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  1. ShadesMaster

    Heretic 4 Doom

    Hey I just played Heretic 2 HeXen, this one is another interesting premise I'll do a playthru of in a bit!
  2. ShadesMaster

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    Excellent work! Remember, even if not all levels get done I could always just put together what we have and release it as-is! Balancing will be taken into consideration as result. :D UIt's neat to finally be able to walk through the level in-person, if you will.
  3. ShadesMaster

    Heretic To Hexen Mod (Episode 1 release)

    This was really awesome and I hope you continue to fill out the other episodes! It would be neat to face Maulotaurs in HeXen at episode 2, as well as a re-tooled Heresiarch for Episode 3. Some minor suggestions, if you're game - HeXen has its' own version of stucco tudor house textures, but it looks like wood with brown corrigated stucco versus the smoother white stucco from Heretic. THAT should be used in areas of E1M4 and E1M5 with tudor trimmings, versus brick. I do like the new additions to the levels and wish there was more of that! Honestly, this is something I'm willing to lend a hand on, with permission. But seeing that it's your pet project, I wanna be surprised, too. But if you don't plan on continuing it due to inactivity....
  4. ShadesMaster

    [Hexen] Lepistus - final

    Spoilers in this video, of course! This was a really good level! My only 'criticisms' are a handful of bug reports, which this playthrough explores. There were a few points a door would only open once and you'd get stuck - the one leaving the caves, and one leading to a secret for example. The bat puzzle was awesome but I would have loved another crystal ball or another indication of where to go - I forgot about the underground castle's ledges. And lastly, you can skip getting the gem required to enter the crypts, by jumping onto the lip of a nearby pillar, then the roof of the structure in question and dropping down. The gem is a puzzle item inside a secret and I glossed over it until I looked through the readme guide at the bat part and realized after the fact. This is a very solid work and I loved the cinematics at the ending. Perhaps with a version update some new end text is applicable, too. I hope you make more of these maps as I found this very enjoyable!
  5. ShadesMaster

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    Absolutely! Just give it a shot!
  6. ShadesMaster

    Known Bestiary

    Now I picture an imp in a leotard and cape!
  7. ShadesMaster

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    Thanks! These changes are fourthcoming!
  8. ShadesMaster

    Eternal year one DLC ideas!

    Yep, I'm gonna be that guy and toss around DLC ideas that I hope can appear in the two expansions! I know ID already has a set plan story-wise, but these can potentially fit in regardless! - slippery ice surfaces that may affect your dash ability (Heretic-esque friction while walking, can only dash in-air), underwater currents / pushpads, and low-gravity situations. - even more environments (of course), such as suburbs / forest / jungle areas on Earth, or evne a massive, living gore-nest of a planet ('skin-hell' is a Doom thing, after all.) - story beats like Hell producing their own superweapon, or a faction that betrayed Heaven (good or bad, depends on ETERNAl'S story), or even a *3RD* supernatural faction. - more decorations that reflect story / situation... imagine a 'blood factory' with Arachnotron chassis being produced, or Carcass demon / Revenant attachments strewn about. - more 'specter' variants of creatures. Imagine an ambush of specter zombies, or a 'Shadow Clan' of specter barons! Pure awesome! - more zombie variants, on that note. Imagine a reddish-colored 'true' plasma zombie who fires continuous GREEN plasma. - more demons generally, like an adaptation of the Bruiser from Doom ROE... or a 'Hierophant' aka the Helltime hunter from RoE. A new caco-creature, too....
  9. ShadesMaster

    Switcheroom 2 revival (1 map open)

    sludgeFalls.zip Well, here's mine - Sludge Falls, based off of Blood Falls! It has a city theme, of course, with a warehouse area reminiscent of Containment Area. Pistol start possible, but preferably not the first level in the campaign of course!
  10. Thanx a bunch! The map's still not done and I've already added progressiom on my version, hence the sealed exit. And fixed the in-crack shotgunner. It's ibtended to use 'Sinister' aka E2M6 music, so 'idmus26' to hear what it should be. ;) So the BFG will have a purpose later on - let alone for the rest of the episode if it's the only one or at least you get it earlier here than otherwise - and I can for sure follow the 'raise-ceiling' and 'mark with deco' crusher suggestions. The purpose of the outdoors secret is to get the red key b4 you even activate the crusher at all, tho I'll change it to a fast crusher so it's fair if u teleport into it if already active. The 'raised sector trap' is so the BFG is a puzzle, and u haveta do things in a specific order to get it. After clearing out the red baron trap by the short skull lift, head back, nab the rad suit from the lava pit to the right of whwn u enter the red door, than get the blue key in the earlier lava area with dual crushers. Only then, go back to the 'Pandemonium' area and ride the blue-door skull lift up to the red alcove; the floor doesn't go back down. Behind the door, that switch raises the bar that blocks the BFG in the nukage maze. Now, ride thr eye-switch lift up, get the pinkys as the floor blocks you in, run past the baron and hug the nukage maze to the right. Your suit will run out just as you escape the pit and BFG the baron. :D
  11. ShadesMaster

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    Agreed! And if the author givrs me his E1M2, I can put a rebalanced 'demo' pack together for ppl to play sooner!
  12. "Deja" As in Deja Vu. Subject to change.
  13. ShadesMaster

    No Traditional Multiplayer

    Not too suprised, what with all the work that went into Quake Champions snd the 2016 multiplayer updates. So like with Snapmap, they'll stay legitimite at least since they don't reappear. If that makes sense. I'm pretty excited about Battlemode, to be fair, and I'm under the assumption that Invasion is still a thing. I'm in the mood to form a clan devoted to hunting that Slayer down - the SSSSS Squad. For I am a reasonable Doomhunter, and like Robotnik with HIS hovertank, I too strategize with mercenaries and marauders to nab Sonic I mean doomslayer! It's actually comparable to an idea for coop I had for FPS in general, but it had multiple good guys and ONE 'DungeonMaster' player who was like a miniboss player who could place down demons beyond what the map already provides via spending resources he earns. Lastly, this apprals to me because it reminds me of how in lazertag in real life I'd verse like 5 ppl at once! So I'd love to see how both sides play out here.
  14. ShadesMaster

    Known Bestiary

    Yeah, ininitially thought the Dread Knight was the Gladiator for that reason, but when I heard the cyber Gellknight was the "Dread Knight," I figured shield Varon = Gladiator. A Varon is a type of Hellknight still, after all.
  15. Latest version. Not much through the red door path proper, but the side areas where the computer maze was is now a puzzle to get the BFG. And of course inspired by Pandemonium. Essentially, you need to access multiple prior secrets and do things in a certain order or the BFG remains inaccessible. standardsE3M9.zip