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Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

About This File

This allows any specific supported engine to continuously run all maps from E1 to E5. This file ignores (End Episode), and well reroute to the next episode when the current is finished. Perfect for multiplayer proposes!

Version 1.00: 25 April. 2008 Original Release

Version 1.01: 20 November. 2008 Fixed a possible HOM issue that sometimes occur in SkullTag.

Version 2.00: 30 November. 2012 * Expunged CISVH.txt; superfluous ASCII file... * Added a new lump 'ZMAPINFO' for engines that support it * Applied level number capability; useful for ACS scripts. * Enforced 'No Jumping' and 'No Crouching'; changable * Enforce 'Smooth Lighting' variable to true. * Enforce 'Normal Infighting' * Ports that use MAPINFO should render intermission screens almost adjacent to those that use ZMAPINFO. * Added support for the sixth episodes.

Unversioned: 10 October. 2016 * Renamed file from 'SVHeretic' to 'SVHertic'. This is in compliance with /idgames policy with 8char max filenames.



Build Time

Several hours

Editors Used


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  • File Reviews

    • By CitizenSlug · Posted
      An enjoyable single level wad, with a few tricks, and traps, to make it interesting. The level does however have a few texture problems here and there, and the geometry isn't amazing, but is totally serviceable for the killing of the demons. Give it a try!
    • By Memfis · Posted
      I've always enjoyed this one. For some reason it's just fun to blast monsters in these simple but tastefully decorated rooms, and I like how the central area keeps changing.
    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      Tried this out after reading 40oz's review.  I was not disapointed.  Very nice map.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      overall very decent set of maps, has many things you might expect from valkiriforce if you played the other maps he made, with snazzes of the good ol' 40oz are there too. real fun maps, from the short ones to even the long ones, MAP03 and MAP05 felt pretty good as exploratory maps actually, not so much MAP08 though. variety is the spice of life. only map i outright hated was MAP04 and its puzzle/timed thingie.
    • By Gallic00 · Posted
      Better than I expected.  Some maps are more interesting than others.  Generally the maps are short and is a quick play for 40 levels.