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  1. Never_Again

    Question on GLPRBOOM+ and Demo Recording

    The info is out there.
  2. Never_Again

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    @Andy: v2.1 of Armadosia released today - here is the MediaFire link pending its clearance through /idgames/incoming. In the new version only MAP11 might be demo-incompatible with the v2, and AFAIK there are no publicly-released v2 MAP11 demos. You could probably just replace the WAD ZIP on the Armadosia (2015) page with the v2.1 one.
  3. Never_Again

    Armadosia v2.1 demos [-complevel 2]

    Shukran for the demos, Yousuf. I'm glad to hear you don't find the WAD boring anymore. Your improvement on my MAP04 run was impressive, too. Of course, I spend extra time on killing all Lost Souls, so your demos and mine don't really compete directly. There's a small boatload of runs from last year on my had drive. These fill all the gaps in the Armadosia UV-Max tables (both the original and the v2) on DSDA. The demos are still awaiting TXT writeups. Additionally I did vanilla-compatible takes of most of the maps Revved mistakenly recorded on with Boom/MBF complevels (although my times are not necessarily faster) and did a couple of demos on maps that had UV-Maxes for the original version but not the v2, as the maps underwent significant gameplay changes (e.g. MAP08 and MAP11). Also note that today saw the release of v2.1. The changes are minor for the most part, except that any demos recorded on MAP11 v2 (I am not aware of any) might desync with the v2.1. The /incoming on /idgames will probably take a few days to clear this upload, so here is the direct link (MediaFire) to the v2.1 ZIP for the time being.
  4. Never_Again

    Armadosia v2.1 — the 10th anniversary update

    A small update a year later. So now we are at v2.1. See the first post for the updated changelog and links (currently only the MediaFire one is up-to-date). If anyone has recorded a demo on MAP11 since the v2 release, this update will probably break it, I'm sorry to say.
  5. Never_Again


    Dire even for June 1994. With the amount of visual glitches caused by bad nodes this should have never been released.
  6. Never_Again

    Tunnel Run (version 1.2)

    A simple, flawless map. Clean, economical design. Lacks memorable highlights, though.
    8 small DM levels, playable solo. M1-M3 & M6 are terrible, although mercifully short. M4 is OK but too short; has two unintentional voodoo dolls. M5 is a much larger underground maze, has semi-invulnerable Cacos, blah otherwise. M7 is similar, though improved by some nice recolors. M8 is a boat with multiple decks, passable execution. M9 was the original E1M1 with a couple more Sarges in the courtyard outside the green armor room, a Cyber in the main courtyard and the exit made fake à la E2M6.
  7. Never_Again


    A small unfocused map from August '94. Most of the doors are unmarked, although they do show up on the automap. Worse yet, the exit is not marked as well. The red and the blue keys offer two short side trips when the level is almost over. The clever Cyber scare is the only highlight.
  8. Never_Again

    Gloomy dungeon

    A nearly perfect '94 WAD. A little on the short and easy side, but the execution is flawless. Even the textures are aligned, can you believe it?
  9. Never_Again

    Gloom of DOOM

    A small sprawling map that could have been designed by Greytale of DARKHELL fame. A fun little ride if you don't mind unmarked switches and teleporters. The second reviewer is right about the crucial switch in the side of the window frame: it's invisible unless you happen to use the window sill as a switch. And if you go for the plasma rifle before doing that and getting the red key, you are stuck.
  10. Never_Again

    The Garden

    A medium-sized courtyard surrounded by green marble hallways with lifts. Playable in single player but the exit is broken -- the switch to open it doesn't work (tested in v1.9, Boom and v1.2 compat modes). Should have been set up as "lower floor to *lowest* floor" not highest.
  11. Never_Again


    Two linedefs have invalid sidedef numbers, Prb+ has no problem with that. A large softcore slaughter map with lots of shotgun fodder and places to go. Don't drop into the Cyber's arena, there's no way out.
  12. Never_Again


    Two small concept levels from July '95 that seem impossible at first sight but are quite playable and fun to figure out. 100% kills is doable on the first map, with a little planning. Generally I would dock a point for mandatory secrets, but they are not a big deal with short levels like these.
  13. Never_Again


    A squiggly layout, blah texturing, sliding doortracks, interminable lifts, random deathtraps, a blur sphere whose only purpose is to get the player stuck, feeble opposition -- this WAD got it all! The last lift is a particularly bad design idea: not only it takes a full minute to rise, near the top you get attacked by Lost Souls you cannot see or shoot.
  14. Never_Again

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    v2.5.1.4-test has been updated at least five times since 2012. New test revisions don't get a different number or an announcement. It's been that way for the past ten years.