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  1. Thank you for playing Saltwater! Your thoughts are very much appreciated. I might clarify that the brick mansion area took inspiration from real-world sea fortresses, such as Suomenlinna. (In fact, the WAD's TITLEPIC is a photo of Suomenlinna.)
  2. meapineapple

    Any lesser known short but sweet wads?

    Can I plug my own WADs? Wyrmwood is an eleven map WAD that was pretty well received. Chrono-Displacement Labs is a fairly short single-map WAD I made to demonstrate the very cool D4V mod. Horse's Cradle is a very linear and relatively large single-map WAD.
  3. meapineapple

    Blood Foundry, 3 Vanilla Speed Maps

    Playing the WAD was overall a positive experience for me, so I'm not here to hate, but I will belabor this one point a bit more. I hear what you're saying about the chaingun and the crates, but I strongly suspect that the majority of players are going to lose health here, or break even at best. Even with the crates here, you're surprise surrounding the player with a bunch of hitscans. It seems like the only way to not lose a nice chunk of health here is to 1. know it's coming ahead of time and 2. get lucky. I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad setup, just that I think there needs to be a lot more than just a single medikit at the end of it, otherwise you get players doing like I did where I exited the area and asked myself what was even the point of going over there. In general, I think that is not the kind of question you want players asking themselves, not even the players like me who aren't good enough and/or lucky enough to avoid losing more health than they gained from the medikit.
  4. meapineapple

    Blood Foundry, 3 Vanilla Speed Maps

    I recorded my playthrough of these maps. I feel like calling them "pretty easy" was not quite accurate. I definitely found these to be challenging. You didn't specify, but I ended up playing each map from a pistol start. Trying to play continuously would have left me with an insurmountable health deficit. Maybe the issues I had were more to do with my own lack of skill, but anyway this is my own opinion about these maps: I liked maps 1 and 2. Though: I felt like the pair of revenants in map 1 was also a little bit too much. Personally I would have put some cover in that big open area so that the player isn't spending more time shepherding homing missiles into walls than actually shooting at the revenants. It's not a big deal, but it's a change I think would improve the map. I think the archvile encounter in 2 has room for improvement. The only way I was able to get through this part of the map was by dying several times finding out where the archvile was teleporting in and then rushing that spot as soon as I hit the switch. I just couldn't find another way to deal with that swarm than to run to where the archvile was coming in before the place got so crowded I couldn't maneuver anymore. There's room in Doom for this kind of get-intel-by-dying game design, but here it felt out of place to me. I think the later part of this map could really benefit from more health and ammo so that there's more flexibility in how to deal with this encounter. I didn't like map 3. There's a bit where you hit a switch and the floor lowers and you become surrounded by hitscans. As far as I could tell, this part of the map had no point except to shave 20 or 30% health off the player with unavoidable hitscan fire. I think there really needs to be a significant amount of health and/or armor near the teleport out to make going here worthwhile and not just an irritation. In general, I think the first two maps used hitscans effectively. When I was getting hit, it was generally avoidable and my own fault. Not checking corners, that kind of thing. On the third map, there were so many points where you're just going to get shot by some hitscans and there's nothing you can do about it. And exacerbating this issue is how little health there is to find on this map. The health pickup to unavoidable hitscan ratio is way off. I finished this map with 1% health left, most of it lost to hitscans I couldn't have possibly avoided. Why are there three medikits on a pain sector, and no radiation suit to be found anywhere in the map? This upset me. Those medikits were practically useless to me, I didn't even try for them because I assumed the map would be reasonable and give me a radiation suit at some point. I could have really used that extra 75% health in this map. The encounter with the baron was weak, in my opinion. All I had to do was stand there and wait for the monsters teleporting in to mostly just kill each other, then take pot shots at the baron from that ledge above. I mean, I appreciate that there was an encounter that didn't kill the crap out of me like a lot of the others did, but it felt out of place among all the other, much better encounters in the WAD, and it was one dud of a finale. Overall: The map layouts were good. They looked visually quite nice. While I think there are some opportunities for improvement, in general I think the encounters were well made, too.
  5. meapineapple

    [Experimental] GZDoom-ZDRay - Baked lights in your Doom

    To clarify, I'm referring to the sunlight as the thing I haven't been able to figure out, not to point lights or spotlights.
  6. meapineapple

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    now with lighting
  7. meapineapple

    [Experimental] GZDoom-ZDRay - Baked lights in your Doom

    ...Does anyone have documentation available on what properties zdray looks for in MAPINFO? I looked in the example maps and didn't find any of them specifying sunlight properties, and I checked the ZDRay GitHub repository and wasn't able to find a place where it loaded sunlight properties from MAPINFO. So I'm feeling a bit stumped with that.
  8. I'm working on a UDMF map that uses some GZDoom features, and the difference between indoor areas with very lovely lighting utiliting both sector light levels and GZDoom lights, and outdoor areas that are almost completely flat-shaded in the daylight, is seriously jarring. Adding a directional light that illuminates bits that are open to the sky and that aren't in shadow would make a very big difference. I know that there's not a whole lot of technical wizardry involved in making a decent directional light, but I don't know how or if GZDoom's shader features can be used to do this, or if there are other tools I should be looking at. Has anyone managed this, or if not where should I start if I'd like to manage it? I tried using a spotlight placed high above an outdoor sector, but it looked awful because of the lack of shadows for lower or upper sector parts or 3D floors. Almost nothing in the ourdoor scene was casting shadows and it looked worse even than the original unlit mud. It doesn't have to be dynamic, though dynamic would definitely be nice. I'm also fine with a solution that involves baking in lightmaps.
  9. meapineapple

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    still working on this. gonna be a hell of a map
  10. meapineapple

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    more of this:
  11. meapineapple

    24 carat speed- A limit-removing megawad!

    I recorded my playthrough of the first three maps in this WAD. They were generally ok, if a bit rough - the speed definitely showed. They were still mostly good, in my opinion, but brought down by parts that were just frustrating. A surprise crusher and chaingunners and revenants hanging out in full-black unlit sectors and a phenomenal number of hitscan ambushes really didn't help my enjoyment. These kinds of trollish map design elements can be used to good or at least humorous effect, but here it just felt like a spattering of poor design decisions in otherwise friendly and conventional maps. I might play more maps later, depending on how I'm feeling about it, but I'm not making promises.
  12. meapineapple

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    It's been a while, but I've been screwing around with doom builder again recently
  13. meapineapple

    New Wad: Deimos forgotten storage pit

    I recorded my playthrough of this map. It took a little adjustment, just remembering to use the chainsaw and infighting more often than is my habit, but I think the ammo balance was just about exactly right for what you were going for. I think there could have been another stimpack or two, and certainly more health on non-UV difficulties if there isn't already. My only real complaint is about the low light level. Especially in the lower levels where I ended up cranking up the brightness so I could see anything, and especially as it made the switch for the red key difficult for me to find. Not having a map really didn't help with that, either. Overall, though, I did enjoy it.
  14. meapineapple

    New map by me (v.2)

    I recorded my playthrough of your map. You definitely have some new things to add to your mapping toolbox yet - like visual indicators for key doors, marking your secret sectors, some variation in floor heights and monster encounters - but this is not at all a bad start! Playing it through was a pleasant experience.
  15. meapineapple

    My Mini-Megawad Project

    I really enjoyed this demo level! Here's a video of my playthrough: My biggest complaint is the blood pain sectors that are all over the place in the starting area. My biggest compliment is to that outdoor area, which looked great and played fantastically well imo.