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    Your out of the hospital, off the medication, and just bought a new shotgun. Now lets see if you know how to use the sucker... after all, its the only weapon, is it not? - No keys... just kill. - The computer stations work. - 1st use of (what I call) 'Black Light', which is normal light reversed.


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  2. Eulogy 5 for BOOM

    It's Eulogy 5, changed around a bit, and made specifically for TeamTNT's BOOM engine. I've recently been getting quite interested in the BOOM engine, and editing for it, so I figured I'd take a shot at it.

    Basicly I was too lazy to make an all new wad, so I spent two or three days enhancing Eulogy 5, which, I think, is the best in the series so far(there are now seven total).

    When you play this you'll notice two sigficicant things. Deep water(actually nukage)and the silent switch teleporter, which kicks ass. But anyway, I'll stop now.


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    A 3 level set. These levels were made years ago, and never released. They've been cleaned up somewhat, added to, and made BOOM 'aware'. There are some texture mis-alignments. But fixing them would mean reworking the levels in some spots and I decided to leave them. Continuity from level to level is non-existant. Level 1 - 'Dammit' - You are forced to go one way until you climb the stairs at the foot of the dam. Then you have choices. Each choice will eventually get you to the exit. But whats the fun in that? Kill all the bad guys first (if you can stay alive). No keys, just kill. Level 2 - Could be 'Hard 4 You' - The so called flat earth syndrome abounds. But what the heck... your on an island in the sky, far along on your journey to hell. All in all its a strange place. Cyber is in this level. Easy kill. A couple keys. Level 3 - 'The House of Wanagi' - Visit Wanagi's house. You start in the bathroom. Highly detailed. No keys.


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  4. FOA.WAD

    You've come a long way in your search for vengeance. It seems the killing never ceases. Will you ever find peace? I think not... :) Besides, who wants to? This is to much fun! No keys... just kill. ------------------------------------------------


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