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Demons, say your birthday !

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About This File

I did this map for the good friend for his birthday few months ago. I decided to add this in archives, so it won't get lost forever on my hard disk. Main map is very short, few rooms with some action in them and of course, with some big cake. Jumping is allowed.

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Walter confetti


A pretty good map semi-slaughter map that uses the Ancient Aliens textures and monsters, is a voyage into some purple/cyan place where you have to climb a fireblu cake after solving a simplicity-like puzzle (cool, i'm one of the 10 people that remember of "Simplicity", do you remember when 13/15 years ago that megawad was the stunning trend in mapping?), overall is a fun map, even if doesn't have too much ammo for beating all the resistance, at least for me.

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baja blast rd.

· Edited by rdwpa


rDt4lJl.png V7liA0U.png


Birthday maps at this point are a subgenre in themselves, especially when they come with their own cakes. Using Ancient Aliens's resource pack, "Demons, say your birthday!" is a single brief, eye-pleasing map with somewhere between two and four okay fights, depending on how you define "fight." AA's two custom alienoid monsters play prominent roles. At the end, ZDoom features apply light sprinkles of birthday well-wishing. 


3/5 for the map, plus a star because when Terrywads exist, when communities with deep commonalities hurl shit at each other over insubstantial differences, when lilith.pk3 gets people up in arms, genuine expressions of positivity are a gust of fresh air.


Note: jumping is intended. 

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