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Battle for the sphere of chaos

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About This File

My long work for Hexen, which i was started in September 2013. It have only 4 levels, but it have "hub" mode. Story: The action takes place in parallel world of Hexen, where instead of Korax, world Cronos was attacked by D'Sparil and with the help of his army brought the chaos and destruction to this world. The task of heroes - crush the D'Sparil and destroy the Sphere of Chaos, which he uses to control his troops.

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Absolutely difficult with the fighter, but it was fun, nice architecture and a good challenge. That blue spheroid section at the end is brutal though, and D'sparil is essentially a joke once you get the 4th weapon. Other than that, really nice. 4 stars because of the reasons above.

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An odd wad in which you play a Hexen class while fighting Heretic monsters in Heretic-textured levels. Surprisingly, it works pretty well, and is an interesting change of pace from either game. It retains Hexen's hub design, although it's not at all puzzley, just a "go and collect 3 items and return to the hub" quest. It's very combat-focused (there's almost 400 enemies in the final level), but unlike some Heretic maps, it doesn't end up feeling like a slog. Perhaps Hexen's weapons are just more powerful than Corvus's. The level design is very good, besides a couple of sore spots (the cramped areas of the lava level, the metal maze in the final level). The boss, D'Sparil, is much easier to kill than he was in Heretic; he probably should've been modded to have a better chance against Hexen's warriors.

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Kind of silly, actually. It's Hexen in terms of classes/weapons, but everything else is Heretic. Killing D'Sparil with a 4th weapon class of a Hexen character is far too easy - if anything, there is far too much mana in the game (esp. the boss room at the end). Why Hexen textures couldn't have been used instead baffles me.

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Played as mage. Woe to you if you choose fighter - ranged enemies are abundant. So, this is a Heretic WAD that requires the Hexen IWAD. It transplants everything from Heretic but player weapons. As a Heretic WAD it is quite good - there are some annoyances in level design and monster strength but it's much better than usual Heretic stuff. Probably decent amount of ammo helps.

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