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The Hellsley Suites

   (5 reviews)
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About This File

It's a bright, sunny day and you feel like a million bucks. You're strolling down the street whistling some John Denver tune when a travel brochure materializes in you hand(!). It says:

"...you've got eternity on your hands so what are you going to do after a season of sitting on hot coals, firebombing your buddies, and chewing your friends? Where can you go when it's time to relax - to get away from it all - in short, what's Leona gonna do when she gets here? Come to the Hellsley suites: Hell's finest hotel and resort with tropical beach, swimming pool, TV in your room (permanently set to the Discovery channel) - even a recreation area with lava floors and floating caged barons to play with. Come join the fun..."

The brochure suddenly bursts into flames and you're blinded by a green flash and burning fingers. You find yourself in a stone walled room, a shotgun at your feet. Hey - and there's a rocket launcher! Thinking that maybe it was a Barry Manilow number and this is what you're gonna get for airing it, you cautiously open a nearby door. Hmmm..., this seems to be an hotel lobby.

"Excuse me, sir... yes, you with the shotgun. Can you tell me where I am?"...

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A good level from 1995. /tested with brutal doom/

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Crashes Doomsday engine in first room.

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A big level that sneakily changes its architecture. Good design with a lot of vertical variety and a few violent bits. Cool secrets, a nice mix of action, puzzle-solving and exploration.

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Unknown date

Average, slightly underdetailed.

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Unknown date

This is dated September 1995, and seems to have passed the world by. This is a shame, because it's not bad; you fight 245 monsters in a large-scale castle / warehouse level. It hangs on the cusp between between pleasingly non-linear and just wandery and boring, and there's no shortage of ammo and health. One room has a clever mocked-up multi-storey layout, and it gets harder towards the end, although I kept expecting a boss battle that never came.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Thrustpeak · Posted
      Could have used a bit less nukage, but overall it was pretty enjoyable. 
    • By TheMagicMushroomMan · Posted
      Powerful and ambitious map made during the middle of the golden era of DOOM mapping. An atomic bomb of psychedelia and subversive sexuality inspired by the early works of Akira Kurosawa. Once played, never forgotten.
    • By Wavy · Posted
      I've heard some of the larger/popular mappers such as Jimmy and skillsaw have been real quiet since the release of this.
    • By Philnemba · Posted
      Found this old wad from a recent WADbot Twitter post so I thought I would give it a try with Skill 5 Zandronum bots out of curiosity.     Pellejos.wad is a simple DM map from June of 1994 with LOTS of skin textures. Sadly this map hasn't age well due to its terrible layout with only Shotguns with a secret chaingun & chainsaw(seriously why did early 90s mappers put secrets in DM maps!?). One positive thing I will say about it is that it has decent texture alignment but other than that its a relic that age terribly.     EDIT: Bump the rating from 1 to 2 stars because the mappers first map QUIRUL.WAD was so bad that this wad feels like it was put in more effort than I originally thought.