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  1. ShadesMaster

    TENEBRUM (GZDoom+Heretic megawad, released)

    Alright, more gameplay! But I cannot figure out for the life of me how to raise the platform needed to get to the bridge leading to the pictured blue key.
  2. ShadesMaster

    TENEBRUM (GZDoom+Heretic megawad, released)

    And here's Part 2, completed up to level 18 and have just started 19. These levels are getting more and more complex!!!! Still processing, so if u don't see higher resolutions (or the video at all) don't fret! Give it time!
  3. ShadesMaster

    TENEBRUM (GZDoom+Heretic megawad, released)

    Spoilers! I've begun a playthrough of this - first 9 maps plus the start of MAP10
  4. ShadesMaster

    Twisted Reality (Hexen - Gzdoom only)

    Good stuff, here!!!!
  5. ShadesMaster

    A Techbase level inspired by a dream I had

    Nice map! (HD still processing)
  6. ShadesMaster

    The Hellwasp - new Heretic baddie!

    It'll happen eventually, along with the exarch monster I still need to make death animations for. No worries!
  7. ShadesMaster

    The Hellwasp - new Heretic baddie!

    Floats like a bee... eh, stings like a bee. I kinda like the rain but maybe I'll make that happen only once in a blue moon... his other shots will maybe be like that black and red disciple from Realm667.... Still, first use in an actual level would be a trio, as a miniboss. He's actually from HeXen Edge of Chaos (Doom 3 mod), he was made but never textured or used in a map. I've got my Exarch monster to wrap up as well (just needs a death animation, but he's been around for awhile - a flying Heresiarch who can revive monsters)... and top top it all off, the Hellqueen....
  8. ShadesMaster

    The Hellwasp - new Heretic baddie!

    First (but good) draft. Feel free to use, modify, etc! But give credit plz! https://www.mediafire.com/file/1yistte8d2fehpz/Hellwasp.wad/file
  9. ShadesMaster

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - v1.0)

    In any case, the deed is done!
  10. ShadesMaster

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - v1.0)

    Yes, I got a bit further. I've played all the maps and am missing one lever apparently... perhaps it was on the Path of Hei'an....
  11. ShadesMaster

    Hexen: Realms of Cronos (UPDATE - v1.0)

    Aww hell yeah! Gonna give this draft a spin!!!! About time! :D
  12. ShadesMaster

    What is a Good name for a Doom Wad?

    Anything with 'Demesne' in it! (pronounced 'de main')
  13. ShadesMaster

    My first WAD - Into the Complex

    The type of visuals in his map are my favorite, personally - I like that Doom 1 feel. It's a little cramped in areas, but I find it works well with the sort of monster placements utilized here. Good work, wanna see more!