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  1. No tears? No ripping, either. For shame! ;)
  2. Oh, I recognize the 'forest' level straight away. This one is on idgames, funny enough.
  3. I actually remember the daleks and energizer bunnies. The latter replaced sergeants back in the day. Who remembers Barney the Dinosaur replacing demons and specters? Oh, and the E1M1 fiddle-jobs. I remember one with a black and white texture that resembled fireblu... only black and white. Oh, and WARZONE.WAD with grey hex walls opening up into a super large area with trees and boss critters at the far, far, FAR end. Plus, those sound replacement wads. The ones where demons laugh like a Jester, imps saying "hey, buddy - where's your tags?" And barons asking "Aaaare... you a god?" Only to tell "yeah!" When u kill them. Foreshadowing Doomslayer lore much?
  4. ShadesMaster

    Regrettable things you did in your own older projects

    Slowing down the player after he was below a certain amount of health in NECROSIS.WAD for Hexen....
  5. ShadesMaster

    Heretic: The Mysteries of Underville [RELEASED]

    I really liked this level, and I played it on medium. However, ammo WAS tight and the second half was a bit difficult, I died multiple times and I'll admit I resorted to using the 'resurrect' cheat. Besides the shortage of ammo, the map was well made and had a nice use of new textures. I really felt like I was in an udnerground, abandoned Oogle society under the mountains! Now to try "It's Real and It Kills."
  6. ShadesMaster

    HERETIC - Pantheon of War [Released]

    This here is a good mapset. Each level is rather large, so expect 2+ hours of gameplay between the three maps. It stretches the limited Heretic textureset to its limits as you fight through underground cities and ruination. The switches have a particular design here and won't be missed, progression is clean as easy to get through despite some backtracking through hella large levels being present. Pulled off wonderfully! Powerups and artifacts are relatively rare, and thus feel like true rewards when you do get them. The level difficulty is designed to reflect the fact that there's only so many health pickups (and but one armor shield) throughout the entire three maps! Highly recommended.
  7. ShadesMaster


    Looks positively intense, looks good!!!!
  8. ShadesMaster

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    Well, I still need to add to my map for it to be done... but it's shaping up nicely! Mainly... the cloister area needs progression to cause an earthquake to drop the player down below, where he can navigate underground ruins to get to the Western half of the map. I'm going to get more done Monday evening as well! Feedback appreciated. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/479107646520164364/496169547620024320/xumpShades.wad
  9. ShadesMaster

    Playstation DOOM Trilogy - Announcement Trailer

    Looks promising thus far!
  10. ShadesMaster

    Doom Slayer Chronicles: Release date confirmed (01/09/2018)

    In the first age... in the first... eh, I forgot the rest. >< And thus, the shadow horde were routed! Looks awesome!!!! :)
  11. ShadesMaster

    Ballistic Sacrifice

    Interesting, to say the least! The beginning is the hardest with the archvile and hit scanners, and I'd say the map becomes easier as it progresses. Perhaps this is due to the open nature of the layout. Quite the challange tho!
  12. ShadesMaster

    Ballistic Sacrifice

    Cool, got it! :) Giving it a whirl now.
  13. ShadesMaster

    Ballistic Sacrifice

    Can't seem to download this for some reason... maybe try reuploading it? It looks promising and I like the Doom 1 flavor to it!
  14. ShadesMaster

    heXen Upstart Mapping Project (RELEASED!)

    Boom! Count me in! The large timeframe to get a map done also helps a TON!!!! :D
  15. ShadesMaster

    Stratospheric Domain - My first Hexen map

    Well that was, interesting, to say the least!