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Quad (aka: baby's first Doom map)

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After a few false starts, I finally knuckled down and ran through Eevee's You Should Make A Doom Level tutorial. The result is Quad, a teeny tiny level that took me the better part of a day to make. It's got a central arena with a super shotgun, a switch that opens up a monster closet, a balcony with a red key and a final boss room. Oh, and two secrets!




  • Built with SLADE using Doom 2 resources.
  • Tested with GZDoom, freelook on.
  • Has basic support for difficulty settings.




Edit: Just updated "Quad v2" with changes from Magicana. Thanks! (Also fixed the ceiling height mistake you can see in the screenshot.)



Quad Screenshot.jpg

Quad v2.zip

Edited by creaky : Updated map.

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Did a playthrough of your map.



Just a few things to point out (It wasn't a bad little map):


The initial door you forgot to unpeg one of the doortraks.

The cyberdemon is stuck inside that room - He's just tall enough that he can't get out.

Need more ammo - I provoked a lot of infighting and I still only had enough ammo because I found the secrets.

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I also recorded a playthrough of this map. I really enjoyed it, actually. It's small and sweet. Maybe the best first map I've played - you already seem to have a grasp of monster and item placement, and I think that's the hardest part of mapping to get right.



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for a first wad its not that horrible its better then my first wad witch was just called WADTHINGXD and it was just 3 terrable test rooms so ya it gets a idk 4/10 with me not bad but not amazing. i also think it could have been a bit longer and have more then just brown textures like that one level in thy flesh consumed. 


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not trying to say you should not doom build this is very good for a first map. just keep at it and you will get better trust me.

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