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  1. Aw hell yeah! Gotta do a straight playthrough on youtube!!!!
  2. Too bad all mapslots are taken or I'd make another!!!!!
  3. Levelname: Blood-Metal-Slime Slot: MAP06 Buildtime: 1 hour Can be pistol-started but not required! Tested in Chocolate Doom and GZdoom. Enjoy! shadesShovel06.zip
  4. Heya I'd like to take MAP06 if possible! I can finish this within the hour.
  5. Yes, but I may change it so that both entrances are doors activated by a simple switch. The blocking lines were done to keep the initial monsters in the room from flooding into where you screenshoted too soon, upon first entry. The final arena has two doors that open, each with 1 firecaco (easy), 2 (normal) and 3 (hard). I could make it so it's 0, 1 and 2 each instead.
  6. Yes, I can always tweak the ending by reducing the number of Fire Cacos - I use them in conjunction with limited space for tough as nails results. (To quote Civvie - "What a difference one cacodemon makes!") Perhaps I can tweak the cyberdemon battle a tad, too - tho it's designed to be both "shoot it until it dies" beatable AND a puzzle. But I can alter any blocking decorations around the bridge, as it's meant to be easily escapable.
  7. ~BLOOD FOZZLE~ Tested in GZdoom and Chocolate Doom (visplane issues should only occur during NOCLIP) Should be complete, barring difficulty tweaks if others test this and if someone finds an angle that VISPLANE still occurs... or any other minor fixes. It used the MIDI track 'Sinister' (named D_RUNNIN for it's MAP01 slot for now)... as "It's VERY 'DOOM 1'." :D Built in one day... today!!!! shadesJamal.zip
  8. ShadesMaster


    My sentiments are the same as the above; I also did a blind playthrough as the fighter:
  9. Good map, a playthrough can be found here:
  10. Alright, more gameplay! But I cannot figure out for the life of me how to raise the platform needed to get to the bridge leading to the pictured blue key.