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32 in 24 5

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About This File

Another FFA 32in24, except with a unique app- roach: one person creates a layout, and another mapper focuses on detailing the layout heavily and overall refining the map to perfection. All layouts were completed in 24 hours, within 48 hours almost all were detailed, and in the next two days, the wad was compiled and released.

Here, have a maplist!

01 Shaikoten/Esselfortium - Mongolesium 02 Shai/Ajapted/Essel - Court of the Crimson Schwing 03 Shaikoten/mid - Microwaved Uterogestation 04 Fisk/Esselfortium - Proving Grounds 05 Tango/Brinks - Phrenetic Chainsaw Slaughter of a Crippled Infant 06 Ajapted/RottKing - Compound of Dripping Filth 07 ClonedPickle/doom2day - Suspenders at Dusk 08 Mephisto/DD_133 - Technical Hazard 09 daimonreloaded/RottKing - Tower of Total Crapness 10 Leileilol/Bucket - Dana Ken 11 Shaikoten/Killingblair - The Blair Shai Project 12 Catoptromancy/Worst - Deja Vu 13 Leileilol/RottKing - HEY FACK YOU MAN 14 RottKing/Esselfortium - Rectum? Darn Near Killed'em! 15 Ajapted/Esselfortium - Frozen Maiden 16 Bucket/Cybershark - Tower of Tor 17 ClonedPickle/mid - RB Takes Over 32in24 18 Shaikoten/Killingblair - Pewter City Gym 19 Kassman/mid - Hemoglobin Rig 20 Shaikoten/Esselfortium - Virtual Sea of Pizza 21 Esselfortium/Mephisto - Jungle Fever 22 Catoptromancy/Tango - Rolling Stones Collect No Moss 23 Mephisto/joe_ - Mucupurulent Offal Grinder 24 Shaikoten/Nes/RottKing - Spacious Fields of Anal Justice 25 RottKing/DD_133 - Octagon of Madness 26 Fisk/Killingblair - Argon 27 RottKing/Esselfortium - I'm Gonna Blow Ya Up! 28 Shai/Asspants/DD_133/Esselfortium - The Power to Believe 29 Fisk/Mechadon - Satyr's Delirium 30 Esselfortium/Tango - NiGHTMAREs Into Dreams 31 Worst/DaimonReloaded/Esselfortium - A Pocketful of Octopuses 32 Bucket/Kassman - Volcanic Panic

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  • File Reviews

    • By CBM · Posted
      I tried it years ago and was impressed   but we really need an updated UDMF version of this   we need more startrek in doom
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      C'mon, is not that bad! There's so much doomcute here that i'll think that i start to have diabetes from all the sweetness lol. Even if big part of the movies are all "Oh My Goddess!" with wrong titles as well for the, the textures a cute cartoony design, even if pretty flat sometimes. The techno midi is awful. Overall cute map.   A fun trivia: iirc in the movie "7 doors of death" aka "The Beyond", near the end the main characters tries to escape from zombies (or they are possessed ghouls? I don't remember) and every time they using 3 shoots in total for all the time, using a revolver. Also that guys have a black and red mimetic like dress, like a certain monster in a certain game....
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Not sure to talk about this map on the Wadarcheology thread since i'm pretty sure it's pretty well known around there, even with only one wrote review by Doomkid? However, this is a pretty good map sets in the famous Enterprise starship from Star Trek: The Next Generation, new graphics, sounds and cute sprites of crew inmates, the work done is pretty admirable, too bad that there's no exit (at least i didn't find it)! However, a pretty cool partial conversion!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Not bad, the premise of choosing your own combo of guns is pretty cool and visually the map is nice. T recall that his map was more harder in my youth, but it's not really challenging with only 70 monsters in the map on HMP. Also the map can be finished fast if you find the secret exit.
    • By DuckReconMajor · Posted
      We live in a world where you can play Speed of Doom pretty much whenever you want. And for that I am thankful 🙏