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  1. E4M1 for me. Just has such a creepy vibe.
  2. Map 29 in Plutonia 2 stands out for me.
  3. Magicana

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Quick screengrab from a low quality map (All my maps are low quality, as a beginner) I've been working on. Going for a sort of abstract hell theme, hopefully with a feel similar to The Living End from Doom 2 - Just with forced boss battles at the end.
  4. Magicana

    Favorite DOOM II map?

    I really love Map29 - The Living End. Slowly unveiling more and more of the map as you go along, before finally reaching that first seen and long anticipated main platform. Just such a shame you can laugh at the Cyberdemon and run to the exit.
  5. Magicana

    Ultimate Doom: Episode 1 Nightmare! Guide (Video)

    This is actually really good. Interested to see parts the next few episodes! Will we see Doom 2/Final Doom as well? :P.
  6. Magicana

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    Honestly, Ultimate Doom isn't that hard in UV. The trickiest episode (4) is pretty easy once you get the plasma rifle in E4M2. Episodes 1-3 aren't too challenging, you just need to be very careful in Episode 1 because of how many hitscanners there are. The skill jump from UV to Nightmare is just ridiculous though.
  7. Magicana

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Is this the one from... Suburbs?
  8. Magicana

    Things that bother you about Doom

    E4M7 This is a pretty interesting level I find, but what really bothers me is how much of the level is utterly pointless. Only the red key is essential for completing the level, and it is located in a general access area. There are yellow and blue keys that are optional, but provide no benefit that isn't offset with more enemies (Such as Barons of Hell). Seems like a pretty big oversight that could have been fixed by just moving the red key.
  9. Magicana

    Why is Thy Flesh Consumed so hard?

    I'm doing my first UV run of E4 at the moment (After my first UV run of E1-3 and Doom 2) and I'm finding much the same as everyone else. M1 and M2 were really challenging. The second half of M2 was easier than the first. The ammo situation improved once you get the chainsaw. As a sadist, I then went to m9 which is quite reasonable. The ammo situation reverses completely in m3. Finally get the backpack and boxes of ammo everywhere.
  10. Magicana

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUBUYWIZUpE I sometimes think people like this guy are playing a different game to me, simply because they do things on Nightmare that I can't do in normal play!
  11. Magicana

    How much of a 'Doom Master' are you?

    I managed to play through Plutonia 2 on ITYTD with constant saves in each level, so I guess you could say I am an expert player.
  12. Magicana

    Official Maps that stand out.

    From Doom 1: E1M1 It's just an absolute classic map. It's really simple, but just absolutely brilliant as well. E1M8 I still find this map to be a little spooky even now when I play it. E2M9 I freaked the first time I played this level. I really love the infighting theme to the map. E3M9 I really love the concept behind this map - Thinking it's just a repeat of the first level, then you get to the end... And you slowly unveil more of the map with a boatload of enemies in every room. Doom 2: I'm not such a fan of the maps in D2, but you really can't go past 'The Living End'. It's such an epic map, and slowly working your way through to the end and getting onto that last platform - Only to discover that there is one last battle with a Cyberdemon to go. Unless you just run past and use the sky teleporter.