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  1. meapineapple

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #049

    Thanks for playing, @LadyMistDragon! I had almost forgotten about that map. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  2. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    Aha, @LadyMistDragon thank you for pointing that out. I fixed that (and another small issue with a lift in the blue key room) and uploaded a new version of the WAD.
  3. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    That's odd. Can you be more specific about where this is happening? And what port are you playing in? In GZDoom 4.8.2 I don't see any HOM effects in the cavern area or anywhere else. Edit: Whoops, I think I may have found what you were talking about.
  4. meapineapple

    Mountain Village (Tower Defense!)

    I had a hard time with this map, but then my Doom skills are not what they used to be. (Not that they were never anything all that special.) I felt like I could have handled it alright, if not for constantly getting sniped by chaingunners spawning all around the map. I'd suggest either cutting down the number of chaingunners, or making them spawn on alternate sides (so that the player only has to handle getting sniped from one area at a time). Or at the very least, putting in a whole lot more medikits on HMP and lower difficulties. Also, I like how the arena is put together (and I have certainly noticed some similarities with a certain other map), although I think it might have been improved a little bit in this case if there were more than just the one little fort to provide decent cover. Maybe if there was another similar area near that teleporter dead end up on the hill? You can watch my playthrough here:
  5. meapineapple

    Raytracing in GZDoom possible?

    Who, and how much?
  6. I was having a lot of fun, up until the final encounter in the fourth map. It was an exhausting ~15 minutes of flailing around before I finally noticed the tiny red patch on the floor. The WAD was generally not great at communicating to the player what its switches are doing. But that was the one major stain on an otherwise enjoyable map set. The maps played pretty well and looked very good. I especially liked the architecture on map 3's larger rooms. I think you have a few things to learn yet about mapping for Doom specifically, but your mapping experience in general certainly shines through here. You can watch my playthrough here:
  7. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    Aha! Thank you. This is awesome. The WAD is now also hosted here: https://doomshack.org/uploads/briminst.2022.07.21.zip
  8. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    Huh, that's odd that the one doesn't work for you. But great that the others are working. Can you clarify what you mean about converting the music? WAV is an uncompressed audio format, and OGG is a compressed format. The audio files are much smaller in OGG form than they would be as WAV. If there's another kind of conversion you meant, I would consider it. However, I would not want to provide a download entirely without the music, since I feel that it's an important part of the WAD.
  9. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    I didn't know people were even still using Avast. Weren't they caught selling everyone's browser history, a while back? It sure sounds like the problem is with Avast, taking issue with my personal website, and not with my website itself. I would like to kindly suggest trying out a different antivirus. To anyone who is confused or concerned: These are just image and WAD links hosted on my own personal website, so that nobody has to deal with mediafire or megaupload or whatever crappy free upload site people are using these days. As far as I know, you can't get a virus from viewing an image or downloading a WAD. You don't have to worry. Avast is just being very dumb.
  10. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    How in hell could my little personal website ever have ended up on an Avast blacklist This is bizarre Do the links in the post work for you if you replace "https" with "http", by any chance? Like this: http://files.pineapplemachine.com/public/doom/wads/briminst.2022.07.21.zip
  11. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    ????? Anyway, I added a download mirror to the original post. Here's the new alternate link: https://pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/briminst.2022.07.21.zip
  12. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    @Dragonfly What web browser are you using? And what part of the world are you connecting from? The links are working fine for me, and also working when I connect with a VPN.
  13. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    It shouldn't be. Can you explain what happens when you try the link?
  14. meapineapple

    Brimstone Institute

    Brimstone Institute is a map that sat on my hard drive, mostly finished, for almost two years before I finally got around to wrapping it up and actually releasing it. It's not going to be the most well-balanced map I've released, thanks to an attitude of "just get it out the door, already". But at least it's finally getting out there in the world. This is a large single-map WAD intended for play in a recent GZDoom release. Explore a multi-level complex containing many different environments to find and eliminate The Boss. This map should be played with dynamic lights and shadowmaps enabled. It depends on DOOM2.WAD. Estimated play time is 30 to 45 minutes. The WAD includes 16 minutes of OGG audio in four original music tracks that I composed myself. Download: Download briminst.2022.07.24 (56 MB) Mirror Download an older version: Download briminst.2022.07.21 Mirror Screenshots:
  15. meapineapple

    Saltwater: A single-map Boom WAD

    Thank you for playing, and for sharing the video! Very nice work, finding all the secrets. You got the level's true ending.