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  1. I wonder if you fixed the missing texture. I spotted one in the version that I recorded.
  2. I beat Ritournelle. The bad news is there is 1 enemy left out because it failed to teleport or something (at least the version that I recorded). I don't know which one though. Video of it is now up.
  3. I would like to see more slaughter wads out there since I am a huge fan of slaughter levels.
  4. I enjoyed the Slaughterfest wads, especially when doing videos of them. Now, I just make my own slaughter levels and submit them to /idgames or some other places where people download them.
  5. I have a feeling that Slaughterfest 3 is pretty much dead.
  6. I have no idea.
  7. Thanks for the information. Right now, I am currently working on a large slaughter level that would take several hours to beat (but it is not for this community project).
  8. I beat 42%Health's level. The bad news is it is played with GZDoom and not with a vanilla-driven source port. The good news, however, is that I put the entire Doom 3 sound pack into the wad file so that Doom 3 sound effects are produced. "Wow, calling Ribbiks by his real name. Rude" (Ancalagon).
  9. My recommendation would be open up Slade and look for a midi file that you like and copy and paste that into your wad file. Then, you save changes.
  10. I beat Welcome to UAC with Colorful Hell.
  11. Level 22 has over 8,000 enemies and level 30 has over 9,000.
  12. The only reason why I'm sharing my playlist here is because I wanted to show it to other people involved in this thread. The person who designed this wad is one of my subscribers on YouTube (has a channel name "Unknown Space Marine").
  13. I know Yousuf has already seen these videos, but I have a playlist of all of the levels that I got through from this wad if you all would be interested in checking out the playthroughs I have up. I beat all of the levels.
  14. I'm severely disappointed now.
  15. Do you have a download link to that file?