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  1. Map 29 and Map 30 have the probably coolest theme of Sunlust, which is saying something after the cool green stuff in the previous maps. Map 30 is insanely good too. I especially love that there are different paths depending on your difficulty settings too - On UV there is a whole extra fight that doesn't appear on lower difficulties for the yellow key, which is placed differently too.
  2. Nice and easy :). I chose HMP because there is an invuln you can pickup that makes the "Speed" run trivial - On UV it's pretty RNG.
  3. Magicana

    What are some sleeper wads?

    I wasn't actually mad :P. I'm mostly stoked that people played and enjoyed it! If anyone is looking to play it themselves after reading this thread (Link below) map 03 and map 16 are particularly great ;)
  4. Magicana

    What are some sleeper wads?

    The theme was a bit light hearted, but I wouldn't call it a joke wad :P. (I'm sensitive but if you look at the credits you'll know why).
  5. Magicana

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    All good. This was a handy reminder that I was half way through a replay of Evilternity! I really should get back into it.
  6. Magicana

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I think if you hit certain keys in certain ports during a death exit, it will restart the level instead of progressing to the next level as normal. Edit: Went and tried it out. The first time I was spamming the use key, second time hands off keyboard.
  7. Magicana

    Doom Monster Nicknames

    I've always referred to Cacodemons as a 'Pumpkin' and I'm not really sure why.
  8. Done. Took two attempts - The first one I died when the pain elemental was released - Turned out there was a pair of shotgunners behind it and they blew me away after the PE died. That's right at the end of the map too, as it turns out :(. Successful run below
  9. I'm not a big fan of that tbh, I did give someone a Sunder map but I made it one of the early/easy maps that didn't involve too much slaughter. Giving people incredibly complex and challenging maps with thousands of monsters doesn't seem to be too fun.
  10. Kind of done. This was a really enjoyable map, I've never played this mapset before so it was a new experience for me. I ended up with 94% kills when I exited on my 4th attempt. Attempt 1: Caught a cyber rocket Attempt 2: Had to leave the computer, and well, no saves. Attempt 3: Noped out of the big end fight and ran out of ammo camping at the bottom of the stairs. Rookie error, I've played enough to know the "Easy" strategy is the worst sometimes. Attempt 4: 94% kills, just had a bit of mop up to do when I thought I'd use that door at the end. Turns out using the door exits the level. Close enough :).
  11. 25 seconds in and I've decided that there ain't no way I'm making it.
  12. I challenge you to Sunder Map02 :).