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About This File


長らくお待たせいたしました。ようやくGORUZIG3.WADの登場です。(^^)ウッキー 残念ながら、おそらくこれが最終作です。

構想期間3ヶ月、作り直しが何十回と、えらい苦労しましたが面白いかなあ? 熱い撃ち合いになるように工夫しましたので、遊んでやってください。m(__)m

最後になりますが、全宇宙最高傑作GORUZIGシリーズの為に、助言、テストプレイ、 世間話等、不眠不休で付き合って下さった ばろんさんに、この場を借りて お礼を申し上げます。ホントに長期間お世話様でした。m(__)m

                                    BXH01167 プロ猿ファーごる

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Unknown date

Despite some fairly typical mid 90's texturing, this looks damn fun! I'm glad you found these and uploaded them, I'll be trying them out soon.

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Unknown date

This is part of a stash of Japanese DM wads I found in a forgotten corner of the Internet, and it's actually pretty well above average for a 1996 map. Lots of stairs and windows make for a map with plenty of height variation and interconnectivity. Probably best for 2 players; check out the included demo. **** - Revenant

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  • File Reviews

    • By stevenaaus · Posted
      Awesome megawad. Great gameplay and visuals. New monsters... super coherent. Cheers :)
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Not that crazy as you can think from the title, it's a interesting map with some cool design choices and some nice small puzzles as well. Fun to play and run swell.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Conceptually a pretty cool map, have a nice retextures of wall using the ice floor, giving more context to the main theme of icy cavern present here, the layout is good, some room design are pretty good for the age it was done (especially the starting area) but it's unfortunately ruined by two things: excessive slippery floors and a no exit lava pit, as well as the random nature of switches placement that activates something... somewhere. Where is not given to you to known, the same things happens for a secret (mandatory) corridors areas that connect the said grave. But despite this, is not that bad, actually! 
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Meh, conceptually is not a bad map but in reality is really boring. Lots of squares and platforms, lacks of powerful guns and a boring gameplay. Also how the exit can be activated? The teleports are shitty as well.