doom mapping. If someone else feels like fixing the map, feel free to.
  12. I did a Little bit of retexturing but I've been to lazy to finish it, sorry! :D
  13. It's because map02 was built around an external resource pack that contained non-free Resources. The map needs to be retextured and having items changed and possibly other things.
  14. Yeah, I was just asking out of politness, but since the license allows it, and Mechadon gave permission, I Think it's good to go. :)
  15. Mechadon is good with Zauberer using any of his fonts. However, it should be noted that a few of them are not made from scratch (Black Forest is one, also it's hires so it would have to be scaled down). Catharsis should be OK, though it's already in use by Blashpemer, and while Mechadon gave his blessing for using it in Zauberer too, I want to hear if what the Community Thinks of sharing this font between the two Projects (even if only as a placeholder for Zaub)?