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  1. Never_Again

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    It is. That pillar is only present on UV and NM, BTW, on lower skill levels you don't need a glide. Thank you for recording on BNBEYOND, one of my old favorites. Your mouse seems to have had a rough weekend. ;) I've been waiting for @j4rio to discover this WAD. The UV skill level was designed for Super Weapons (an example patch from the DeHackEd package), that's why there's so little ammo around, which should make for a nice semi-Tyson romp. Maikl's old run is great - especially for when you have trouble falling asleep - but a bit too unfocused to be endured in a single sitting. 35-40 minutes sounds about right.
  2. Never_Again

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    I tested ceski's Dec 2 build in a new folder with all default settings and TimGM6mb.sf2. Fluidsynth is the default MIDI player. Sounds the same as my own 32-bit dev build, which in turn sounds the same as the official release from February. Must be a config issue and/or a DLL mismatch. Process Hacker can tell you prboom-plus' Current (i.e. Working) Directory while prb+ is running, and on the Modules tab of the exec's Properties the location and version of libfluidsynth-3.dll it's using.
  3. Never_Again

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    What about the BALLLOCK sphere?
  4. Never_Again

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    If you pick up a chainsaw you can no longer use the fist unless you pick up a berserk pack. When you go to next level you lose the ability to switch from the chainsaw to the fist (by pressing the "1" key repeatedly) until you find another berserk pack. That's how things are on the vanilla complevels (0-4). What problems are you having with the SSG? Outline the scenario in detail: WADs/DEHs loaded, complevel and the Prb+ version.
  5. VILECORE1.0 by Doom_Dude (the 2003 version), with optional vilecore.deh (level names only) idgames: link DSDA: https://dsdarchive.com/wads/vilcore This is a vanilla WAD, a spiritual predecessor to Armadosia. Its placement in the /ports subdir of idgames was most likely thanks to a decision to err on the side of caution. The initial release (2000) had some issues, too, which probably explains why the demos for it were recorded with Boom, the demo port of choice for limit-removing maps at the time. Nevertheless, all maps can be played in vanilla and Choco, with two reservations: MAP22 has a linedef (#524) with a W1 Door Open Stay special but without the required sector tag. In the south-east of the map if you walk north between the western brown column and the wall to the left the level goes haywire and you get stuck MAP32: it's possible to get a visplane overflow in the north-west corner room of the map while facing the long passage to the east and looking south-east. Since the demos for the WAD were split into two pages according to the release version that left a lot of gaps in the current UV Max table. The demos below (recorded long before in anticipation of such a split) seek to remedy that. map | kills | secrets | time ================================ MAP01 | 100% | 100% | 6:15 MAP05 | 100% | 100% | 8:42 MAP06 | 101% | 100% | 8:05 MAP08 | 101% | 100% | 10:25 MAP09 | 106% | 100% | 8:44 MAP11 | 101% | 100% | 10:33 MAP14 | 102% | 100% | 8:55 MAP16 | 100% | 100% | 9:30 MAP17 | 100% | 100% | 7:49 MAP18 | 100% | 100% | 9:40 MAP29 | 104% | 100% | 8:27 VILECORE-uvmax-na.zip A shout-out goes to @Revved, who did most of the rest of the maps. Some of them could stand to be redone in the vanilla format: 02 07 10 12 15 19 20 22 23 25-27 31 32
  6. Never_Again

    Maximum Doom — number of levels

    The Talk page for the Maximum DOOM entry on the Doom Wiki prompted me to revisit this thread and revise the numbers slightly. You can read my post there for details including complete lists of all level entries and a list of duplicate files. The bottom line is that the total level count is 3486, or 3461 if we leave out the identical files with different filenames.
  7. SMALLH.WAD [...] E1M4 = CORR2 (also MAP06 of DM2PAK#1 in Maximum Doom) [...] E1M6 = COMBAT E1M1 "variant" is the wrong term in this context. Its use as a noun in Russian may be synonymous with "version" in some contexts, but in English the noun "variant" is not common outside certain disciplines (like biology). The word you want is "edit".
  8. Never_Again

    Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Update: Sep 01, 2022)

    You're right, Alfonso. I just remembered that we discussed this subject with Fabian two years ago. Seems like you cannot have the starry sky while autoloading the MLs. Only the special cases for BLACKTWR, BLOODSEA, MEPHISTO and TEETH could be implemented as they all use stock D2 skies.
  9. Never_Again

    Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Update: Sep 01, 2022)

    Only eight of the Master Levels use the custom sky patch: all of Dr. Sleep's and Flynn's WADs and one of Klie's (COMBINE). IOW, there's no need to fix something that ain't broken. Worse yet, on some levels (e.g. BLACKTWR) that starry sky would look totally out of place.
  10. Never_Again

    Crispy Doom 5.12.0 (Update: Sep 01, 2022)

