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Jeem I

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About This File

3 level map pack meant for gzDoom. May work with zDoom, have not tried it. Jumping is enabled though jumping is not meant to be used, everything can be 100%ed without jumping. Difficulty levels are not implemented either. It is kind of slaughtermap-ish, but it shouldn't be too difficult. Don't fall into acid. This is my first real "map pack", though I have fiddled around with smaller stuff before.

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This set of maps is mostly chaingun-based. You will be shooting with the chaingun at lots of different monsters: mancubii, revenants, hell knights, cacodemons. Fortunately, not too many Barons (I don't think I recall meeting even one).


The visuals are richly detailed, something that you will note when looking at room backgrounds and ceilings.


Layout is straight-forward, though not exactly linear. You won't get lost.


It's however a misnomer to call these maps "slaughtermapish". Although there are large amounts of monsters, they usually consist of the puny ones and they are stacked in neat rectangles like Roman legions. This doesn't feel like a standard slaughtermap at all. After all, you only get SSG in the last map, and the rocket launcher in the last room of that last map.

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