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  1. ShadesMaster

    [Heretic, vanilla/chocolate] Tyrant's Tomb (beta release)

    This was an awesome map!!!! An idea I had Ettin, was a puzzle where you have nothing but the Necromancer's Gauntlets and a Tome of Power or three. Fight ghost monsters. ;)
  2. ShadesMaster

    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    I loved the Lassie poardy and other asdoiemrted programs being watched by the kitty.... <3
  3. http://www.moddb.com/mods/hexen-ii-shadows-of-chaos/downloads/shadows-of-chaos-10-demo Bloodshot12 - my brother - has released a sizeable demo of a new mission pack for Hexen 2: Hexen II - Shadows of Chaos is a mod/mini mission pack for Hexen 2, melding elements of Heretic and Hexen 1 into the newer title. Based on a heavily modified version of the excellent game of tomes mod, it features revamped classes, alternate fires based on your player level, new maps and enemies, and much more brutal gore to bring it closer to Hexen 1 in tone. Experience Hexen 2 with new twists, puzzles, and full coop support on large maps thanks to spike's addition of BSP2 support!
  4. Heh, outcast M1 was deservedlybselec5ed at the latest spotlight. :)
  5. ShadesMaster

    No More Ideas

    Snapmap Ideas. Implicit and explicit execution, go to town!: - Cacodemon Caca - DOOM Jeapoardy - Pinball Punchout - Rumplestiltskin's Rumble - DOOT THE TOOT - The Vacuum Cleaner - Impse - Pinky Swear - The Fart - The Baron, The Witch and the Wardrobe - DOOM TAG - Imp, Duck, Goose - Road Runner and Wily Pinky
  6. ShadesMaster

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    Noted and altered, thanks! The drone was on purpose since players can choose between that upgrade and the grenade upgrade in another secret. Actually I made big changes to map4... the final boss has a health bar, shoots more random lightning, more cinematic are present, and an error where Caicos spawn behind blocking volumes (preventing player progress sometimes) was eliminated.
  7. ShadesMaster

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    THIS HAS BEEN SPOTLIGHTED!!!! I'm very exhuberent and have decided to give back by fixing some lingering issues, and giving map shoutouts. :) - There's now a hub of map selects behind where u start - too much awesome content out there that doesn't make spotlight. Voidrunner, Pigdog, BAD and others all get screentime here. - In the first zombie battle, I found it's too easy to loose a single zombie in that tremendous module and halt progression, so a minute after destroying the gore nest u now get a cutscene and the first Hellknights will automatically appear, ending all previous spawns. - minor fixes to levels 2, 3 and 4 coming!
  8. ShadesMaster

    The Wayfarer (WIP Heretic Episode, new 4-map beta!)

    Hot damn, this is awesome! Always a pleasure to see a Heretic or HeXen WAD, port-enhanced or not. I played through it, and I like it. The '15-second sigil' idea is actually great for balance, as you don't haveta fumble in your inventory to gain weapons powers in a pinch. Also how the Disciples drop that instead of a regular Tome. Also noticed ALL artifacts are removed to the next level, not just you being left with one of each of what you had previously. I think that this can do with a new monster or two. the (now defunct?) hPack had a nice sprite of a Super-Undead Warrior with two axes and a green cape, and alternate helm. A tried and true skull wizard could make for a nice mini-boss. And a giant, palette-swapped to red super-Weredragon who shoots a shotgun-volley of his fireballs is something else I could also lend as well, if you so wish! Poison gargoyles would fit well in a 'Jade Dungeon' lots of possibilities, but use new critter types sparingly. Maybe 3 new guys and a new boss? All in all, awesome work so far and the 2nd level is YUUUGE!!!! ;)
  9. ShadesMaster

    No More Ideas

    How about a 'Jeopardy' gameshow with the host, Alex TreBaron? But than when you're about to 'win' the game gets interrupted by intruders, so a fully realized 'alternate' snapmap surprises the player into a more conventional SPECIALIST experience after a fully realized 'DOOM JEOPARDY.'
  10. ShadesMaster

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    No, it's single player only, dunno why that happens haven't heard of that b4. I can update it by tomorrow to be sure. Try other levels if u can't get map01 to work. :P
  11. ShadesMaster

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    Glad u enjoyed it! Thanks for bringing up issues I didn't visualize happening, with all of this new stuff cones limits in how we can implement things. But there's alwaystill a [more complex] workaround. Additional fixes also encourage me to republish the levels so they're yet again 'new' for hopefully new ppl to see, to boit! :) Be sure ton play level 4 and the secret levels; you can load any map standalone if you wish, skipping earlier adventures.
  12. ShadesMaster

    Propose a new Hexen class

    The Guncaster: 1) Firemace - the Heretic weapon was clever, but weak. 2) Magma Shotgun - skulls, lava and spread! 3) Nailgun - archaic enough to still be a 'Medieval firearm.' 4) Hell Spike - skull gun that shoots spikeballs that split akin to powered dragon claw. Mystic Incantation - halts all ammo use, shoot 4 free. Flechettes - shrapnel explosion, bits Pierce thru enemies. Icon - helps you aim (homing ability to all weaponshots, perhaps)
  13. ShadesMaster

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    Glad u like it so far; greater challenges await in later levels! (Although u will be better armed, and ammo goes a longer way) :D
  14. ShadesMaster

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    Bug. The table should speed you up, while the Ice Shard down below slows you down. Depending on the otder you pick them up, you could even out at the same speed, or use JUST the table to be faster, or JUST the shard to be slower. So something was reversed.... I might just scrap the shard altogether and just have the table as a 'secret' speed boost....
  15. ShadesMaster

    Full Marooned Campaign

    You could make it so that when your health reaches 0, it's removed from inventory... so u only get to wield it if u don't die. In my campaign, I have it not only in a secret area but a secret LEVEL... but no takeaway system. #foodForThought :)