    The bug was introduced in SDL2 v2.0.14 (Dec 2020). There's a fix for it in src/i_video.c that checks the SDL2 version and turns on SDL_HINT_VIDEO_MINIMIZE_ON_FOCUS_LOSS for the affected versions. The fix was updated to cover v2.0.16; it hasn't been updated since as the bug was fixed on the SDL2 side with v2.0.18 (Nov 2021), IIRC. It's possible that the bug only affected Win7 users (which includes me); I'd expect to have seen a lot more complaints otherwise. You should not have this problem with autobuilds because they use v2.0.12 SDL libs. So, it's either a user error or your video drivers are a factor. To rule out the former: - Unzip a Crispy autobuild, including all the DLLs, into a new folder. - Open a command-prompt session from that folder - under Win7 in Windows Explorer hold left SHIFT and right-click on that folder to get the "Open command window here" option in the pop-up menu. - Execute SET PATH=. this is to prevent Crispy from picking up DLLs from any other folder that might be in your PATH - Execute crispy-doom.exe with any command-line switches. If you don't have %DOOMWADDIR% set on your system pointing to the folder with IWADs you'll need to copy an IWAD into the autobuild folder as well. If the above doesn't fix your problem there may be an SDL2 compatibility issue with your video driver. With the latest autobuild ALT+TAB and the WIN key function as expected for me. My system is - Dual Xeon X5670 (Westmere EP, ca. 2010) / 48 GB RAM - Quadro FX 3800 1 GB - Win 7 x64 Pro SP1 - Nvidia display driver v342.01 Try the following test build of Crispy: crispy-doom-20220912-alltabfix-w32.zip It unconditionally enables the ALT+TAB fix mentioned earlier, and you get console output as a bonus. Please follow the same steps as for the autobuild above and report the results.
  11. BDMWAD! is itself a compilation of stock id maps, released in early April 1994 by Brent Metz: E1M1 = stock E2M1 (edit) E1M2 = stock E2M4 E1M3 = stock E3M1 E1M4 = stock E2M2 E1M5 = stock E3M3 E1M6 = stock E1M1 E1M7 = stock E3M5 E1M8 = stock E3M8 (edit) E1M9 = stock E2M8 (edit) This WAD was meant to compile the best DM levels from DOOM.WAD. The maps were to be played consecutively. The compiler apparently wasn't too assiduous with testing since his edits make skipping two levels unavoidable in continuous play. E1M1 - the only change is changing the exit switch to a secret exit. Since exiting the secret level takes you to E1M4 you miss E1M2 and E1M3. E1M8 - the only change is replacing the Caco in southwest with a Cyber. E1M9 - numerous THINGS changed: rockets replaced with Invisos; lots of rockets and Medkits added to the outside. Exit switch sloppily added to one of the columns outside. Rocket launcher removed, chainsaw added elsewhere. With no rocket launcher to carry over from E1M1 that was a dumb thing to do.
  12. Never_Again

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    Latest dev builds, as of commit 3e957d6 (June 22 2022). Noteworthy changes since last official release (v2.6.2um, February 11 2022): - sort resolutions by width first and associated fixes - consider the case of only one available resolution - fixed integer overflow that caused jagged motion after running for about 26 minutes - UMAPINFO: fixed par times not loading for finale levels - generate mixer buffer size from sample rate - fixed mouse stuttering with uncapped framerate and VSync - convert uppercase shortcut keys from UMAPINFO - added complevel hints - UMAPINFO: fixed nextsecret inconsistencies - free temp footer buffers - fixed mid-texture judder when upper and middle textures overlap - optionally include wipe effect in video capture + console output 32-bit: prboom-plus-20220622-w32.zip (Mediafire) prboom-plus-20220622-w32.zip (Google Drive) 64-bit: prboom-plus-20220622-w64.zip (Mediafire) prboom-plus-20220622-w64.zip (Google Drive) Required DLLs included. See the accompanying TXT files for details. For a complete list of changes since last official release look here.
  13. Never_Again

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    It's most likely a user error. There have been thousands of demos featuring Revenants' homing missiles recorded since the nineties, all of which play perfectly in prboom-plus, and almost certainly in DSDA-Doom and Woof. If you manage to record such a demo with Choco that plays back correctly in Choco but not in the other three ports the developers of those ports would be very interested to see it and to learn how you created.
  14. E1M7 = PRISON (dmpris.zip on /idgames) The WAD dir is corrupted enough for SLADE to refuse to load it. E1M7 can be played in Crispy, with severe noclipping issues - missing/bad BLOCKMAP? The level looks like a half-unraveled ball of twine in the automap. E1M8 = JIM0201 (j0201.zip on /idgames) E1M2 = MOUNTAIN E1M4 = THIS (dmthis.zip on /idgames) Same issue as with PCP7.WAD. Unable to identify. E1M2 = LKDETHV1 Same issue as PCP7 and PCP12.