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  1. Don't worry. That just means the subliminal mindwash memetics are functioning as intended. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  2. Now there's a v1.2. Funnily enough, most of this update is just fixing issues that were introduced by the previous update. That'll teach me to map hastily.
  3. Thanks very much for the feedback! I think I'm going to do something else quite similar to this next and I'll keep in mind that I should make a few nonlinear maps. I understand that focusing on just one or two weapons won't appeal to everybody but it was a theme I wanted to experiment with. On switch hunts: There are only a few times I can think of where the effect of a switch isn't readily apparent, and in those cases I felt the map was suitably small that the player exploring to find the effect was okay. This being especially the case in MAP04. But, of course, I'll keep the criticism in mind. On secrets: True, many of the secrets involve bumping only slightly conspicuous walls. However, there are quite a lot of secrets in the wad and a fair number of them are handled very differently.
  4. Windows 10 repaired my receded hairline, cured my grandmother's lymphoma, helped me to lose weight, and introduced me to the woman to whom I've now been happily married for six years. If you install Windows 10, all your wildest will come true.
  5. At first the messages were just going to spam, but lately I'm not receiving any emails at all regarding the topics I subscribe to. On the other hand, email notifications for private messages seem to work perfectly fine.
  6. Is there any port with better dynamic light functionality than ZDoom? Is it possible to implement more flexible lighting via GZDoom shaders? It would be a lot of fun to work directional lighting and dynamic shadows into some doom maps.
  7. Here's a small update. - Added conspiratorial title and intermission pics - Newly declassified intro music - No more leaky demos to interrupt the confidential main menu - Secretive tweaks and fixes to maps - Every map now has at least one Evil Eye. Find one on every map and win the game!
  8. Here's a wad containing 9 short maps, a bunch of textures lifted from Deus Ex, and midis lovingly stolen from the internet. Made for Boom with Doom 2 resources. Pistol start. Give me all of your FDAs. Download v1.2 Download v1.1 Download v1.0 Screenshots
  9. How can I make a bridge in vanilla or Boom that can be passed over and under? It's okay if it looks awful.
  10. In DB2 using Boom configuration there aren't any Elevator actions. I checked the wiki, the linedef actions it mentions correspond to different actions in DB2. Is it just that the editor is screwy? Edit: Yeah, the editor is wrong. How'd that happen?
  11. In which ports is this possible - raising or lowering a whole sector in one action - and how is it done?
  12. I wrote a Python script to do pretty much the same thing as swantbls.
  13. I wasn't able to find that. How do I use it?
  14. Nevermind! I found the issue. I had my endian-ness wrong with the frames. It was animating properly, I would just have had to wait an unreasonably long time to see the next frame.
  15. It won't run on my 64-bit Windows 7? I tried making an ANIMATED lmp in a hex editor but clearly I was doing something wrong. I went off of the specification here: Where the names of my textures are 51DMH1, 51DMH2, 51DMH3, and 51DMH4. I also tried padding the texture names like so When testing in ZDoom (was easier to get up and running than prboom given the circumstances) the textures weren't animated.